Club Report: Sunday 3rd December 2017

This week was dominated by a great performance from one of the club’s brightest stars. After last week’s false start, Jamie Campbell finally got to hit the tarmac at today’s Waterworks junior parkrun. Jamie was one of 5 Mallusk juniors running this morning:

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager (home in a very impressive 5th place) 9:36, Odhran Skillen 14:00, Aaron Ladd 17:52, Jamie Campbell 18:14, Christopher Campbell 18:38. Parents Laura and Neil can be very proud that their running genes have been passed on to yet another son.

Waterworks parkrun:
Susan Thompson 22:48, Neil McCready 24:57, Patrick Hamill 25:33, Anna Seaward 30:08, Roisin McLaughlin 30:20, Tracy Whittley 32:41, Maeve McGinley 32:41, Alyson Taylor 32:42, Deirdre McCann 37:34

Victoria Parkrun:
Alex Davidson 19:18, Laura Hutcheson-Magee 39:30

Antrim parkrun:
Alan Kerr 24:02, Elaine Kennedy 27:02

Valley parkrun: 
David Esler 26:20, Clare Teer 28:32, Leeanne Skillen 29:13, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:30, Laura Campbell 30:02, Frances Kane 31:55, Ian Dinsmore 36:55, Patricia Kane 39:22

This week’s parkrun tourists were Patrick McGuckian who made it to the St Anne’s parkrun in Dublin and came home 10th in 19:14 and Owen Fulton who finished the Sale parkrun near Manchester in 26:01.

Mark Smith represented himself and the Club at the Born 2 Run 10k event at Loughgall. His time of 34:23 was good enough for a second place finish. Well done Mark and great to see the MH vest on the podium. Any other week, this would be the highlight, but young Jamie has stolen the limelight! Great running also at Loughgall by Dermot Boyd taking on the 5k option in 33:52.

The lunatic fringe that is our XC runners headed for Ballyclare to take part in Annadale Striders hosted Malcolm Cup. Not only did they run about in the muck for a bit but they also, in many cases, made their kids suffer with them:

U11 0.5 miles
Ryan McCready 4:12, Joseph Eager (not content with just his parkrun effort) 4:27, Maili Skillen 5:04, Odhran Skillen (another impressive 2 race effort) 6:01

U13 1 mile
Chris “2 races wee bro” Campbell 7:57

Ladies 3 miles
Nuala Muldoon 24:52 (especially impressive as she forgot her spikes), Yasmin Lynn 29:42

Male 4 miles
Mark Smith (yes, him again) 24:58, Lee O’Boyle 28:30, Kevin Donnelly 28:54, Alan Ladd 29:33, Neil McCready 31:11, Terry McIvor 31:50

Whilst we understand that the XC runners are “slightly different” from the rest of us and need careful handling, it is great to see the MH vest (and marquee) out and about at these events. Nuala Muldoon needs a big round of applause for her ongoing efforts to convince us to take part in this madness. Long may it continue.

One of the coaches told me this week that, to improve, it is important to finish what I started. So far, I’ve finished 2 selection boxes, and a bottle of red. Feel the difference already.

Until next week, behave.