Club Report: Sunday 10th December 2017

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. And since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Apologies for the late post but I’ve just peeked out of the igloo I’ve been living in since Friday. Doesn’t seem I’ve missed much though. The “celebrity” jungle is finally over and the “lovely young couple” are out of Strictly. Looks as if my Xmas presents have come early. Bah, humbug all round!

So, how did the Harriers get on with their parkruns this week:

Waterworks parkrun:


Victoria parkrun:


Antrim parkrun:


Valley parkrun:

Are you kidding?

Even the XC brigade were beaten by the weather. Must have been bad!

But some Harriers did find a way to get the vests on – If you want to run, head for the sun.

A 14 strong crowd of Harriers packed their knotted hankies and straw donkeys and headed for Lanzarote.

Going for the full sunburn package and taking on the full marathon were:

Matthew Cromie 3:59:01, Nuala “I don’t count seconds” Muldoon 4:00:55 and Sarah Knowles 4:13:04.

Trying to get to the bar early by opting for the half marathon option were:

Alex “The Robe” Davison 1:32:03 (bet he still didn’t get a round in though), Neil Campbell 1:42:35, Laura Rose 1:48:30, Paul Skillen 2:16:35, Louise Ladd 2:30:38 (First Half & PB), Jennifer Butler 2:30:56, Noel Bloomfield 2:30:56, Leanne Skillen 2:41:02, Laura Campbell 2:41:02, Neill “The Gentleman” McGlinchey 2:41:03

Taking the 10k option was Owen “sensitive skin” Fulton coming home in 58:18.

Well done to all. Great to see the Harrier vest doing us proud in endurance events around the world.

And, yes, I am referring to the hotel bar session afterwards and not the actual race.

The weather may beat us again this week but that only gives you more time to get your Xmas shopping done. As I told the current Mrs Cavillator last year, “I put so much thought into your gift I ran out of time to buy it”.

Until next week, behave.


PS – any omissions or corrections, please get in touch.