Club Report – Sunday 29th April 2018

The sun decided to stay with us for another week and so plenty of you headed out to the many events now on offer in the lighter nights. A results writer’s dream….

First up was Wednesday’s Purple Ladies 5k:

Suzanne Brennan 23:52

Thursday night was the turn of the juniors with the latest Lagan Valley Firmus Fab 5 meeting:

U11 Boys 600m

Ryan Millar 2:34, Owen Millar 2:50

U13 Boys 200m

Ryan McCready 35:85, Adam McCann 31:43

U13 Boys 1500m

Tom Fleming 5:05 (and 2nd place), Adam McCann 5:33

Friday night saw the inaugural running of the Scrabo Striders Run the Runways 5k and 10k event.

A bit of a different type of course, being held on Newtownards airfield, but the feedback from the runners was positive on both the course and the hospitality.


Danny Donaldson 19:17, Matt Allen 21:30, Eamon Donaghy 21:35, Tiffany Donaldson 28:38,


Joe Mathers 40:46, Lee O’Boyle 40:53PB, Owen Fulton 49:59PB, Angela Stevens 56:35

On Saturday a few Harriers took part in the PAT 10k at Hazelbank:

Sophie Magee 50:13, Anna Seaward 56:07PB, Roisin McLaughlin 1:01:23

Valley parkrun:

Neil Campbell 22:02, Laura Rose 22:57PB, Ciaran Skillen 24:40, Paul Skillen 24:45, Susan Thompson 25:20, Brendan McGeown 25:21, Yasmin Lynn 27:03, Terry McIvor 27:04, Neill McGlinchey 27:44, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:58, Lisa Kerr 30:19, Anita Piatek 30:51PB, Owen Fulton 33:29

Waterworks parkrun:

Robbie Gould 22:25, Stephen Semple 23:27, Lord Ian Brennan 23:57PB, Joe Mathers 23:58, Patrick Hamill 25:18, Patrick McGuckian 28:10, Jim Hewitt 28:56, Danny Donaldson 33:34, Tiffany Donaldson 33:36, David McCavana 37:02, Olivia McCready 39:22, Ryan McCready 39:23, Neil McCready 39:23

Ormeau parkrun:

Tony McKeating 24:15PB, Jackie McCreesh 27:35PB, Marie McFarlane 28:44PB, Fidelma McCoppin 28:59, Maeve McGinley 29:37, Alyson Taylor 29:40, Jennifer McCoppin 30:04PB, Freda Stubbs 32:47, Josi McKeating 33:46, Sharon Thompson 34:09, Rosalind Stitt 35:42, Patricia Kane 35:43PB, Maureen Ward 38:59, Miriam Clarke 39:17, Debbie Sterritt 39:18, Deirdre McCann 40:01, Frances Kane 43:52

And well done to Jennifer on completing her 100th parkrun!

Victoria parkrun:

Nikki Fleck 38:32, Lucy Fleck 38:32PB, Aimee Fleck 50:24

Well played family Fleck!

Queens parkrun:

Elaine Kennedy 27:27

This week we had a couple of parkrun tourists.

Nuala Muldoon headed off to help celebrate Portrush’s 300th parkrun in 25:01

Stephen Weir was at Newcastle (Upon Tyne, not Co Down) 33:49

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Eloise McAuley 13:18PB, Leo McAuley 17:22

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Riley Kerr 13:50

There was a great turn out for the 10@10 this morning as some Harriers did their final fine tuning for next week’s Belfast marathon. Some were prepping for the relay, others were running off hangovers and others just ran about getting lost. And all in the sunshine Lovely stuff.

And just remember out there next Monday, it always seems darkest just before

it turns pitch black.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 22nd April 2018

I’ve spent months complaining about snow and ice and now I’m burnt to a crisp. Never happy us runners. Too cold, too hot, too windy, too hilly, too early, too many.

Valley parkrun:
Tom Fleming 19:51PB, Terry McIvor 21:45PB, Liam McGowan 23:19, Alan Kerr 24:45PB, Tina Steele 25:13PB, Sarah Ross 26:06, Owen Fulton 26:13, Nuala Muldoon 26:24, Gabrielle McMillan 26:58, Brendan McGeown 27:43, Neil McGlinchey 27:50, Yasmin Lynn 28:44, Frances Kane 30:30, Lisa Kerr 30:32, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 31:04, Freda Stubbs 34:26, Fidelma McCoppin 34:27, Debbie Sterritt 35:10, Patricia Kane 43:14

Well done to Tom on his first sub 20 run at the Valley and well done to Sarah Ross on her first ever parkrun. Hopefully the first of many!

Waterworks parkrun:
Matthew Allen 21:53, Neil McCready 23:03, David Mullan 26:29, Maeve Kennedy 26:52, Patrick McGuckin 27:42, Roisin Brooks 29:02, Jo Smyth 40:13

Queens parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 28:20, Marie McFarlane 29:09, Jennifer McCoppin 29:56PB, Maeve McGinley 30:07, Dermot Boyd 33:01, Josi McKeating 34:20, Miriam Clarke 39:42, Deirdre McCann 40:24

Colin Glen parkrun:
Eamon Donaghy 22:23PB

This week we had a few parkrun tourists.
Suzanne Brennan swam to Liverpool and completed the course in 25:48.
(Ian that was one heck of a party – cheers!)
A few of our Londoners headed over on the Friday and had a warm up at Southwark,
Janet Grew 28:59, Susan Thompson 29:03, Tiffany Donaldson 33:30, Danny Donaldson 33:34

And A Dav went to Southwark 26:41

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Eloise McAuley 14:10, Leo McAuley 17:52

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Riley Kerr 13:32PB

Kelly Carlisle and Duncan Baxter travelled the furthest this week, taking part in a 5k, 10k and half marathon as part of a Star Wars themed race series in Disneyworld.

The big event of the weekend (other than the party Ian had) was of course the London Marathon. 13 intrepid Harriers donned their shorts (well done A Dav) and suncream to join 41,000 others and take on the world major event. The heat meant that most thoughts of PBs were quickly forgotten and survival became the new name of the game. Anyone who takes on a marathon deserves respect but this lot deserve an even bigger pat on the sunburned back as this was not an easy one.
Mark Smith 3:4:29, Neil Campbell 3:19:12PB, Alex Davidson 3:29:45, Susan Thompson 3:57:23, Laura Rose 3:57:34, Patricia Curistan 4:18:11, Jim Grew 4:24:09, Matthew Cromie 4:30:56, Joanne Milne 4:51:56, Noel Bloomfield 5:10:32, Jennifer Butler 6:09:58, Tiffany Donaldson 5:48:08, Danny Donaldson 6:26:50 (Danny that is true love right there. You’ll be kept son).

Over in Madrid, Stephen Semple also donned the Harrier vest coming home in 4:58:00.

So, whilst they all enjoy a few well deserved pints in the shade its now the turn of those doing Belfast to hum the tune and get ready for May 7th. The bar has been set!

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 15th April 2018

A busy week for the Harriers as the lighter nights allowed us to start getting some mid-week running in again.

The club was well represented as the racing started mid-week with the ladies only Ballymena Belles 5 Mile event on Tuesday evening.
Sharon Dunn 40:04, Suzanne “not a 5k PB in it” Brennan 40:04PB, Sarah McCafferty 41:04PB, Gillian Bainbridge 42:02PB, Pamela McCafferty 42:35PB, Gemma Fowler 43:26, Nikki Fleck 43:38, Angela Stevens 44:00PB, Yasmin Lynn 44:30PB, Janet Grew 45:48, Roisin Brooks 46:49, Hannah Hope 47:38 1st time, Anna Seaward 47:50 1st time, Catherine Mullan 48:37, Erin O’Hagan 51:20, Roisin McLaughlin 51:40, Heather Barker 52:22PB

On Thursday night it was the turn of the juniors at the Lagan Valley Firmus Energy Fab 5 track & field event:

U11 Boys 60m
Ryan Millar 10:78, Owen Millar 12:64

U11 Girls 600m
Maili Skillen 2:47

U11 Boys Long Jump
Ryan Millar 1.47m, Owen Millar 1.15m

U13 Boys 100m
Adam McCann 15:36, Tom Fleming 16:54, Ryan McCready 17:21, Jamie Irwin 17:34

U13 Boys 800m
Tom Fleming 2:40, Adam McCann 2:54, Jamie Irwin 3:21, Ryan McCready 3:25

As usual, Harriers headed to the parkruns this weekend.

Valley parkrun:
Brendan McGeown 23:33, Terry McIvor 24:02, Owen Fulton 24:25, Yasmin Lynn 28:35, Roisin Brooks 29:06, Fidelma McCoppin 30:08, Lisa Kerr 31:42, Debbie Sterritt 32:10, Yvonne Thompson 34:07, Lorraine Forsythe 52:29, Mairead O’Hare 52:30

Waterworks parkrun:
Danny “elderly eye candy” Donaldson 20:50, Matthew Cromie 23:41, Nuala Muldoon 24:46, Patrick Hamill 25:23, David Mullan 25:48, Maeve Kennedy 26:28, Stephen Semple 26:31, Marie McFarlane 28:00PB, Nikki Fleck 28:47, Duncan Baxter 30:28, Tiffany Donaldson 30:35, Jennifer McCoppin 32:11, Freda Stubbs 32:14, Lord Ian Brennan 33:54, Sharon Thompson 35:05PB, Rosalind Stitt 35:48, David McCavana 38:58, Jo Smyth 48:06, Kelly Carlisle 48:07

Antrim parkrun:
Mark McIlroy 21:05PB, Tina Steele 25:45, Michael McFarlane 25:52, Deborah Ewing 26:07, Elaine Kennedy 27:02, Tom Fleming 27:10

Victoria parkrun:
Dermot Boyd 31:33, Anne Boyd 38:51

Ormeau parkrun:
Eamon Donaghy 21:28PB

And A Dav went to Valley 27:10

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:58, Leo McAuley 13:50, Eloise McAuley 13:51
Well done to everyone involved in this parkrun on its second anniversary.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Riley Kerr 13:32PB

Saturday also saw the Born2 Run Glenarm Challenge with Harriers taking on the various distances on offer:
Heather Barker 1:08:57, Wes Barker 1:08:59
Half Marathon
Sarah Ross 1:59:04
Alan Kerr 2:00:58
Sarah Knowles 2:00:59
(seriously Alan! a dip on the line was it?)

Roads are too easy for some and so part time paramedic, full time header, Micky McAuley took on the NIMRA Mourne Highline Mountain race finishing in 2:26:15. His time obviously aided by not having to carry anyone this week. Alan.

This morning was the turn of other Harriers who have decided running is not hard enough and so they took on the Stena Line Newtownabbey Triathlon.
Neil McCready 1:32:50, Paul Skillen 141:27, Nuala Muldoon 1:37:40. A third place senior female finish for Nuala.
Not sure if this bikey, swimmy thing needs a new totally separate header department created. Will check with Hilary.

The final event of the weekend was the Centra Run Together event. Not sure if any Harriers took part as I can’t find the results posted anywhere and nobody posted any times on Team App (sniffs into hankie and stares sadly out the window as a single tear falls).

This time next week will be celebration time for those heading to London. Except Spurs fans obviously. For others, it’s the start of the taper madness before Belfast. For the rest of us, its just another week in the madhouse that is the Mallusk Harriers.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 8th April 2018

This week, Easter put its bonnet on and tried to rain and blow us off the roads before changing its mind and giving us a wee bit of sunshine for our parkruns and Titanic running.

First up is the Whitehead 5 mile Road Race on Easter Monday.
Braving the tropical Easter weather were:
Alan Ladd 33:16PB, Neil McCready 36:53, Eamon Donaghy 38:10PB, Paul Skillen 38:49, Dermot Boyd 53:10. Ryan McCready also took part in the juniors race over 1.6 mile.

Valley parkrun:
The Harriers took over the Valley parkrun for the weekend giving Stephen and Denis a well deserved week off. The organisation, marshalling, pacing, timing, catering, results prep and any other missed elements were a credit to everyone. Well done us!
Tom Fleming 20:39, Liam McGowan 23:54, Ben Davidson 24:24, Matt “the pacer” Allen 24:35, Susan “should have been a pacer” Thompson 24:54, Alan “so should he” Kerr 24:55, Deborah Ewing 26:22, Tina Steele 26:22PB , Nikki Fleck 27:42, Gemma Fowler 27:57, David “pacing gold” Esler 29:56, Marie McFarlane 30:32, Ryan McCready 31:02, Duncan Baxter 31:41, Roseann McGeown 32:08, Debbie Sterritt 32:13, Fiona “flyin’ pacer” Wylie 32:34, Jennifer McCoppin 32:35, Deirdre McCann 38:43, Rosalind Stitt 38:43, Anne Boyd 41:49, Aimee Fleck 52:50, Lucy Fleck 53:56, Jo “tail walker” Smyth 58:06, Kelly “me too” Carlisle 58:07

Waterworks parkrun:
Patrick Hamill 26:08, David “the bionic man” Mullan 26:50, Sharon McCavana 27:45, Catherine Mullan 32:05, David McCavana 38:12

Antrim parkrun:
Mark “newbie” McIlroy 21:45 PB, Elaine Kennedy 26:51, Michele Ker 29:41

This week’s parkrun tourist was Stephen Weir who completed Newcastle in 32:01

And A Dav went to Valley 25:22

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 13:27, Eloise McAuley 13:30 PB

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Tom Fleming 7:47 PB, Joseph Eager 10:16 Well done Tom on another weekend double!

Titanic 10k:
Taking advantage of the flat course and expertly forecasted good weather were:
Mark Smith 34:47PB, Joe Mathers 40:16, Brendan McGeown 44:56PB, Eamon Donaghy 46:16PB, Lord Ian Brennan 49:42PB, Angela Stevens 54:32PB, Roisin Brooks 57:03, Yasmin Lynn

Our final weekend race result comes from Manchester, where Anna-Marie Nolan took a massive 15 minutes off her PB, coming in with 4:23:48. Well done Anna.

This week proved how dangerous a sport running can be. Alan Ladd decided to attempt the Cooley Legend hill race in the bobsleigh position and came off worse against the hill. Lucky our mountain/super man Micky McAuley was there to carry him home. (anyone else picturing that Forrest Gump scene?)
Then Lord Brennan attempted to headbutt the finish line barrier at Titanic in an effort to further reduce his PB time. Mind you, this was a lot less dangerous than his attempt to claim a 5k PB over his better half as part of his 10k timing. Legal issues prevent further discussion.

So, here’s hoping that the winter is now behind us and we can look forward to complaining about the heat and sunburn instead.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report: Sunday 1st April 2018

Looks as if the committee will have to get the builders in at the Hub as we have once again expanded our Headers Department. But more of that later.

Couple of results from last week to catch up on:

5k Rabbit Run @ Hazelbank:
Fiona Wylie 29:06, Jennifer McCoppin 29:28, Duncan Baxter 30:45, Freda Stubbs 32:26, Frances O’Kane 28:48, Karen Jamison 32:52, Debbie Steritt 33:55, Josi McKeating 34:34, Rosalind Stitt 36:35, Maureen Ward 36:37, Patricia Kane 36:37, Deirdre McCann 38:08, Miriam Clarke 39:51, Jo Smyth 47:27, Kelly Carlisle 47:28

NIMRA Fallows Race @ Rostrevor:
Micky ROTM McAuley 1:46:46

Jimmy’s 10k, Downpatrick:
Anna Seaward 58:59

Back to this weekend then,

Valley parkrun:
Alan Ladd 20:44, Laura Rose 23:07PB, Gabrielle McMillan 24:46, Neil McGlinchey 27:02, Leeanne Skillen 28:12PB, Laura Campbell 30:02, Neil Campbell 30:03, Claire Skillen 43:36, Rosalind Stitt 51:48, Patricia Kane 51:49, Lorraine Ann Forsythe 53:30

Waterworks parkrun:
Joe Mathers 19:41, Kevin “I’m back!” Donnelly 23:39, Patrick Hamill 24:59, Maeve Kennedy 26:58, Sharon McCavana 29:07, Roisin Brooks 33:25, Deirdre McCann 35:45, Jackie McCreesh 35:58, Fiona Wylie 35:59, Jennifer McCoppin 36:00

Antrim parkrun:
Susan Thompson 24:32, Ken McAuley 24:33, Ethan Barrington 29:03, Alan Kerr 29:04, Cole Barrington 38:49, Anna-Marie Nolan 38:54

Stormont parkrun:
Duncan Baxter 30:51

Eamon Donaghy thought he was this week’s parkrun tourist when he went to Bangor 22:26. Then Benny & Roseann McGeown thought it was them as they went to scenic Citypark parkrun in Craigavon (21:20PB & 30:54 respectively). Owen Fulton had yet another crack at it as he went to posh sounding Lytham Hall parkrun 30:01.

But we were all outdone by Lee O’Boyle who did Rietvlei parkrun in South Africa in 21:08. Lee has been a bit of a podium chaser lately so the fact he only finished fourth overall would suggest he was slacking. Then again, the fact that there were 1,367 runners in this parkrun may suggest otherwise. Yes, that’s not a misprint. One thousand, three hundred and sixty-seven runners. How the heck do they get all the barcodes back?

And A Dav went to Victoria 25:33

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 10:05, Olivia McCready 15:15, Eloise McAuley 15:24, Ryan McCready 15:48, Leo McAuley 16:44

Ballygalget 10k
Wes Barker in ninth place with 41:05

However, the weekend really belonged to the new addition to the ever-growing Headers Department within Mallusk Harriers. This department is usually manned by Micky McAuley. And Nuala Muldoon has a corner office. But this week we have a new CHO (Chief Header Officer). Alastair Houldsworth completed the 107 mile journey from Belfast to Dublin as part of the Atlas Running ultra event. Not only did he complete it but he was the 10th male home. Huge congratulations Alastair, an amazing feat. Although those Facebook posts suggest your own feet are no longer so amazing. Your absence at the Sunday 10@10 today was noted however. Slacker.

Also, a big mention deserved for those Harriers who saw him off at the start and especially to those who gave up their night’s sleep to go cheer Alastair along the course. Proper Harriers.

This one’s for you Alastair, you hero.

Until next week, behave.