Club Report: March 5th 2017

Mallusk Harriers Club Report: March 5th 2017.

Wednesday just past was the 1st March, the end of the metrological winter and as they say in these parts; the day the crows build their nests.

Spring is upon us and the Carlingford Half Marathon traditionally kicks off the official start of the half marathon season. However as with last week, it was a case of running or dancing in the rain.

There were a proportional representation of Mallusk Harriers at various constituencies across the country this weekend and a few eagle eyed watchers may have spotted a few politicians limbering up for the task ahead.

Saturday 4th March 2017.



Patirck McGuckin destroyed his PB as first Harrier over the line in 19:43. Alex Davidson arrived next in 20:00, followed by Owen Fulton 24:44. Another PB for Clare Teer and 1st Mallusk lady in 26:43, with Ultra man Martin McCready 27:33, Sharon Dunn 28:35. With young Harriers Ben Davidson 30:08 and Sophie Davidson 32:00 not far behind.


Neil McGlinchey hit a PB in 27:12 as he returned home 1st for Mallusk, with Fidelma McCoppin 29:28 next, and Jennifer McCoppin a PB in 31:36. Rosalind Stitt showed she wasn’t slowing up either with a PB 33:17, Fiona Wylie came next 34:13 and Darren Linton 34:25.


1st Mallusk Harrier home and Sub 20 Matthew Cromie 19:41, pipped stalwart Danny Donaldson 20:39. Ken Mcauley 22:03 came next, with Neil McCready 24:31 and another PB. Patrick Hamil 25:06, Sarah McCafferty 26:58, with sister Pamela McCaffery 27:00 a couple seconds behind. Tiffany Donaldson 31:42, David McCavana 34:02. Joanne Haddock 39:59.

Carlingford Half Marathon / 10K:

In the picturesque County Louth village and under a rain laden sky, the Carlingford Half Marathon / 10K with 26 Extreme officially started the half marathon season.

Unfortunately the debacle with runners finishing times, with at least one Mallusk Harrier being completely omitted, made the previous day’s election count at Belfast’s Titanic seem a virtually uncomplicated straightforward process.

With the help of Pythagoras’s Theorem, Fibonacci and cricket’s Duckworth Lewis system, the below times are as close to chip as possible.

Mallusk’s Tina Steele, nursing a slight injury completed the 10K in 55:13.

Half Marathon: Before the cocktails rained, Susan Thompson was our 1st Harrier home in 1.36:40, followed by Matt Allen 1.40:05, Patricia Curistan 1.42:27. Brendan McGeown 1.44:19, Deborah Ewing 1.53:55, David Mullan 1.54:37, Janet Grew 1.57:13, Elaine Kennedy 2.02:09, Mairead O’Hare 2.51:30.

Apologises to any member who has been missed from this week’s report, however keep an eye on Team App and Mallusk Harriers Facebook page for a slight change on how future weekly race reports will be produced.

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