Club Report: Sunday 28th May 2017

It’s been a difficult week…..
Unyielding. Steadfast. Courageous. #Manchester.

…..But we must go on!

Mallusk Harriers Club Report: Sunday 28th May 2017.

Friday 26th May 2017:
Runher Stormont 10K.
With the mercury close to the mid 20s, Mairead O’Hare 1.17:05 and Lisa Thompson 1.27:45 who suffered an extraordinary injury, when her shoe plastic support snapped puncturing the sole and cutting her foot, valiantly managed to finish in the baking Stormont heat.

Saturday 27th May 2017:

Mallusk’s Stephen Semple accelerated around the Lough Neagh course in 22:55.

ECOS Ballymena.
Another Harrier going solo was Martin Keenan at the ECOS centre crossing the line in 24:47.

Junior Mallusk Harrier Adam McCann who has burst onto the parkrun scene, sustained another phenomenal time with a PB in 22:46. Nuala Muldoon arrived next for Mallusk in 24:56.

Another great time by young Ben Davidson and junior Harrier with a PB in 23:49, followed close behind by proud dad Alex 23:57.

Matthew Cromie arrived first for Mallusk at the Waterworks just missing a sub 20 in 20:07, Patrick Hamil next 26:47, Sharon McCavana 33:57, David McCavana 35:41, Cole Barrington 37:50, Ethan Barrington and Anna-Marie Nolan 39:06.

Ballyclare May Fair 5K / 10K.
With temperatures returning to normal for the time of year, and heavy thunder showers forecast, many Harriers were slightly apprehensive regarding running attire. Thankfully the rain stayed away and the slightly humid conditions produced excellent racing conditions.
In the 5K Mallusk’s Danny Donaldson warmed up for the Newry Marathon with a time of 23:33, Neil McCready arrived next 24:23, Junior Harrier Jack McCready 25:37, Tiffany Donaldson with a PB 28:13. Fiona Wylie 31:07, Mairead O’Hare with a PB 34:23. Deirdre McCann 35:52, Rosalind Stitt 36:04, Patricia Kane 36:05.
The 10K saw Mallusk’s Paul Skillen destroy the Harrier field as he powered home in 44:16. Owen Fulton who fought hard to stay with Paul had to settle behind his fellow Harrier in 45:30. Susan Thompson 45:32 and Neil Campbell a hair’s breadth behind 45:33. Ken McAuley and Brendan McGeowan 46:13. Darren Taggart 48:37, Michael McFarlane 52:56, Sarah McCafferty 54:23, Clare Teer 54:39, Pamela McCafferty 55:28, Nikki Fleck 55:30, Neil McGlinchey 56:08, Ian Simpson 1.00:35, Kelly Carlisle 1.06:44, Dermot Boyd 1.07:12.

Sunday 28th May 2017:
Edinburgh Half & Full Marathon.
Under Arthur’s seat and in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, one brave hearted Harrier was the first to set off on her half marathon quest. An early 8am start for Janet Grew saw her home with a PB in a magnificent 1 hr 54.
26.2 miles was the Edinburgh number for 4 more of our well-travelled Mallusk Harriers. Patrick McGuickin was the first Harrier home in the marathon with a PB in an excellent 3 hrs 26. Patricia Curistan also a PB in
3 hrs 51, Deborah Ewing a PB in 3 hrs 54, Tina Steele a PB 4 hrs 23.

Newry Half & Full Marathon.
The kingdom of Newry and Mourne welcomed runners from all over the country for the half and full marathons. Mallusk’s Alaistair Houldsworth kicked on as the thermometer began to rise finishing with a remarkable 1 hr 33. Anna-Marie Nolan, and Joanne Milne with a PB, and both under 2 hours in a time of 1 hr 57 respectively. Excellent effort from Sharon Dunn who has been a little unwell since the Belfast Marathon earlier this month, but still a PB with a time of 2 hrs 03.

Newry Marathon.
Hail to Mallusk Harrier Mark Smith who not only PB’d in Newry but managed a sub 3 hrs with an exceptional 2 hrs 55. Dynamo Danny Donaldson was next Harrier home with another PB in 3 hrs 02. Another super effort by Tiffany Donaldson in 5 hrs 18mins. What remarkable young lady Tiffany is. Where husband Danny goes, Tiffany is also there, competing.

Stormont 5K (Cancer Research UK)
Mallusk’s Karen Jamison teamed up with fellow Tesco colleagues (other supermarkets are available) for a worthy charity 5K race. Karen who enjoyed the fantastic event arrived home in 29:01.
Again this club has gone above and beyond, and this collator has run out of superlatives. If I have repeated myself, it’s because there are not enough words in the English language to describe the wholehearted effort put in by all the Mallusk Harriers this week end – regardless of distance.
I trust everyone will enjoy the rest of their weekend, and a little amber nectar or a glass of rouge will be deservedly enjoyed.
Until next week.
Stay safe…
The Insider.

Club Report: Sunday 21st May 2017

Summer is the time of year when we embrace brighter nights and have the luxury to add a little additional training in way of an extra run, or a long brisk walk if coming back from injury. In May and June when the late evening sun is still high, and the sky is the colour of a Constable canvas; pause, reflect and breathe deep the fresh country or salt sea air, for it is that, which we first miss when winter snatches it back.

Saturday 20th May 2017:

Neil Campbell stormed around the Lough Neagh course with a sub 20 in 19:28. Laura Rose was next for Mallusk with a PB in 23:27. Tina Steele 25:31, Neil McGlinchey with a PB 25:51, Laura Campbell a PB 28:31. Elaine Kennedy 39:53.
parkrun thanks Mallusk Volunteer Elaine Kennedy.

Falcarragh Donegal.
The award for the furthest travelled Harrier for a parkrun this weekend goes to Anna Marie Nolan for her forest run at Ballyconnel on the Atlantic shore and a PB in a time of 24:55.

A trip around the Falls for Mallusk’s Fidelma McCoppin saw her home in 30:22.

Mallusk’s Kelly Carlisle was on the lookout for peroxide blondes as she navigated the course at Stormont in 31:04.
parkrun thanks Mallusk Volunteer Mags Mathieson.

Dave ‘the power’ Gibson was 1st for Mallusk at Valley with a PB 23:45. Next came a Mallusk Junior in his first parkrun. Adam McCann was also the 2nd Harrier home in an impressive 24:14. Sarah Dinsmore 26:06, Alan Ladd 26:07, Frances Kane 28:40, Alex Davidson 28:56, Ken McAuley 29:27, Mairead O’Hare with a PB 35:15. Patricia Kane 48:34.
parkrun thanks Mallusk Volunteers Patricia Kane, Louise Ladd.

1st for Mallusk at Waterworks was Martin McCready in 21:22, Robbie Gould close behind 21:35, Junior Harrier Jack McCready with a PB 22:10, along with Danny Donaldson 22:10. Mallusk’s First lady Susan Thompson nursing that calf back to fitness in 22:23, Neil McCready a PB 23:27. Patrick Hamil 25:19, Sharon McCavana 25:54, Junior Ryan McCready 30:23. Runner of the month Tiffany Donaldson 31:28, Fiona Wylie 35:16, Rosalind Stitt 35:17, Deirdre McCann 36:12, David McCavana 37:41, Joanne Haddock 40:05.
parkrun thanks Mallusk Volunteers Catherine & David Mullan.

Lough Neagh Rescue Charity 5 mile.
Missing out on a podium place by just 20 seconds was Mallusk’s Mark Smith in 4th place, completing the Lough Neagh 5 miles in a phenomenal 29:21.

Sunday 28th May, is the date for the Edinburgh Marathon & Half Marathon. Making Edinburgh rock will be Mallusk Harriers Patricia Curistan, Deborah Ewing and Tina Steele in the marathon, while Janet Grew and Elaine Kennedy compete in the half.

An enormous Mallusk Harrier Best of Luck to you all.

Until next week
The Insider….

Club Report: 14th May 2017

That scent of rain on dry pavements is called Petrichor, and it returned this weekend as temperatures cooled and the sky darkened. Mallusk Harriers are however a hardy bunch, wearing the vest come shower or shine, and giving one the excuse….. To run through the puddles.

Saturday 13th May 2017:

After a couple of weeks break Antrim returned to the parkrun circuit and Mallusk’s Deborah Ewing turned on the speed with an impressive 24:35. Tina Steele not far behind and just missing a PB in 25:20. Martin Keenan 25:48 our only Mallusk male senior as Elaine Kennedy finished in 27:22. Junior Harrier Ethan Barrington arrived next 31:47, with Catherine Boyd a step behind 31:48. Another Junior Cole Barrington 36:48, with mum Anna Marie just behind 38:49.

Ken McAuley 30:05, was the solidary Harrier at Falls this week.

Mallusk’s Neil Campbell was our first man home in 20:27, with his training buddy Martin McCready 21:38. Patrick McGuickin 23:45, and Nuala Muldoon 24:42 our 1st lady. Mark Hay 25:51, Neil McGlinchey 27:57, Fidelma McCoppin 31:35, Debbie Sterrit 32:30, Patricia Kane 37:25.
Parkrun thanks Mallusk volunteer Owen Fulton.

Mallusk’s Danny Donaldson appeared to stroll to his 21:37 at the Waterworks, with Stephen Semple next 22:50, Junior Harrier Jack McCready with an impressive 23:24 and Catherine Mullan a PB in 25:33. Patrick Hamil 25:45, Tiffany Donaldson 30:54, Mairead O’Hare impressive with a PB 35:21. Deirdre McCann 35:28, Lisa Thompson 38:56, Elizabeth Peeples 40:19, Joanne Haddock 40:30.
Parkrun thanks Mallusk volunteer Fiona Wylie.

Jengana 10K
At Shanes Castle the Jengana 10K saw Mallusk’s Mark Smith tackle the woodland course in an excellent 37:05.
(no results available for 5K)

As our Couch to 5K participants continue to improve, it is important to remember that there is not any other quality essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, including nature. Whether you are training for your first 5K or moving up to a 10K. A half marathon, full marathon or demonstrated by some Harriers, an Ultra. Perseverance should be engrained in your soul.

Have a good week….

The Insider.

Sunday 7th May 2017

After the exertion of the last couple of weeks for many of you Harriers. It was back to more familiar territories’ for parkrun this weekend, amid the blazing sun.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
Absent of any fog on the Tyne or Gazza. Mallusk’s Stephen Weir came in 30:03.

Neil Campbell arrived first at the local parkrun for Mallusk 20:32, Brendan McGeown 23:26, Ciaran Skillen 23:49, Owen Fulton 24:04, Neil McCready with a PB 24:48. Clare Teer 26:23, Janet Grew 26:49, Tina Steele 27:31, Karen Jamison 28:18, Junior Harrier Christopher Campbell 29:29, Leeanne and Paul Skillen arriving together 30:03. Marie McFarlane with a PB 30:26. Fidelma McCoppin 30:35, Alyson Taylor 30:39, Frances Kane 31:06, Maeve McGinley 32:31, Debbie Sterritt 32:32, Roseann McGeown 33:48, Junior Harrier Leah Skillen 40:49.

Parkrun thanks volunteer Alex Davidson.

Wallace Park
Elaine Kennedy 28:46 and Martin McCready 28:47, paired up for a run around Lisburn.

Mallusk’s Danny Donaldson arrived 1st in 21:38, Stephen Semple 23:24, Patrick McGuckin 23:52, Susan Thompson 24:26, Ken McAuley 24:27, Sharon McCavana 25:30, Catherine Mullan 25:59, Maeve Kennedy 27:17, David Mullan 29:40, Tiffany Donaldson 30:08, Patrick Hamill 31:10, Fiona Wylie with a PB 31:28, David McCavana 34:43, Joanne Haddock 41:23.

Glenavy Milk Run 10K.

Three Harriers travelled for the Milk Run this year, and proving he was pasteurised before you saw him, Martin McCready arrived home for Mallusk in 44:38, followed by Michael McFarlane 53:50 and Elaine Kennedy 56:54.

After strenuous training and racing, it is beneficial for the body and mind to rest. For a field that has been set aside or rested will produce a beautiful crop.

Have a good week.

The Insider.

Tuesday 2nd May 2017

The month turns once more, as the world’s favourite season is spring. Be like the flower and turn your face to the sun. Spring is the time for plans and projects; all things seems possible in May.

Saturday 29th April 2017:


In Carrick Maeve Kennedy proudly wore the Mallusk vest as our solitary runner crossing the line in 26:54.

Colin Glen:
Harrier Alan Ladd, fresh from his Connemara Ultra mission, arrived with in an impressive 21:34.

In Ballymena Martin Keenan tested the Ecos run in 26:31.

Elaine Kennedy paired with Belfast Marathon runner Ken McAuley as they both navigated the course in 27:14.

Junior Mallusk Harrier Chloe Davidson tackled a brisk wind on the north coast in her parkrun arriving in 37:02.

Arriving on time this week and fresh from his erm… colourful London Marathon experience, Alex Davidson was again first Harrier at the Valley in 20:24. Another Ultra hero Neil Campbell arrived next 22:20, Owen Fulton 24:31, Tina Steele 27:05, Ciaran Skillen 27:07, Neil McGlinchey 21:19, Laura Rose 28:24, Jennifer Butler 28:29, Frances Kane 29:09, Paul Skillen 29:22, Martin (Ultra Man) McCready 29:24, Noel Bloomfield 30:07, Marie McFarlane with a PB 30:48. Patricia Kane 38:28, who has unfortunately been missed by this collator over the past few months since joining the club; a big hello and welcome to the Mallusk Harrier family Patricia. Fidelma McCoppin 46:28.

ParkRun thanks Mallusk volunteers, Ben & Sophie Davidson, Lorraine Anne Forsythe, Fidelma McCoppin.

Mallusk Harriers and husband and wife ultra-runners, Danny & Tiffany Donaldson, ran in the east of the city at Victoria Park. Danny arriving with a PB 19:18, Tiffany 35:42.

Robert Gould raced to a PB as 1st Harrier home in 20:30 at the Waterworks. Junior Harrier Jack McCready also with a PB 22:43. Neil McCready 24:06, Patrick McGuckin 24:07, Robbie Gould 26:07, Alyson Taylor 29:37, Junior Ryan McCready 33:59, Deirdre McCann 36:01, Joanne Haddock 39:56, Kelly Carlisle 39:57.

Monday 1st May 2017:

Belfast Marathon.
To the east, and before sunrise the sky was the colour of burnt amber, as final preparations began for the start of the 36th Belfast Marathon. Around city hall an army of volunteers arrived at the start for final instructions. Across the city to Belfast Lough and third relay changeover point, the gentle lapping waves on the shore reflected the rays of the rising sun into a milky sky like a million stars in a cloudless night. It was going to be a glorious day….

At the stroke of 9am, Donegall Square North was alive to the pounding of feet as up to 15,000 runners began the long marathon haul of 26.2 miles. The turnout of people who flocked to cheer on the runners was extraordinary. Just over the 3 mile mark and our Harriers were well into their stride. The flush surface of the bypass at Sydenham and City Airport saw them growing into their pace. A slight check if everything is okay. Legs moving well, muscles relaxed, breathing regular. A crescendo of noise marked a relay change at Bridge End. 6 miles a 10K, minds ticking off the first milestone. Once more through the centre of the city, and a slight incline onto Falls, Clonard, but no effect on our hill conquering Harriers. Along Shankill to Oldpark and another little rise, before the descent through Westland. The long gradual elevation along Antrim Road brought the first real mental test to our marathon Harriers. With most now two hours into their run, the sun blazed down at half way, with many seeking shelter in the form of trees from Bellevue. Several Harrier volunteers were welcome faces at the top of Floral Park, with a Mallusk feed station. A sudden drop off as the road tumbles to sea level can catch many out, as the body goes into recovery with less intensity required travelling downhill.

The cool onshore breeze was welcome along the coast before the arduous industrial experience of Duncrue. At 19 – 21 miles this long flat uninspiring part of the course is the ultimate test of mental agility. Come through this section unscathed and less than a 10K remains. The fire station at Garmoyle Street turned their hoses to cool for our hardy Harriers. Another relay point, and with tired legs it was more difficult to avoid being bumped and bruised as relay runners jockeyed for position. A refreshing gentle downhill at the Blue Fish and Oxford Street before the switch back through Lanyon Place to Central Station and the tow path. The sweeping bend appears to run forever while trying to ignore the sound of the finish across the river, so near, but so far, then a bump up onto Ormeau, and a slog up the mile long road, to the jack-knife onto Ravenhill.

A slight smile appears on our Harriers lips as the finish is in sight. ‘Almost there,’ a cry from the crowd. ‘One mile to go,’ shouts another. One mile is 5280 feet, which is 1.6Km. The mind is too tired to think. Just run…. The turn now to the funnel of people on the embankment, but that 0.2 miles is so long. One final push through the gates to the finish, as if a red carpet awaits you and then glory….right to the line!

Our first Harrier home in the intense heat in a remarkable time was Alastair Houldsworth in his first marathon 3.23:59, with Alex Davidson his second marathon in 8 Days, 3.28:00, Ken McAuley arrived next his first marathon 3.43:59. Matthew Cromie 3.44:10, Dave Gibson 3.50:31, and Nuala Muldoon our first lady in her 30th marathon run 3.58:40, Also a Connemara 40 miler was Mickey ‘Ultra Mountain Man’ McAuley in 4.23:00, Sam Hastings in his first marathon 4.27:45, Danny Donaldson a 40 mile Ultra runner from last week 4.30:19, Noel Bloomfield 4.45:06, Joanne Milne in her first marathon 4.49:03, Martin McCready also a 40 mile Ultra runner from the previous week 4.57:59. Sharon Dunn another first marathon runner 4.58:15, as was Gillian Bainbridge 4.59:37. A first marathon for Laura Campbell 5.06:23, and a first for Leeanne Skillen 5.06:42, and May’s Mallusk Harrier Runner of the Month Tiffany Donaldson another 40 mile Ultra runner from last week 5.11:11

The Marathon Relay:
Mallusk Harriers entered 3 teams in the 2017 relay race under the supervision of relay team captain Mairead O’Hare, who proceeded with calm enthusiasm to ensure clockwork precision for each team throughout the entire day.

Team Mallusk 3: 4hrs 24mins 45sec
A Nikki Fleck
B Hillary Faith
C Hillary Faith
D Margaret Craig
E Ian Dinsmore

Team Mallusk 1: 4hrs 39mins 31sec
A Elaine Kennedy
B Neil McCready
C Mairead O’Hare
D Josi McKeating
E Anthony McKeating

Team Mallusk 2: 4hrs 59mins 07sec
A Neil McGlinchey
B Tracey Whittley
C Maeve McGinley
D Maureen Ward
E Elizabeth Peoples

Also taking part in today’s marathon relay were Dermot & Anne Boyd with daughter Catherine.

Team Boyd 4hrs 30mins 54sec.
A Dermot Boyd
B Catherine Boyd
C Catherine Boyd
D Anne & Catherine Boyd
E Catherine Boyd.

It’s not about being the best. It’s about being better than you were yesterday. When you keep your faith, it becomes bigger than any fear. By putting your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts, you will find the secret of success….

Mallusk Harriers a small club with an enormous heart….

(Hopefully everyone has been included this week, apologies, if not.)

The Insider….

Footnote: if you have recently joined the club, please ensure you have updated your club name to be included in the Mallusk Harriers weekly club report, otherwise, we may miss you 🙁

Sunday 23rd April 2017

This weekend saw many Mallusk Harriers, testing their mental agility, physical endurance through down right gritted teeth in London and Connemara for Marathon and Ultra Marathon challenges. With the long road ahead many would have stood at the start, lost in their own thoughts, possibly sharing a few reassuring words with a friend or even a stranger beside them, because you’re all in it together. As the seconds’ counted down, a shiver of anticipation run’s through you, with maybe an apprehensive look behind, but knowing there’s no turning back; and then…….

Saturday 22nd April 2017


Tina Steele led the way for Mallusk on the shores of Lough Neagh in 25:40. Fidelma McCoppin next in 30:15. Marie McFarlane 30:27. Fiona Wylie 31.00, Deirdre McCann 36:12. Elaine Kennedy 47:04.
parkrun thanks to Mallusk volunteers Elaine Kennedy, Jennifer McCoppin.

Colin Glen
Enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the Colin Glen Forest Park, were Catherine Boyd and Anna Marie Nolan who both arrived for Mallusk in 26:55, with Dermot Boyd 34:04.

Mile End
Mallusk’s Alex Davidson spent the early part of Saturday morning ransacking the second hand shops in the hipster part of east London searching for a pair of running shorts, before finally managing to negotiate a very tight pair of Bermuda’s. It is rumoured that the shorts only came with a free surfboard and Alex received bemused looks from the locals as the giant bald headed Ulsterman pelted down Whitechapel High Street in his shorts and trainers, with a surfboard under one arm. On arriving at Mile End, a parkrun volunteer whispered, ‘Is this guy carrying a surfboard or is he just pleased to be here.’ Anyway Alex managed to get shot of the surfboard and make new friends, as his Facebook page shows and cantered around Mile End in 43:21. However, The Insider is still unclear if his time was due to either Alex volunteering at parkrun or his tight shorts. Hopefully Alex will have traded them in for a more comfortable pair for the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday. And the surfboard? Lasted spotted floating down the Thames near to Surrey Quays.

Veteran Mallusk Harrier Patrick McGuickin blasted his way to a PB at Ormeau in 18:41

Mallusk’s Gareth Mcloughlin with a PB 23:13 was 1st Harrier home at the local parkrun at the Valley. Owen Fulton next 24:26, Ciaran Skillen 24:56. Junior Harrier Jack McCready 26:27. Clare Teer 27:14, Neil McGlinchey 27:26, Debbie Sterrit 32:37. Junior Harrier 32:58. Karen Jamison 35:49. Lisa Thompson a PB 40:12, Elisabeth Peeples PB 40:15.
parkrun thanks Mallusk volunteer Neil McCready.

Ken McAuley raced around the Waterworks in a PB 20:25, a sub 20 is not too far away for this Harrier. Robbie Gould 21:21. Mark Hay 24:04, Patrick Hamil 25:12. Lisa Marie White 29:17. David McCavana 33:37.
parkrun thanks Mallusk volunteers Matthew Cromie, Danny and Tiffany Donaldson.

On a Mallusk Harrier adventure to the west of Ireland arriving in Quiet Man country, five Harriers made a stop at the Westport parkrun. Laura Campbell was our first Harrier home in 28:17, with Leeanne Skillen just behind 28:18, Husband Paul a few seconds behind in 28:36 and Neil Campbell 28:37, with Martin McCready 28:41.

Sunday 23rd April 2017

The Virgin London Marathon
St Georges Day shone bright for the 37th running of the London Marathon and 40,382 competitors received a Royal send off by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge alongside Prince Harry. Mallusk Harriers sent 10 runners to compete in one of the World’s Marathon Majors. A nail biting finish was in store as a reinvigorated Alex Davidson led the way out of Canary Wharf at 21 miles. Approaching the Tower and the embankment Susan Thompson began narrowing the gap from 5 to 4 minutes. As Alex turned into Parliament Square, Susan had narrowed again by another 30 seconds. The roar of the finish lifted Alex on Birdcage Walk and as he turned on to The Mall with 300 yards to go, he managed to find that little extra in his legs to break the tape in his first marathon with a phenomenal time of 3.24:09. Susan Thompson powered on arriving in 3.27:27 and a marathon PB. Brendan McGeown also with a marathon PB in 3.54:48. Next Harrier home was Matthew Allen in 3.57:49. Another excellent outing for Janet Grew with a marathon PB in 4.17:00. Laura Rose impressive in her first marathon with a time of 4.19:42. Catherine and David Mullan stayed together as a husband and wife pacing team coming in 4.27:38. Jennifer Butler survived her third marathon in 5.08:46. Duncan Baxter who stopped for selfies with a few celebrities along the way eventually finished in 7.23:45.

Connemara Half Marathon and Ultra Marathon
The breathtakingly unspoiled beauty of Connemara in County Galway was the setting of the Ultra Marathon, Marathon and Half marathon. With spring sunshine and temperatures in the mid to high teens, the scenic terrain, undulating hills and deep freshwater loughs the colour of cobalt would on another day been a relaxing day out. However testing the waters for the Ultra next year was Paul Skillen as he tackled the Half. The challenging course which began with a massive hill climb in the first mile, took in part of the Ultra Marathon route and Paul had hills to contend with such as Devils Mother and Hell of the West. The experienced Harrier took it in his stride as he crossed the line in 2 hours 8 minutes.
The Ultra runners did a complete loop of the 39.3 mile course starting at Mamm Cross, before continuing through to Lough Inagh. At the 26 mile point and the start of the Half Marathon they climbed 200 feet at Devils Mother then a long sweeping undulating dissent. However the hills were not finished, with over 30 miles in their legs the Category One Hell of the West brought our Ultra runners up 300 feet before a gradual downhill to the finish again in Mamm Cross. Neil Campbell was our 1st Ultra man home in 6 hours 16 minutes with Alan Ladd 6.26, Martin McCready 6.35, Micky McAuley 6.43. Danny Donaldson 6.54, with Tiffany Donaldson 8.57.

What a week-end for this great club and the achievements of every club member whether it be a 3 mile parkrun, 26 mile marathon or a 39 mile Ultra marathon. Running shows that we are capable of much more than we ever imagined and it brings a warm glow to one’s heart.

Next week it’s Belfast’s turn, with more of our Gladiatorial Harriers entering the marathon arena….

Until then, enjoy your week.

The Insider.

(Monday 1st May to take in Belfast’s results.)

Sunday 16th April 2017

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.
The marathon countdown continues for many. Some may begin to self-doubt, asking oneself, have I enough, was there more I could do. The answer is in the training now gone. How you felt after accomplishing those toughest runs, will keep your body strong, the mind sharp and nourish the soul, so that the spirit is alive and positive to the finish. Whether that will be next week or next month, and as you arrive at each mile marker, tick it off and do it 26 times…

Tuesday 11th April 2017:

Ballymena Belles:
The Belles of Mallusk travelled a few miles to the north on a breezy cool evening for the Ballymena Belles 5 mile race. 13 seconds separated four of our Harriers, with the chip timing recording Catherine Mullan 1st in 42:32, with Clare Teer 42:34, Gemma Fowler 42:37 and Sarah McCafferty 42:45, only a few seconds behind. Elaine Kennedy 43:57, Karen Jamison 44:55, Gillian Bainbridge 45:17. Lisa-Marie White 48:00, Fidelma McCoppin 51:37, Fiona Wylie 53:47, Jenni Reilly 55:01. Mairead O’Hare 1.00:09, Joanne Haddock 1.09:31.
Saturday 15th April 2017:

Husband and wife Harriers David and Catherine Mullan were the one and two for Mallusk at Antrim with David 23:14 and Catherine 26:19. Elaine Kennedy arrived in 26:36 and Jenni Reilly 33:16.
Two Harriers, Ken McAuley and Susan Thompson travelled to Comber and crossed the finish together in 22:21.

The lakes at Craigavon is where husband and wife Harriers Brendan and Roseann McGeown travelled to for their Easter parkrun, Mr McGeown arriving home in 25:06, with Mrs McGeown 31:09.

Lismore – NSW:
Harrier Nikki Fleck’s exotic tour of parkrun land continued in the picturesque town of Lismore New South Wales on the banks of Wilsons River close to the border with Queensland and the Gold Coast. Nikki proudly wore the Mallusk vest arriving in 28:05.

Mallusk Harrier, Alex Davidson brought the family to Ormeau Park, again powered to a sub 20 and a PB in 18:39. Junior Harriers, Ben 28:58, Chloe 32:40 and Sophie Davidson 33:09, made it a great morning for the Davidson clan.

Great running from Kelly Carlisle as she gained a PB in 29:46 and Duncan Baxter 29:47 who were the Mallusk party at Stormont on Saturday.

Two brothers battled again for 1st place for Mallusk as Ciaran Skillen 25:13, pipped the slightly older Paul 25:34. Almost joined at the hip were Ultra men Martin McCready 28:07, and Neil Campbell 28:43. Fidelma McCoppin and 1st Mallusk lady in 30:59 with Marie McFarlane and a PB in 31:13. Maeve McGinley 31:50, Debbie Sterritt 32:26. Continuing to improve is Mairead O’Hare with a PB in 35:49. Lorraine Ann Forsythe 48:35.
parkrun wishes to thank Mallusk volunteers – Lorraine Ann Forsythe, Jennifer McCoppin, Ciaran Skillen.

Mallusk’s Patrick McGuickin gained a sub 20 with a time of 19:06 as 1st Harrier. Matthew Cromie next in 22:03. Liam McGowan 23:42. Neil McCready 24:16, was just ahead of son and junior Harrier Jack 24:37. Patrick Hamill 25:08, Sharon McCavana was Mallusk’s 1st lady home 25:18. Mark Hay 25:36, Maeve Kennedy 25:47, Neil McGlinchey powered to a PB in 26:55. Dermot Boyd 31:36. Fiona Wylie 32:00. Three junior Harriers came next, as Ethan Barrington completed his 1st parkrun in 33:40, followed by junior Ryan McCready 33:47 and junior Cole Barrington with a PB 34:26. Anna Marie Nolan 34:27. David McCavana 34:49. Anne Boyd 35:11, Catherine Boyd 35:12, Deirdre McCann 38:29, Cathy McGowan 41:45.
parkrun wishes to thank Mallusk Volunteers – Danny & Tiffany Donaldson.
One of World’s Marathon Majors takes place next Sunday, and several Mallusk Harriers have the honour of taking part in one of the most famous marathon races on the planet. As an amateur, running the London marathon is one of those few times that you have the opportunity to compete in the same race as Olympic Gold Medallists, World Champions and other elite runners. As you line up on Blackheath or Greenwich Park, close your eyes, take a deep breath, hold…. then exhale….
You’re ready.

Maeve McGinley 31:50, Debbie Sterritt 32:26. Continuing to improve is Mairead O’Hare with a PB in 35:49. Lorraine Ann Forsythe 48:35.
parkrun wishes to thank Mallusk volunteers – Lorraine Ann Forsythe, Jennifer McCoppin, Ciaran Skillen.

Harriers – Lond-ON.
Not content with running 26 miles. Harriers, Neil Campbell, Danny and Tiffany Donaldson, Alan Ladd, Mickey (mountain man) McAuley and Martin (speedy) McCready will fly the Mallusk banner next Sunday in Connemara for an Ultra Marathon. This enduring terrain race of 39.3 miles takes place in an area of unspoiled beauty and begins at an elevation of 108 feet, before rising to an elevation of 328 feet. Truly a dramatic and breathtaking event. What awaits our intrepid runners at the finish, is a well-deserved cold pint of Guinness by a fireside, with a drifting scent of peat rising from the hearth.

The Best of Luck to all our endurance runners.
The Insider…