Club Report: Sunday 18th March 2018

A visit into the lion’s den, a feat of physical endurance but ultimately, victory and eternal glory. Yes, I managed to go to the pub in the afternoon, drink 3 pints and live to tell the tale. Think the rugby was on in the background too.

Valley parkrun:
Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:55, Clare Teer 38:31

Waterworks parkrun:
Matthew Cromie 20:04, Danny Donaldson 22:20, Patrick Hamill 25:47, Duncan Baxter 31:10, Tiffany Donaldson 33:23, Kelly Carlisle 47:29, Jo Smyth 47:30

Antrim parkrun:
Alastair Houldsworth 19:24 PB (and 3rd place overall), Alan Kerr 24:50 followed by Team Fleck – Nikki 39:30, Lucy 39:30 PB, Aimee 44:15

Ormeau parkrun:
Laura Rose 23:21 PB, Noel Bloomfield 25:29 (150th parkrun), Susan Thompson 27:29, Ken McAuley 27:30

Queen’s parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 27:24

This week’s parkrun tourist was Owen Fulton who put a pony in his pocket, mounted Trigger’s brush and ran round Peckham Rye parkrun in 25:00. Cushty.

And A Dav went to Bangor 26:13

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
With Waterworks cancelled due to ice, the junior mob headed off to the seaside.
Joseph Eager 10:05, Ethan Barrington 10:41, Leo McAuley 13:21, Cole Barrington 14:01, Eloise McAuley 14:10 PB

Saturday also promised a day full of sport and alcohol poisoning so some Harriers decided to get ahead of the curve with the increasingly popular Craic 10k. Plenty of PBs and great runs which were then well overused as excuses for overindulgence for the rest of the day.
Mark Smith 35:47 (and 6th overall), Neil Campbell 39:15, Joe Mathers 39:29 PB, Patricia Curistan 44:57, Stephen Semple 48:22, Suzanne Brennan 48:46 PB, Sharon Dunn 49:14, Maeve Kennedy 54:11, Roisin Brooks 54:37, Lee-Anne Skillen 56:26, Darren Taggart 56:48, Laura Campbell 59:13, Fiona Wylie 59:14, Jennifer McCoppin 59:15 PB, Neil McGlinchey 59:24, Catherine Boyd 1:03:47, Dermot Boyd 1:03:47, Freda Stubbs 1:05:47,  Debbie Steritt 1:07:05, Sharon Thompson 1:11:12. I know some of you posted faster chip times in Team App but these are the times published on both NI Running and Athletics NI websites. Apologies if you actually did even better.

Sunday brought mostly hangovers but a few hardy souls made it to the 5k Run for Mental Health UK in Ormeau Park, with our own Lisa Kerr involved in the organisation. Terry McIvor 21:39, Yasmin Lynn 27:20, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:01

So, to finish, here’s one for all of you who managed to get out the door today and run. You’re not treadmill warriors, you’re Harriers. We salute you.

Until next week, behave.