Club Report: Monday 1st January 2018

Folks, with so much going on, your weekly news report is a long one so you might as well grab a cuppa now.

Your humble reporter made the brave decision yesterday to delay the report so that all the NYD parkruns could be included.
Why, oh why? Yesterday, I was a year younger, less ill and the screen was definitely more in focus. Plus, I’ve also now realised most of you have spent your entire week running at parkruns and elsewhere. So this week it is less sarcasm, more results. You have only yourselves to blame. Here we go……

Hazelbank Christmas 5 Mile Run
It seems a long time ago now but a few Harriers got their calorie burn in early with this pre-Xmas event:
Yasmin Lynn 45:12, Angela Stevens 46:26, Hilary Faith 51:22, Nicola Hunter-Boyd 57:17, Freda Stubbs 57:27, Patricia Kane 1:06:02

Christmas Day parkruns:

Valley parkrun:
Alex “Don’t call me Cav” Davidson 20:41, Terry McIvor 22:52 PB, Laura Rose 23:48, Nuala Muldoon 25:22, Noel Bloomfield 25:43, Neill McGlinchey 28:21, Yasmin Lynn 45:59, Patricia Kane 46:06

Waterworks parkrun:
Patrick McGuckin 19:02, Joe Mathers 20:04, Neil McCready 21:43 (PB, well done Neil on first sub 22), Matthew Cromie 22:01, Paul Skillen 24:40, Lord Ian Brennan ROTM 25:11, Patrick Hamill 25:56, Maeve Kennedy 28:05, Anna-Marie Nolan 28:07, Stephen Semple 28:08, Sir Martin McCready 28:09, Louise Ladd 34:55, Alan “The Gentleman” Ladd 34:56, Deirdre McCann 37:01

Dec 30th parkruns:

Valley parkrun:
Neil Campbell 20:57, Nuala Muldoon 25:09, Ciaran Skillen 27:03, Sir Martin McCready 27:28, Nikki Fleck 28:09, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 32:00, Nicola Hunter-Boyd 35:23, Alyson Taylor 35:46, Maeve McGinley 35:47, Debbie Sterritt 36:10

Waterworks parkrun:
Robert Gould 22:35, Patrick Hamill 25:46, Ken McAuley 27:36 (50th parkrun, congrats!), Susan Thompson 27:37, Elaine Kennedy 27:37, Maeve Kennedy 27:48, Lord Ian Brennan ROTM 40:49

Victoria parkrun:
Lee O’Boyle 19:15 (Yet another PB, 3rd in a row)

Wallace parkrun:
Tiffany “I’d rather still be in Paris” Donaldson 34:43, Danny “Me too” Donaldson 34:43 (Danny and Tiff’s French results are still to be declared. There will be a special news bulletin when this happens. Probably.)

Antrim parkrun:
Alan Kerr 24:32, Tom Fleming 26:39, Tina Steele 32:48, Deborah Ewing 33:26, Janet Grew 34:10

Stormont parkrun:
Fidelma McCoppin 31:08, Jennifer McCoppin 33:23, Freda Stubbs 33:42

New Year’s Day parkruns:

Valley parkrun:
Obviously a lot of guilty consciences out there as 28 Harriers decided to burn off some calories/hangovers.

Joe Mathers 21:32 (Valley PB), Patrick McGuckian 22:11, Terry McIvor 23:09, Alastair Houldsworth 23:31, Laura Rose 23:42, Alex Davidson 23:42, Neil McCready 24:16 (Valley PB), Neil Campbell 24:26, Gabrielle McMillan 25:45, Stephen Semple 26:04, Nikki “Birthday Girl” Fleck 27:36, Lord Ian Brennan ROTM 28:47, Owen Fulton 28:52, Elaine Kennedy 29:41, Sir Martin McCready 29:58, Yasmin Lynn 30:23, Neill McGlinchey 30:35, Jackie McCreesh 31:30, Noel Bloomfield 32:43, Louise Ladd 32:44, Tiffany Donaldson 32:44, Danny Donaldson 32:45, Marie McFarlane 33:18, Nicola Hunter-Boyd 33:19, Tracey Whittley 33:28, Fidelma McCoppin 34:40, Debbie Sterritt 34:41, Alan Ladd 44:21

Waterworks parkrun:
Another big turn out at the later start of the day with 20 Harriers taking the opportunity to double up. Let’s see if you stay this keen all year!

Patrick McGuckian 20:26, Neil Campbell 21:04 (Waterworks PB), Joe Mathers 21:07, Terry McIvor 22:17 (Waterworks PB), Alex Davidson 22:18, Suzanne Brennan 24:05, Noel Bloomfield 24:21, Laura Rose 24:44, Matthew Cromie 25:17, Danny Donaldson 25:30, Neil McCready 25:31 (obviously still celebrating last week’s PB!), Ken McAuley 25:32, Patrick Hamill 26:03, Sarah Knowles 26:29, Nikki Fleck 27:18, Stephen Semple 27:41, Gabrielle McMillan 28:08, Maeve Kennedy 28:51, Sir Martin McCready 29:31, Elaine Kennedy 29:31, Yasmin Lynn 31:00, Fidelma McCoppin 31:23, Nicola Hunter-Boyd 31:46, Neill McGlinchey 32:31, Jennifer McCoppin 32:36, Fiona Wylie 32:36, Freda Stubbs 33:08, Ethan Barrington 35:03, Anna-Marie Nolan 35:04, Louise “This strange man keeps following me” Ladd 35:22 (50th parkrun, congrats!), Alan Ladd 35:23, Debbie Sterritt 35:35, Tiffany Donaldson 36:41

Antrim parkrun:
Tom Fleming 20:37, Michelle Ker 31:33

(Apologies if anyone has been missed at other Xmas/New Year runs. Report by club is not available for these extra dates and so it’s a manual trawl through the websites)

Castlewellan Christmas Cracker
This increasingly popular pairs event took place over a very tough multi-terrain course with several Harriers declaring their retirement from international athletics at various points around the course. These decisions were obviously reversed after the first post-race drink and a great time was had by all, even if the legs and trainers may not agree:

Michael McAuley/Alex Davidson 1:20:34, Neil McCready/Martin McCourt 1:39:55, Suzanne “Splitter” Brennan/Eric “this week’s guest star” Montgomery 1:41:44, Gabrielle McMillan/Lord Ian Brennan ROTM 1:57:00, Yasmin Lynn/Terry McIvor 2:11:03

Muff Glen Trail
Lee O’Boyle took his hot PB streak off-road and onto the trails finishing this 4.2 mile race in 29:18

EAMS Half Marathon
Angela Stevens 2:12:10 PB – well done Angela, good to see the Dublin training still paying dividends, and definitely a medal worth showing off.

ROTG results will follow.

So no jokes, no songs, just a dark room and a cold damp cloth.
I love 2018.

Until next week, behave.