Club Report: Sunday 24th December 2017

Well, twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
Mainly because we were all watching Die Hard and eating Quality Street.

Hopefully you have recovered from Nuala’s Santa Run or the Grew’s mulled wine or whatever running you managed this weekend. Despite what you think, the calorie count did not swing in your favour. But ignorance is bliss; let’s make it next week’s problem.

Valley parkrun:
Alex Davidson 20:11, Neil Campbell 21:47, Nuala Muldoon 24:57, Paul Skillen 26:29, Yasmin Lynn 27:04, Neill McGlinchey 27:23, Clare Teer 28:01 (and 50th parkrun, well done Clare on hitting that target!) Sir Martin McCready 28:28, Dermot Boyd 33:17, Patricia Kane 41:17, Frances Kane 45:15

Waterworks parkrun:
Susan Thompson 23:28, Robert Gould 23:29, Patrick Hamill 26:04, Lord Ian Brennan ROTM 26:13, Patrick McGuckian 28:53, Fiona Wylie 29:54, Jennifer McCoppin 34:20, Fidelma McCoppin 34:21, Marie McFarlane 34:21, Deirdre McCann 38:51

Antrim parkrun:
Lee O’Boyle 19:27 (2nd PB in two weeks) Tom Fleming 20:18, Stephen Semple 24:46, Janet Grew 28:30

Stormont parkrun:
Duncan Baxter 34:42

We also had a few Harriers out on tour this week:

Citypark (Craigavon) parkrun
Elaine Kennedy 28:01

Danny and Tiffany Donaldson went somewhere even more cosmopolitan than Craigavon. (Not possible I hear you cry).
Both were at Bois de Boulogne near Paris. However, in true French style, results for 23rd are not posted yet. Sacrebleu!
Let’s just say Tiffany won, with Danny a close second, and that there were loads of croissants and patisserie all round.

My presents to you all are on the way. Having read all your Facebook posts this year, you’re all getting dictionaries!

But for 24 hours tomorrow I will drop the sarcasm and allow in some Xmas spirit. So, enjoy some quality time with loved ones. Don’t message, WhatsApp or text them. Actually, phone them or go see them in real life! (You’ll be ignoring them again come January once the new season sets in anyway)

I’ll leave you with a much under played Xmas classic:…

Until next week, behave.


Club Report: Sunday 17th December 2017

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment, where is it to be found?”

“Snow and ice. Do one.”

The more cultured Harriers (i.e. The Insider and no-one else) will recognise the first quote as the words of JB Priestley. The second quote is my own.

Yes, another week affected by weather; another week of binge eating instead of running. Several parkruns were cancelled again but the more resourceful Harriers travelled to ensure they kept running:

Stormont parkrun:

Lee O’Boyle 19:56 (PB and first sub 20 – well done) Yasmin Lynn 25:49, Terry McIvor 25:50, Duncan Baxter 34:31

Portrush parkrun:

Kelly Carlisle 36:55

Ormeau parkrun:

Elaine Kennedy 28:29

Larne parkrun:

Alan Kerr 24:58

Today’s running was somewhat curtailed as many recovered from the Harrier Xmas party. Having witnessed the “dancing” of several club members I can only say I am glad we are a running club and not a dancing club. Please note, lessons are available locally. Please.

Big thanks to Social Boy, Ian Simpson and his helpers for putting the whole thing together so well.

It has come to my attention that an example has been set by Lord Ian ROTM Brennan (as he will hence be known) who still managed 10 miles this morning after attending last night.

Although holding his trophy aloft for the entire run did slow him down a bit.

Well, hopefully we can all get some running in this week. If not, still time to write your Santa letter. I’m asking for a big fat bank account and a slim body. Hope Santa doesn’t mix them up again like he did last year.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report: Sunday 10th December 2017

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. And since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Apologies for the late post but I’ve just peeked out of the igloo I’ve been living in since Friday. Doesn’t seem I’ve missed much though. The “celebrity” jungle is finally over and the “lovely young couple” are out of Strictly. Looks as if my Xmas presents have come early. Bah, humbug all round!

So, how did the Harriers get on with their parkruns this week:

Waterworks parkrun:


Victoria parkrun:


Antrim parkrun:


Valley parkrun:

Are you kidding?

Even the XC brigade were beaten by the weather. Must have been bad!

But some Harriers did find a way to get the vests on – If you want to run, head for the sun.

A 14 strong crowd of Harriers packed their knotted hankies and straw donkeys and headed for Lanzarote.

Going for the full sunburn package and taking on the full marathon were:

Matthew Cromie 3:59:01, Nuala “I don’t count seconds” Muldoon 4:00:55 and Sarah Knowles 4:13:04.

Trying to get to the bar early by opting for the half marathon option were:

Alex “The Robe” Davison 1:32:03 (bet he still didn’t get a round in though), Neil Campbell 1:42:35, Laura Rose 1:48:30, Paul Skillen 2:16:35, Louise Ladd 2:30:38 (First Half & PB), Jennifer Butler 2:30:56, Noel Bloomfield 2:30:56, Leanne Skillen 2:41:02, Laura Campbell 2:41:02, Neill “The Gentleman” McGlinchey 2:41:03

Taking the 10k option was Owen “sensitive skin” Fulton coming home in 58:18.

Well done to all. Great to see the Harrier vest doing us proud in endurance events around the world.

And, yes, I am referring to the hotel bar session afterwards and not the actual race.

The weather may beat us again this week but that only gives you more time to get your Xmas shopping done. As I told the current Mrs Cavillator last year, “I put so much thought into your gift I ran out of time to buy it”.

Until next week, behave.


PS – any omissions or corrections, please get in touch.

Club Report: Sunday 3rd December 2017

This week was dominated by a great performance from one of the club’s brightest stars. After last week’s false start, Jamie Campbell finally got to hit the tarmac at today’s Waterworks junior parkrun. Jamie was one of 5 Mallusk juniors running this morning:

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager (home in a very impressive 5th place) 9:36, Odhran Skillen 14:00, Aaron Ladd 17:52, Jamie Campbell 18:14, Christopher Campbell 18:38. Parents Laura and Neil can be very proud that their running genes have been passed on to yet another son.

Waterworks parkrun:
Susan Thompson 22:48, Neil McCready 24:57, Patrick Hamill 25:33, Anna Seaward 30:08, Roisin McLaughlin 30:20, Tracy Whittley 32:41, Maeve McGinley 32:41, Alyson Taylor 32:42, Deirdre McCann 37:34

Victoria Parkrun:
Alex Davidson 19:18, Laura Hutcheson-Magee 39:30

Antrim parkrun:
Alan Kerr 24:02, Elaine Kennedy 27:02

Valley parkrun: 
David Esler 26:20, Clare Teer 28:32, Leeanne Skillen 29:13, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:30, Laura Campbell 30:02, Frances Kane 31:55, Ian Dinsmore 36:55, Patricia Kane 39:22

This week’s parkrun tourists were Patrick McGuckian who made it to the St Anne’s parkrun in Dublin and came home 10th in 19:14 and Owen Fulton who finished the Sale parkrun near Manchester in 26:01.

Mark Smith represented himself and the Club at the Born 2 Run 10k event at Loughgall. His time of 34:23 was good enough for a second place finish. Well done Mark and great to see the MH vest on the podium. Any other week, this would be the highlight, but young Jamie has stolen the limelight! Great running also at Loughgall by Dermot Boyd taking on the 5k option in 33:52.

The lunatic fringe that is our XC runners headed for Ballyclare to take part in Annadale Striders hosted Malcolm Cup. Not only did they run about in the muck for a bit but they also, in many cases, made their kids suffer with them:

U11 0.5 miles
Ryan McCready 4:12, Joseph Eager (not content with just his parkrun effort) 4:27, Maili Skillen 5:04, Odhran Skillen (another impressive 2 race effort) 6:01

U13 1 mile
Chris “2 races wee bro” Campbell 7:57

Ladies 3 miles
Nuala Muldoon 24:52 (especially impressive as she forgot her spikes), Yasmin Lynn 29:42

Male 4 miles
Mark Smith (yes, him again) 24:58, Lee O’Boyle 28:30, Kevin Donnelly 28:54, Alan Ladd 29:33, Neil McCready 31:11, Terry McIvor 31:50

Whilst we understand that the XC runners are “slightly different” from the rest of us and need careful handling, it is great to see the MH vest (and marquee) out and about at these events. Nuala Muldoon needs a big round of applause for her ongoing efforts to convince us to take part in this madness. Long may it continue.

One of the coaches told me this week that, to improve, it is important to finish what I started. So far, I’ve finished 2 selection boxes, and a bottle of red. Feel the difference already.

Until next week, behave.