Sunday 16th April 2017

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.
The marathon countdown continues for many. Some may begin to self-doubt, asking oneself, have I enough, was there more I could do. The answer is in the training now gone. How you felt after accomplishing those toughest runs, will keep your body strong, the mind sharp and nourish the soul, so that the spirit is alive and positive to the finish. Whether that will be next week or next month, and as you arrive at each mile marker, tick it off and do it 26 times…

Tuesday 11th April 2017:

Ballymena Belles:
The Belles of Mallusk travelled a few miles to the north on a breezy cool evening for the Ballymena Belles 5 mile race. 13 seconds separated four of our Harriers, with the chip timing recording Catherine Mullan 1st in 42:32, with Clare Teer 42:34, Gemma Fowler 42:37 and Sarah McCafferty 42:45, only a few seconds behind. Elaine Kennedy 43:57, Karen Jamison 44:55, Gillian Bainbridge 45:17. Lisa-Marie White 48:00, Fidelma McCoppin 51:37, Fiona Wylie 53:47, Jenni Reilly 55:01. Mairead O’Hare 1.00:09, Joanne Haddock 1.09:31.
Saturday 15th April 2017:

Husband and wife Harriers David and Catherine Mullan were the one and two for Mallusk at Antrim with David 23:14 and Catherine 26:19. Elaine Kennedy arrived in 26:36 and Jenni Reilly 33:16.
Two Harriers, Ken McAuley and Susan Thompson travelled to Comber and crossed the finish together in 22:21.

The lakes at Craigavon is where husband and wife Harriers Brendan and Roseann McGeown travelled to for their Easter parkrun, Mr McGeown arriving home in 25:06, with Mrs McGeown 31:09.

Lismore – NSW:
Harrier Nikki Fleck’s exotic tour of parkrun land continued in the picturesque town of Lismore New South Wales on the banks of Wilsons River close to the border with Queensland and the Gold Coast. Nikki proudly wore the Mallusk vest arriving in 28:05.

Mallusk Harrier, Alex Davidson brought the family to Ormeau Park, again powered to a sub 20 and a PB in 18:39. Junior Harriers, Ben 28:58, Chloe 32:40 and Sophie Davidson 33:09, made it a great morning for the Davidson clan.

Great running from Kelly Carlisle as she gained a PB in 29:46 and Duncan Baxter 29:47 who were the Mallusk party at Stormont on Saturday.

Two brothers battled again for 1st place for Mallusk as Ciaran Skillen 25:13, pipped the slightly older Paul 25:34. Almost joined at the hip were Ultra men Martin McCready 28:07, and Neil Campbell 28:43. Fidelma McCoppin and 1st Mallusk lady in 30:59 with Marie McFarlane and a PB in 31:13. Maeve McGinley 31:50, Debbie Sterritt 32:26. Continuing to improve is Mairead O’Hare with a PB in 35:49. Lorraine Ann Forsythe 48:35.
parkrun wishes to thank Mallusk volunteers – Lorraine Ann Forsythe, Jennifer McCoppin, Ciaran Skillen.

Mallusk’s Patrick McGuickin gained a sub 20 with a time of 19:06 as 1st Harrier. Matthew Cromie next in 22:03. Liam McGowan 23:42. Neil McCready 24:16, was just ahead of son and junior Harrier Jack 24:37. Patrick Hamill 25:08, Sharon McCavana was Mallusk’s 1st lady home 25:18. Mark Hay 25:36, Maeve Kennedy 25:47, Neil McGlinchey powered to a PB in 26:55. Dermot Boyd 31:36. Fiona Wylie 32:00. Three junior Harriers came next, as Ethan Barrington completed his 1st parkrun in 33:40, followed by junior Ryan McCready 33:47 and junior Cole Barrington with a PB 34:26. Anna Marie Nolan 34:27. David McCavana 34:49. Anne Boyd 35:11, Catherine Boyd 35:12, Deirdre McCann 38:29, Cathy McGowan 41:45.
parkrun wishes to thank Mallusk Volunteers – Danny & Tiffany Donaldson.
One of World’s Marathon Majors takes place next Sunday, and several Mallusk Harriers have the honour of taking part in one of the most famous marathon races on the planet. As an amateur, running the London marathon is one of those few times that you have the opportunity to compete in the same race as Olympic Gold Medallists, World Champions and other elite runners. As you line up on Blackheath or Greenwich Park, close your eyes, take a deep breath, hold…. then exhale….
You’re ready.

Maeve McGinley 31:50, Debbie Sterritt 32:26. Continuing to improve is Mairead O’Hare with a PB in 35:49. Lorraine Ann Forsythe 48:35.
parkrun wishes to thank Mallusk volunteers – Lorraine Ann Forsythe, Jennifer McCoppin, Ciaran Skillen.

Harriers – Lond-ON.
Not content with running 26 miles. Harriers, Neil Campbell, Danny and Tiffany Donaldson, Alan Ladd, Mickey (mountain man) McAuley and Martin (speedy) McCready will fly the Mallusk banner next Sunday in Connemara for an Ultra Marathon. This enduring terrain race of 39.3 miles takes place in an area of unspoiled beauty and begins at an elevation of 108 feet, before rising to an elevation of 328 feet. Truly a dramatic and breathtaking event. What awaits our intrepid runners at the finish, is a well-deserved cold pint of Guinness by a fireside, with a drifting scent of peat rising from the hearth.

The Best of Luck to all our endurance runners.
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