Club Report: 19th February 2017

Mallusk Harriers Club Report: 19th February 2017

While you were sleeping….

Every morning my alarm goes off. My body still aches from yesterday’s run. I’ve a long day ahead, but still I get up and run. Through the pain, self-doubt, the rain, or sleet and sometimes snow. Freezing temperatures, head winds, and up the hills; but the feeling of accomplishment after the run, can only be experienced to be understood, and knowing I’ve burnt more calories before sunrise, than most people do throughout the entire day.

Invigorate the soul….

One massive benefit of running can be stress relief. A long run, with others or on your own, can be a beneficial way to take your mind off the pressures of work and family life. It helps you relax. Getting your cardio out of the way first thing in the morning, gives you the feeling of being one step closer to your goals, and can help you stay in a positive mood for the rest of the day.

Saturday 18th February 2017:


The 3 regular Mallusk Harriers, continued good form, with Deborah Ewing 1st 26:23, and close behind Tina Steele 26:42 with Elaine Kennedy a second behind in 26:43.

Michael McFarlane smashed a PB at Carrick and first for Mallusk in 25:32, followed by Marie McFarlane 31:43 and Lorraine Ann Forsythe 45:33.

Harrier Susan Thompson went solo as she continued pressing her fine pace with a time of 23:30 at Falls.

Mallusk’s Carol Leckie cantered around Ormeau with a pal in 27:15.

Whatever these four young ladies are doing, they should continue with it, as Mallusk Harriers, Fidelma McCoppin 30:59, Jennifer McCoppin 31:37, Fiona Wylie 31:42 and Rosalind Stitt 35:53, ALL cracked PBs’. A great performance all round.

Sub 20 Patrick McGuckin 19:48 secured 1st place for Mallusk and a Valley PB. Ken McAuley 20:47 was next again with a Valley PB. Neil Campbell after trying out the ice at the SSE Arena the previous evening came home in 22:19. Owen Fulton arrived in 24:17. Laura Rose 24:30 and 1st Lady overall with another Valley PB for the impressive hard working Harrier. Noel Bloomfield followed in 24:45, Martin Keenan 26:31. Mallusk’s 2nd lady Joanne Milne 27:05, Paul Skillen 27:15 now feeling a little more relaxed after his successful organisation of Mallusk’s XC event the previous week. Louise Isabella Keenan 28:03 and Mallusk’s 3rd lady home. Sharon Dunn also with a Valley PB 28:24. Chloe Davidson 29:32 pipped father Alex Davidson 29:34. Laura Campbell 30:13, Maeve McGinley 31:09 with another Valley PB. Debbie Sterritt 32:03 and Ben Davidson 32:13. Erin Teer with a Valley PB crossed the line with mum Clare Teer in 41:30.

Mallusk’s man of the east, Duncan Baxter continued his tour at Victoria in 29:33.

Mallusk’s Danny Donaldson well rested from his exploits at Dune the previous week was again sub 20 in 19:44. Jack McCready arrived next with a W/Works PB in 23:50. Sharon McCavana 26:02, Darren Linton 27:21. Neil McCready 28:25, with brother Ryan McCready not far behind who followed up a W/Works PB in 28:53. Dermot Boyd 31:09, Tiffany Donaldson 34:02, David McCavana 35:21, Joanne Haddock 41:27.

Another good week for Mallusk Harriers, with many PB’s among the achievements. Remember, hills make you stronger, sprints make you faster, and rest keeps away injuries…

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