Club Report: Sunday 14th January 2018

This week, my spirits lifted, my heart soared and I felt as if I had achieved nirvana. Nah, only kidding. The weather was dismal, the resolutions are all broken, the extra weight has not shifted and its still two weeks to payday.

But on to the results…

Valley parkrun:
Neil Campbell 21:01, David Esler 26:35, Sir Martin McCready 27:58, Neil McGlinchey 28:19, Frances Kane 30:09, Lisa Kerr 32:50, Stephen Weir 33:35, Patricia Kane 38:44

Waterworks parkrun:
Matthew Cromie 20:02, Danny Donaldson 21:09, Tony McKeating 25:06 PB, Patrick Hamill 25:23, Tiffany Donaldson 31:48, Hilary Faith 32:09, Josi McKeating 34:11, Deirdre McCann 37:13

Antrim parkrun:
Patrick McGuckian 19:33 PB, Alan Kerr 24:35, Tina Steele 27:08, Deborah Ewing 27:23, Janet Grew 28:09, Ryan McCready 29:57, Neil McCready 30:00, Debbie Sterritt 31:21, Rosalind Stitt 35:29, Jennifer McCoppin 36:20

Falls parkrun:
Susan Thompson 24:20, Ken McAuley 24:20

Ormeau parkrun:
Anna-Marie Nolan 29:05

Stormont parkrun:
Matthew Allen 22:17, Dermot Boyd 33:25

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Jack McCready 9:17, Joseph Eager 10:33, Leo McAuley 13:00, Eloise McAuley 14:16, Aaron Ladd 22:22

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Tom Fleming 8:02

Mighty Oaks XC
Some of our toughest/maddest/craziest Harriers took on this re-arranged XC League event. Neither the weather nor the infamous Acorn Hill took pity on them and the photos look more like a war film than a running event. Therefore, an even bigger well done is due to those who took on the course: Mark Smith 28:37, Micky McAuley 32:23, Alan Ladd 34:25, Paul Skillen 39:11, Ciaran Skillen and Lee O’Boyle. Conquering Acorn Hill has proven to be easier than understanding the scoring system for the XC league for our runners, but with two events remaining, suffice to say the men have been delivering consistently throughout and are well positioned for a strong result in the league. Nuala Muldoon was our only competitor this time in the ladies’ event, coming home in 27:50.

At the same time as the XC runners were in action, so too were our fab four who also travelled west to hit the trails at An Creagan in the 5 Mile event which is part of the Sperrin Harriers Winter League: Neil McCready 37:37, Fidelma McCoppin 52:41, Marie McFarlane 55:33 and Fiona Wylie 55:33.

Sunday morning saw the 10@10 numbers rise from the single figures of recent weeks to well over twenty. Obviously there are a few Harriers out there now feeling the marathon/half marathon fear. If Paul’s almost vertical route did not put you off then nothing will.

This one’s for you Coach:

Until next week, behave.


PS As always, please advise of any corrections or omissions.