Club Report – Sunday 1st July 2018

Sanity has returned this week. Mark Smith is back on a podium, the McCaffertys are back at 10@10 and several Harriers have a hangover today. Everything is right with the world again.

Looked as if everyone was saving themselves for a big weekend effort as there were no Harriers involved in any midweek races. (Or if there was they did not tell me about it on Team App!)

Maybe I wasn’t the only one wilting in the heat this week.

Adrian Hughes got the weekend off to a flyer at the Newell Stores 10k in Coalisland, with 52:22.

Valley parkrun:

Eamon Donaghy 23:41, Yasmin Lynn 27:44, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:44, Jasper Brooks 30:33, Anita Piatek 30:50, Stephen Weir 31:55, Rory Brooks 33:04PB, Roisin Brooks 33:04, (seems as if this parkrun has been sponsored by Brooks – geddit?) Janet Grew 33:08, Marie McFarlane 33:08, Fidelma McCoppin 33:11, Yvonne Thompson 33:46, Clare Teer 35:23, Mairead O’Hare 36:25, Lorraine Forsythe 50:05, Patricia Kane 50:09, Rosalind Stitt 50:09

Waterworks parkrun

Ken McAuley 22:57, Stephen Semple 23:12, Susan Thompson 23:46, Robert Gould 23:48, Jim Hewitt 25:35, Maeve Kennedy 27:20

Victoria parkrun:

Alastair CHO Houldsworth 29:15, Katherine Todd 48:11

Antrim parkrun:

Heather Barker 31:21

Stormont parkrun:

Jennifer McCoppin 31:07, Maureen Ward 36:13, Deirdre McCann 40:17

ECOS parkrun:

Dawn DuBois 36:51PB

Larne parkrun:

Elaine NY Kennedy 27:56

This week’s tourist/show off is Neil McCready who completed the Milano Nord parkrun in 22:27PB.

Not jealous at all. Let’s move on.

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Results not yet posted. Will include in next week’s report.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Riley Kerr 11:19 (one second off last week’s PB!), Aaron Ladd 16:04PB.

Over in the headers’ corner it was Micky McAuley’s turn to try and break himself as he took on the 12.4 miles and 1,400m ascent (metres, not feet Strava fans!) of the Spelga Skyline Mountain Race.

In “slightly warm” conditions Micky survived and came home in 22nd place in 3:56:57.

But the club highlight of the running week was the revived running of the Antrim Road Coast Road Marathon.

13 Harriers braved the tropical conditions and many were awarded with PBs for their efforts:

Mark ROTM Smith 2:50:26PB and 2nd place overall. Congratulations Mark. A great run!

Neil Campbell 3:08:37PB, Lee O’Boyle 3:14:29PB, ADav 3:17:40, Alan Ladd 3:39:15, Laura Rose 3:42:40PB, Danny “everyone loves a redhead” Donaldson 3:50:01, Sarah Ross 3:51:44PB, Sarah Knowles 3:51:45PB, Jonny Smith 4:16:49, Deborah Ewing 4:26:48, Alan Kerr 4:26:48, Tiffany Donaldson 5:10:28PB

Everyone has been very positive about the Larne AC event and it is already heavily rumoured to be an annual fixture going forward.

I was going to finish with the 1999 Len Classic “Steal My Sunshine” but then realised there was only one song to salute those who took on the roads and mountains in the heat yesterday. Enjoy. You deserve it.

Until next week, behave.