Club Report – Sunday 22nd April 2018

I’ve spent months complaining about snow and ice and now I’m burnt to a crisp. Never happy us runners. Too cold, too hot, too windy, too hilly, too early, too many.

Valley parkrun:
Tom Fleming 19:51PB, Terry McIvor 21:45PB, Liam McGowan 23:19, Alan Kerr 24:45PB, Tina Steele 25:13PB, Sarah Ross 26:06, Owen Fulton 26:13, Nuala Muldoon 26:24, Gabrielle McMillan 26:58, Brendan McGeown 27:43, Neil McGlinchey 27:50, Yasmin Lynn 28:44, Frances Kane 30:30, Lisa Kerr 30:32, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 31:04, Freda Stubbs 34:26, Fidelma McCoppin 34:27, Debbie Sterritt 35:10, Patricia Kane 43:14

Well done to Tom on his first sub 20 run at the Valley and well done to Sarah Ross on her first ever parkrun. Hopefully the first of many!

Waterworks parkrun:
Matthew Allen 21:53, Neil McCready 23:03, David Mullan 26:29, Maeve Kennedy 26:52, Patrick McGuckin 27:42, Roisin Brooks 29:02, Jo Smyth 40:13

Queens parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 28:20, Marie McFarlane 29:09, Jennifer McCoppin 29:56PB, Maeve McGinley 30:07, Dermot Boyd 33:01, Josi McKeating 34:20, Miriam Clarke 39:42, Deirdre McCann 40:24

Colin Glen parkrun:
Eamon Donaghy 22:23PB

This week we had a few parkrun tourists.
Suzanne Brennan swam to Liverpool and completed the course in 25:48.
(Ian that was one heck of a party – cheers!)
A few of our Londoners headed over on the Friday and had a warm up at Southwark,
Janet Grew 28:59, Susan Thompson 29:03, Tiffany Donaldson 33:30, Danny Donaldson 33:34

And A Dav went to Southwark 26:41

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Eloise McAuley 14:10, Leo McAuley 17:52

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Riley Kerr 13:32PB

Kelly Carlisle and Duncan Baxter travelled the furthest this week, taking part in a 5k, 10k and half marathon as part of a Star Wars themed race series in Disneyworld.

The big event of the weekend (other than the party Ian had) was of course the London Marathon. 13 intrepid Harriers donned their shorts (well done A Dav) and suncream to join 41,000 others and take on the world major event. The heat meant that most thoughts of PBs were quickly forgotten and survival became the new name of the game. Anyone who takes on a marathon deserves respect but this lot deserve an even bigger pat on the sunburned back as this was not an easy one.
Mark Smith 3:4:29, Neil Campbell 3:19:12PB, Alex Davidson 3:29:45, Susan Thompson 3:57:23, Laura Rose 3:57:34, Patricia Curistan 4:18:11, Jim Grew 4:24:09, Matthew Cromie 4:30:56, Joanne Milne 4:51:56, Noel Bloomfield 5:10:32, Jennifer Butler 6:09:58, Tiffany Donaldson 5:48:08, Danny Donaldson 6:26:50 (Danny that is true love right there. You’ll be kept son).

Over in Madrid, Stephen Semple also donned the Harrier vest coming home in 4:58:00.

So, whilst they all enjoy a few well deserved pints in the shade its now the turn of those doing Belfast to hum the tune and get ready for May 7th. The bar has been set!

Until next week, behave.