Club Report: Sunday 24th June 2017

As nine Harrier Gladiators began the 24 parkruns in 24 hours. It was first blood to the New Zealand All Blacks against the British & Irish Lions. In Aotearoa – The Land of the Long White Cloud – Maori culture plays a significant part of everyday life. As both teams lined up on a cool winter’s evening in Auckland’s Eden Park, the challenge was thrown down to the northern hemisphere tourists and a Kiwi collator dedicated it to a Mallusk Band of Brothers….

Te Timatanga (Haka)

If you aim for the sky you will reach the mountain peaks.
Climb up and thrive along the pathway of knowledge.
For you will achieve excellence spiritually, mentally and physically.

Wednesday 21st June 2017.
Under a heavy laden sky, amid a hot and humid evening on the summer solstice, the Lisburn 10K and Half Marathon took place.

1st in for Mallusk was Joe Mathers in 44:51, with Stephen Semple 50:53. 1st Mallusk lady was Catherine Boyd 53:31, with Nikki Fleck 55:49. Maeve Kennedy in 58:10 and Dermot Boyd 1.06:00. Alyson Taylor & Nicola Hunter Boyd tied on 1.09:07, with Mairead O’Hare 1.19:12. Lisa Thompson arrived in 1.21:41 with Elizabeth Peeples just behind in 1.22:22.

Half Marathon:
Another remarkable time for Mallusk Harrier Mark Smith in 1.21:07, Danny Donaldson next in 1.34:14. Excelling in the heat was Mallusk’s 1st lady Patricia Curistan in 1.46:03. Stephen Weir was next in 1.59:42. Joanne Milne crossed the line in 2.01:39, with Emma Fagan close behind 2.02:06. Anna Marie Nolan 2.04:04. Clare Teer enjoyed the final few miles to finish in 2.09:58, with Sharon Dunn 2.12:05 and Hillary Faith on her tail in 2.15:29. Karen Jamison next in 2.22:54, with Tiffany Donaldson 2.32:39.

Saturday 24th June 2017.


At Lough Neagh Alan Kerr was 1st for Mallusk in 23:09, Catherine Boyd with a PB in 25:01 and Nikki Fleck 26:23.

Derry City.
On the shores of Lough Foyle and the starting point of 24/24, young Harrier Christopher Campbell gave his father Neil a great send off with a time of 26:54. Laura Rose just behind 26:55, Elaine Kennedy 27:35. Johnathon Ladd (24/24) 28:00, Michael McAuley (24/24) 28:01 with Martin McCready (24/24) a PB 28:01, Paul Skillen (24/24) & Noel Bloomfield tied in 28:02. Three more 24/24 runners Patrick McGuickin, Neil Campbell, Danny Donaldson 28:03, Alan Ladd (24/24) 28:04, Alastair Houldsworth (24/24) and Jennifer Butler 28:05, Alex Davidson 28:06, Tiffany Donaldson 32:33.

Ken McAuley sauntered around the Greater Manchester course in 30:59.

Milano Nord.
The Self Preservation Society was alive for the parkrun in the Milan district of Sesto San Giovanni which saw junior Harrier Jack McCready home in 30:28, Junior Ryan McCready 31:13 and father Neil McCready 31:15, complete an Italian Job minus the minis, Charlie Croker and the Gold.

Harrier Dave Gibson smashed a PB in the local parkrun in 22:05, Junior Harrier Adam McCann arrived in 25:29. Owen Fulton next 26:51. Junior Harrier Ethan Hutchinson 27:57, Frances Kane 29:45, Fidelma McCoppin 30:55, Lee Anne Hutchinson with PB in 30:57, Katherine McCloskey 38:11. parkrun volunteer Patricia Kane 52:00.

A Victorian parkrun in East Belfast for Harriers Matthew Cromie 19:47 & Lisa Marie White 28:42.

Harrier Stephen Semple ambled around the Waterworks in 23:54, with 1st Mallusk lady Sharon McCavana in 25:29. Patrick Hamil 25:58, Maeve Kennedy 27:13, Jennifer McCoppin 34:39, David McCavana 34:58, Deirdre McCann 38:02, Margaret Craig 39:58, Rosalind Stitt 39:59, Joanne Haddock 42:00.

Twin Peaks Half Marathon Newry:
This unique event started in Camlough village climbing the 423 metre Camlough Mountain and the 576 metre Slieve Gullion Mountain, before eventually picking up the Ring of Gullion Trail. Mallusk’s Nuala Muldoon was our solitary entry with a terrific time of 2.32:43.

Wild Air Inflatable 5K.
Enjoying the inflatables that were dotted around Stormont for the 5K challenge were Ethan and Cole Barrington along with big sister (sorry mother) Anna Marie.

Sunday 25th June 2017.
They did it. 24 parkruns in 24 hours. 72 miles and countless more driven by a tremendous support crew came to an end with a final 3 mile (5K) run around the Lakeland forum on the shores of Lough Erne at a little after 10.15am. Just over 24 hours but still under 25 hours, which saw the Mallusk Band of Brothers start on the banks of the River Foyle at 9.30 the day before and proceed in a clockwise direction to take in the six counties of Northern Ireland.

What lies behind you,
and what lies before you,
are tiny matters,
compared to what lies within you.

(Maori Proverb)

Well done guys….

Until next week
Stay safe.
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Club Report: Sunday 18th June 2017.

The starting point of all achievement is desire. Without desire there is no heart, without heart there is no will. The will to succeed is in everyone. Some may not have found it yet. Others have and embrace it. You must expect great things from yourself before you can execute them. Ultimately, with self-discipline, all things are possible.

Friday 16th June 2017.

10K Comber:
In the evening race in the County Down market town Mallusk’s Mark Smith romped home in 36:18, with Clare Teer 56:18, Ian Simpson 1.02:10, Dermot Boyd 1.05:36.

Saturday 17th June 2017.


Alan Kerr 23:02 was 1st for Mallusk on the shores of Lough Neagh. Deborah Ewing next in 24:12, with Michael McFarlane 24:33, Tina Steele 25:16, Marie McFarlane got a PB in 29:53, Tracey Whittley 29:54, Alyson Taylor 29:05, Fidelma McCoppin 29:59, Dawn Dubois 41:39.

Tasting the salt air in the County Down seaside town Mallusk’s Matthew Cromie hit a sub 20 in 19:55, with Lisa Marie White 32:07

Clermont Waterfront Orlando Florida.
In the Hiawatha Preserve Fiona Wylie claimed the furthest travelled Harrier for this week with a time of 31:54.

Ballymena’s Ecos saw Harrier Martin Keenan crossed the line in 24:27.

In Lakeland another Harrier Patrick McGuckin raced home in 22:41, Martin McCready with a PB in 23:22, Paul Skillen 25:58, James Hewit 26:41.

On the sweep of the Lagan Ken McAuley was 1st Harrier with a superb 21:14, Susan ‘Gin’ Thompson with a PB in 22:23 and Elaine Kennedy with a PB 27:31.

Mallusk’s Nikki Fleck tried her hand at beach running on the East Strand with a time of 26:43.

The Valley saw Harrier Matthew Allen home in 22:48, Brendan McGeown 24:03, Mallusk Junior Adam McCann in 24:10. Nothing to separate Alex Davidson & Laura Rose as both arrived in 24:30. Noel Bloomfield 25:44, David Mullan 25:49, Owen Fulton 26:08, Jennifer Butler 28:22, Neil Campbell 28:27, Frances Kane 29:36, Lisa Kerr with PB in 30:55. Another two Harriers with PBs Roseann McGeown 32:05 and Claire Hamilton 35:34. Patricia Kane 53:59.
parkrun thanks Mallusk volunteer Patricia Kane.

Harrier Claire Linton tackled Victoria solo in 43:59.

Young Harrier Robbie Gould 22:14 was first around the Waterworks for Mallusk, with Stephen Semple next in 23:19, Patrick Hamil 25:03, Maeve Kennedy 27:45, David McCavana 36:02, Aimee Hughes 42:01, Joanne Haddock 44:08, Kelly Carlisle 53:08.

Next Week the Harrier Gladiators will undertake a Tour de Force. A feat of great virtuosity as they attempt 24 parkruns in 24 hours.
Find out more at

Until next week….Stay safe.
And maybe spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves. #grenfelltower

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Club Report: Sunday 11th June 2017:

Many politicians this week end were found licking their wounds from the turmoil of the General Election, which saw some parties failing to get out of the starting blocks, while several failed to reach the finishing line, with one needing a little help just to break the tape. Mallusk Harriers however, were once more powering over the line without the slightest hint of assistance.

Wednesday 7th June 2017.

Fairhill 5 mile.
Several Harriers took part in this evening race through the centre of Ballymena. Once more Mallusk’s Mark Smith upped the gears for the club in spectacular form finishing in 28:19. Darren Taggart arrived next 37:56, Gillian Bainbridge 45:24, Dermot Boyd 52:03.

Saturday 9th June 2017.


At Lough Neagh Mallusk’s Deborah Ewing sprinted home in 24:46, with Tina Steele 25:47 and Nicola Hunter Boyd 34:26.

Junior Harrier Cole Barrington finished his parkrun in 35:19, with Anna Marie Nolan not far behind 35:54.

Lone gunslinger Martin McCready was our solitary Harrier at the City parkrun in Craigavon with a time of 25:20

Alex Davidson was 1st for Mallusk at the local parkrun in 22:07, with Paul Skillen having to settle for being 2nd Harrier this week in 26:36. 3rd home for Mallusk was Clare Teer 26:50, with Neil Campbell just behind 26:51. The improving Neil McGlinchey arrived in 27:34. Yasmin Lynn 31:03 and just ahead of Terence McIvor 31:04. Joanne 37:17, Patricia Kane 37:59, Maeve McGinley 43:15.

Venturing east this week for Mallusk were Ken McAuley with an excellent time of 21:17, Susan Thompson who accelerated home in 22:16 and Elaine Kennedy easing back to running in 27:53.

Mallusk’s Matthew Cromie just missed a sub 20 at Waterworks in 20:37. Robbie Gould next 21:48, with Stephen Semple 24:20, completing the first three Harriers home. Patrick McGuckin 25:21, Sharon McCavana 27:26. While Tiffany Donaldson was on fire with a PB 27:42, with hubby Danny just behind in 27:45. Fiona Wylie 32:31, Deirdre McCann 37:40, Jennifer McCoppin 37:43, Rosalind Stitt 38:16.

Stunnerz n Runnerz.

This ladies only 5 mile race hosted by Sperrin Harriers in Magherafelt got under way at midday. Clare Teer after competing in the Valley parkrun only a few hours earlier, sliced her way through the hills and blasted home in 45:48. Mairead O’Hare was next for Mallusk 1.01:17, with Lisa Thompson 1.03:23 and Elizabeth Peeples 1.05:09.

If Mallusk Harriers were a political party, we’d win every time.

Until next week… Stay safe.

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Club Report: Sunday 4th June 2017

Every morning in the animal kingdom, a gazelle wakens up knowing that it must outrun the fastest lion. That same lion wakens up each morning knowing it must run faster than the slowest gazelle. It doesn’t matter whether you are the lion or the gazelle. When the sun comes up – you’d better be running….

Friday 2nd June 2017.

Albertville 4 mile (Duncrue).
Being 1st male over 45 home and 10th place overall was the lighting fast youthful Mallusk Harrier Mark Smith with a time of 22:45. Danny Donaldson was next 24:02 and Neil Campbell 24:50, completed the first three Harriers home. Jim Green arrived in 28:03, with young Susan Thompson 28:13 close behind as 1st female over 45. Paul Skillen cantered in with a time of 29:23. Sam Hastings 31:07, had just enough to keep Owen Fulton 31:08 at bay. Joanne Milne 33:03, Sarah McCafferty 33:13, Clare Teer 33:30, kept Team Mallusk rolling in. The ageless Pamela McCafferty 33:47 became the 1st female over 50 home. Nikki Fleck raced to the line in 35:10, Lisa Thompson next in 36:16, Leeanne Skillen & Laura Campbell shared the tape in 37:41, with Tiffany Donaldson on their tails in 37:43. Roisin McLaughlin 39:11, Roseann McGeown 40:36, Dermot Boyd 41:14, Maeve McGinley 41:26, Mairead O’Hare 44:59, completed a roaring night for Mallusk.

Saturday 3rd June 2017:

The accomplishment is that you finished. The triumph is that you had the guts to begin…

Over 100 Mallusk Harriers and Run Newtownabbey descended to the Valley parkrun on Saturday, for the culmination of the club’s couch to 5K.

*Run Newtownabbey – RN.

Junior Harrier Adam McCann continues to inspire being the 1st to the line for Mallusk in 23:03. Dave Gibson 2nd Harrier home in 24:07. 1st lady and 3rd for Mallusk was Laura Rose back to the parkrun circuit with a PB 24:26. Patricia Moore next 28:27 bringing the 1st RN home Gabrielle McMillan also in 28:27, with Sarah McCafferty just behind 28:28. Roger Smith RN 28:36, Nikki Fleck 29:10. Yasmin Lynn RN with a PB 29:10. Terrence McIvor RN also with a PB 29:11.

Darren Linton 30:10. Kerry Smith RN 31:05, Patricia Gallagher RN 31:18, Bronach McAuley 31:43. Junior Harrier Ben Davidson 31:59, Ciara Burnell RN 32:01. Catherine McGrann 32:10, Junior Harrier Ryan McCready 32:20. Lisa Kerr RN & Leeanne Hutchinson RN 32:44, Elizabeth Davidson RN 32:57, Samuel Wheavil RN & Philip Hewitt RN 32:58. Junior Harrier Connor Burns in his 1st parkrun 33:25, Lyndsey Collins 33:44. Debbie Reid RN & Ken McAuley 34:07, Freda Stubbs RN 34:16, Susan Thompson 34:17, Hannah Hope RN 34:26.

Junior Harrier Sinead O’Hare in her 1st parkrun 35:43. Janet Grew 35:44. Tina Steele 35:47. Young Bentley Hodgson RN (terrific name!) in his 1st parkrun 35:48 along with Clare Teer also 35:48. Danny Donaldson 35:58, Heather Bowman RN 37:17, Mark Smith RN 37:31, Karen Jamison 37:32, Sharon Thompson RN 37:45, Neil Campbell 37:47, James Hewitt 37:49, Jackie Kelly RN 37:55, Deirdre McCann 37:56. Young Georgia Milne RN in her 1st parkrun 37:57. Elaine Kennedy & Gillian Bainbridge both brought junior Harrier Ella McGinley home in her 1st parkrun as all three finished together in a time of 37:58. Mal Quail 37:59, Fiona Wylie 38:00, Joanne Milne 38:02. Young Matthew Smith RN in his 1st parkrun 38:07, Tracey Whittley RN 38:15. Junior Harrier Alysha Carson in her 1st parkrun 38:26, Leeanne Skillen 38:27, Claire Hamilton & Carly Acheson RN 38:32. Mary Hodgson RN 38:40, Laura Campbell 38:41, Junior Harrier Mali Skillen 39:07. Young Sophie Bainbridge RN with a PB 39:09 along with junior Harrier Jack McCready also 39:09.

Sara McCloskey RN 40:21, Matthew Cromie 40:26, Michelle Fleming RN 40:27, Ciaran Skillen 40:29, Pamela McCafferty 40:44, Julie Quail RN 40:54, Tiffany Donaldson 40:55. Junior Harrier Elyse Taylor 41:21 in her 1st parkrun, Alyson Taylor 41:26, Maeve McGinley 41:57, Jennifer Butler 42:31. Junior Harrier Aimee Hughes 43:00 in her 1st parkrun. Noel Bloomfield 43:01, Miriam Clarke 43:49, Debbie Sterritt 43:50, Dawn Dubois RN 44:19, Sharon Dunn, Neil McGlinchey & Jackie McCreesh 44:20, Elizabeth Peeples 44:21. Junior Harrier Rory Burns also 44:21 in his 1st parkrun. Young Katelyn Patterson RN 44:49 also her 1st parkrun. Margaret Craig & Sharon Burns RN 44:51.

Breda Hughes RN 45:25, Alex Davidson, Patricia Kane & Neil McCready 45:26, Katherine McCloskey 47:30, Deirdre McCloskey RN 47:31. Wendy McCullough RN 49:38, Mairead O’Hare 49:39, Paul Skillen 49:41. Young Jager Boyd (another great name!) RN 52:33 in his 1st parkrun. Catherine Boyd 52:34, Dermot Boyd 52:48, Frances Kane 1.03:35 (sweeper).

parkrun thanks Mallusk volunteers Alex Davidson, Owen Fulton Frances Kane, Jennifer McCoppin, Nuala Muldoon.

A word of thanks for Alex Davidson who has sweated more than a few calories to fulfil this C25K programme. Through sun, rain, possibly a little bit of thunder and the odd rainbow, Alex has been the voice behind the mic, always offering encouragement and always available for questions. Without Alex, Ian Simpson and countless Mallusk Harrier volunteers, this healthy body and mind programme would not be possible…
Thank you guys.

Ecos (Ballymena).
Mallusk’s Martin Keenan was our solitary Harrier home in 25:05.

Three Harriers took part at the Waterworks this weekend, which saw Sharon McCavana with a PB in her 50th parkrun in 24:03, a massive congratulations for reaching the half century. David McCavana 36:00, Joanne Haddock 42:00.

Sunday 4th June 2017

Leg it Hazelbank 5 mile / 1 mile.

1 mile event for the juniors at Hazelbank saw Ben Davidson in cracking form 1st home for Mallusk in 6:50. Ellen Butler next 8:15, Christopher Campbell 8:16 and Chloe Davidson 8:17 all pushing for the line. Sophie Davidson 10:03, Eoghan Cromie 10:32, Erin Teer 11:28.

Another amazing weekend for this big hearted running club.

It is though unfortunately we finish on some sad news. This week we learned of the passing of club member Louise Ladd’s mother. All at the club pass on our condolences to Louise, Alan and the extended family circle at this difficult time.

Until next week, stay safe.
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Unbeaten, unbowed, unvanquished. #London.