Club Report – Sunday 29th July 2018

Well Harriers another week has come and gone and you are still stuck with me but fear not the Cavillator returns next week, as always with you all 100% has been given be it parkrun, 10k races or even just your weekly long runs..
Starting us off this weekend was the Crossgar 10k and resident podium finisher Mark Smith bringing it home in 35:00 for another brilliant 2nd place overall, very well done Mark..
Next up was the next instalment of the club championship with the Giant’s Trail hosted by the Dub Runners.
Danny Donaldson 41:08
Joe Mathers 43:27
Eamonn Donaghy 48:33
Owen Fulton 55:02
Yasmin Lynn 1:02.21
Terry McIvor 1:02.21
Hilary Faith 1:04.19
Tiffany Donaldson 1:12.18
Saturday morning seen you all hit the parkruns in force this week..
Antrim parkrun
Tom Fleming 19:49 I think everyone will agree the young man is going from strength to strength
Ken McAuley 21:57
Elaine Kennedy 27:37
Sarah Knowles 28:31
Victoria parkrun
Robbie Gould 22:14
Robert Gould 24:02
Colin Glen parkrun
Sophie Davidson 32:44
Laura Rose 32:44
Falls parkrun
Alastair Houldsworth 20:59
Stephen Semple 23:29
Maeve Kennedy 27:23
Portrush parkrun
Nikki Fleck 27:47
Valley parkrun
Neil Campbell 19:08
Alan Ladd 19:50
Joe Mathers 21:16
Anthony McKeating 26:32
Ethan Hutchinson 27:50
Owen Fulton 28:49
Janet Grew 29:01
Clare Teer 29:11
Anita Piatek 30:00
Lee-Anne Hutchinson 30:01
Neill McGlinchey 30:04
Rory Brooks 31:33
Stephen Weir 31:44
Jasper Brooks 33:21
Roisin Brooks 33:28
Marie McFarlane 33:29
Fidelma McCoppin 34:01
Yvonne Thompson 34:08
Jackie McCreesh 34:09
Odhran Skillen 35:29
Paul Skillen 35:30
Sharon Thompson 36:17
Debbie Sterritt 36:24
Josi McKeating 36:31
Rosalind Stitt 38:29
Patricia Kane 38:32
Jennifer McCoppin 38:33
Miriam Clarke 41:10
Deirdre McCann 41:12
Wallace parkrun
Neil McCready 24:40
Waterworks parkrun
Danny Donaldson 23:44
Tiffany Donaldson 49:07
On another leg of her fabulous looking holiday Jo Smyth took in the stunning Crissy Field parkrun in San Francisco 41:30, very well done Jo in flying the Harrier flag.
In not so scenic conditions A Dav went to Colin Glen in 20:48.
Tackling the Derrytresk 10K was Aidy Hughes in 49:08 very well done sir.
Also on Saturday seen two nutters tackle the leg it events Divis 10k in pretty wet conditions but all the same very well done to Kevin Donnelly 51:10 & Suzanne Brennan 56:52, Rumour has it that Lord Ian is in hiding because Suzanne is coming back to full fitness and he’s running scared.
Sunday morning seen two very early risers in Micky McAuley and son Leo McAuley take on the Sunrise 5k in 35:34 & 35:37 respectively, this sees the young gun finish in front of dad for the second week in a row, well done young man.
The juniors continued there weekly assault on the junior park runs and did the club proud as always..
Waterworks Juniors
Matthew Hawkins 10:37PB
Eloise McAuley 11:52PB
Aaron Ladd 17:32
Leo McAuley 28:01 for his second run of the day
Jordanstown Juniors
Tom Fleming 7:41 and first overall
Riley Kerr 12:43
Not to be out done Neil McCready, Paul Skillen, Frances Kane and Damien Cole couldn’t be bothered with just running they had to swim and bike it as well in the Lisburn triathlon, Neil completed it in 1:34.32,  Paul in 1:43.22, Damien in 1:56.26 and Frances was 1:57.56 very well done folks.
Once again the club has been represented magnificently by you all and you should be very proud, again I do apologise if there are any errors no doubt there has been PB’s smashed all over the place but my fingers are knackered trying to keep with all you activities so sorry again. On a finishing note while reading over the results there are a few who I’ve noticed have been injured for awhile and are now back at it so welcome back and remember to take it easy.
Enjoy the week ahead whatever it brings and remember to have fun be safe and run like you’ve stole something.
Work Experience Boy..

Club Report – Sunday 22nd July 2018

So with our regular Cavillator away on their travels for the next few weeks hopefully with a very well deserved drink in their hand, unfortunately you are going to be stuck with me, so what will I call myself, many names have been mentioned but to keep it civil I think we will go with Work experience boy..
There has been some brilliant running from club mates this week with so many taking on mid-week races as well as the regular parkruns, so to get us started..
Portaferry took centre stage on Tuesday evening with our relay teams as well as the full 10 mile road race.
Lee O’Boyle & Joe Mathers 1.03:38
Laura Rose & Danny Donaldson 1.08:31 and 3rd overall in the mixed relay
Eamonn Dinghy & Kevin Donnelly 1.12:40
Sharon Dunn & Jonny Smith 1.16:51
Joanne Milne & Alastair Holdsworth 1.16:55
Orin Calder & Sophie Magee 1.18:41
Mickey  McCauley & Roisin Brooks 1.20:54
Lord Ian Brennan & Suzanne Brennan 1.21:15
Tiffany Donaldson & Christian Spies 1.26:03
Sarah McCafferty 1.23:36
Pamela McCafferty 1.25:03
Hannah Hope 1.43:44
Heather Barker 1.51:45
Special shout out to Pamela on her wonderful age category win, we’ve been told that her face turned the same colour as her trainers but very well deserved.
The Dalriada festival was also on the cards for a few seasoned runners as well as a few of our great juniors..
Neil McCready 10k 50.44
Frances Kane 10k 1.01:56
Ryan McCready 5k 27.26
Leo McAuley 5k 32.26
Eloise McAuley 5k 34.26
Micky McAuley 5k 34.29
Paul Skillen 5k 34.30
Odhrán Skillen 5k 34.32
Patricia Kane 5k 37.54
Not happy with just running we also had 4 headers taking on the triathlon..
Neil McCready I’m convinced was doing it but cant find a time so I’ll check again for next week
Paul Skillen 1.42:11
Damien Cole 1.43:59
Frances Kane 1.57:31
Big shout out to the juniors with some great times and also beating the parents which is what it’s all about for the young guns, watch your back’s Paul and Mickey the kids are catching you both.
Now for the parkruns..
Ken McAuley 21.10
Wes Barker 24.47
Heather Barker 30.26
Ian Simpson 35.39
Alan Ladd 19.20
Stephen Weir 29.41
Derry City
Stephen Semple 22.40
Maeve Kennedy 25.46
Neil Campbell 19.26
Eamonn Donaghy 22.52
Susan Thompson 23.54
Adrian Hughes 25.04
Yasmin Lynn 26.44
Jennifer McCoppin 32.20
Alyson Taylor 34.45
Rosalind Stitt 40.31
Lorraine Ann Forsythe 49.02
Louise Ladd 55.20
Patrick McGuckin 23.08
Lord Ian Brennan 23.17
Noel Bloomfield 23.46
And A Dav went to the Valley 20.10
Please excuse me but their was probably a lot of PB’s ran this weekend at parkruns but the site didn’t list any but it looks like from these results Suzanne Brennan has lost more time to the Lord…
Now onto the Harriers who headed north to take on the scenic Dervock 5 mile race and half marathon..
Freda Stubbs 5 mile 54.35
Debbie Sterritt 5 mile 57.22
Miriam Clarke 5 mile 1.05:37
Half Marathon
Mark Smith 1.19:29
Joe Mathers 1.31:53
Karen McKee 1.46:44
Brian McDonald 1.58:50
Emily McKeown 2.02:19
Nikki Fleck 2.02:55
Owen Fulton 2.03:38
Joanne Milne 2.03:38
Elaine Kennedy 2.06:23
Janet Grew 2.08:34
Anita Piatek 2.27:07
Marie McFarlane 2.34:43
Fidelma McCoppin 2.34:41
Junior parkruns..
Jordanstown junior parkrun
Tom Fleming 7.40 and well done on coming first young man
Riley Kerr 12.01
Waterworks junior parkrun
Matthew Hawkins 11.06
Leo McAuley 11.55
Eloise McAuley 13.18
Again apologies if anything has been missed on the PB front or I have made a mistake on your time, please message through and it will be amended next week, but all that is left to say is stay safe out there have fun and enjoy yourselves..
Work experience boy.

Club Report – Sunday 15th July 2018

Strange thing happened today, weird watery stuff started falling from the sky. I’ll have to get one of the young ‘uns to Google it for me.

Let’s start by catching up on a result that came in too late for last week’s report.

3 Harriers took on the Inis Bo Finne 5k in Donegal last Sunday:

Damien Cole 20:15, Frances Kane 30:54, Patricia Kane 35:10 (and an age category win).

Well done Patricia!

Mid-week racing this week was led off by our juniors as Adam and Peter McCann took on the junior race at the Killough 10k. Adam was the winner with Peter 4th. Great results gents. Mark Smith is panicking already.

Friday night saw the Harriers head for the coast for the 7th Annual Sea to Sky Born 2 Run event in Newcastle.

Heading skyward in the 10k were:

Mark Smith 37:30 (and 5th place overall), Lee O’Boyle 39:55PB (seriously Lee, on this course???), Danny Donaldson 40:13, Eamonn Donaghy 50:02, Sarah McCafferty 51:14, Owen “Jamie Dornan beard” Fulton 53:40, Pamela McCafferty 53:58, Hilary Faith 59:07, Tiffany Donaldson 1:05:46, Angela Stevens 1:08:12, Hannah Hope 1:08:13


Dermot Boyd 34:28

Over in England, Wes and Heather Barker took on the Wibbly Wobbly Log Jog 5 mile trail race, Wes finishing in 39:03 and Heather, with added acrobatics, in 58:50.

Saturday saw our longest effort of the week as our new ROTM took on her first ultra challenge.

Sarah Ross completed the Chiltern Challenge Ultra 50k in 6:26:53 and was 14th women home out of a female field of 110. Well done Sarah, now put those feet up for a while!

Also out on Saturday was Joanne Smyth at the Atlas Running Donut Run 5k in Lisburn,35:43.

And, of course, the usual suspects were all out at the usual parkruns, and a few others:

Valley parkrun:

Tom Fleming 20:10 (and 2nd place overall), Brendan McGeown 28:15, Yasmin Lynn 28:28, Owen Fulton 29:12, Clare Teer 29:28, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 31:03, Scott Skelton 34:57, Brenna McGeown 39:00, Roseann McGeown 39:01, Joanne Milne 40:09, Niamh McGeown 40:38, Lorraine Ann Forsythe 55:01

Waterworks parkrun

Ken McAuley 23:04, Susan Thompson 24:11, Jim Hewitt 25:15, Suzanne Brennan 25:18

Antrim parkrun:

Neil Campbell 22:53, Alan Kerr 23:29, Nikki Fleck 26:33, Odhran “chip off the auld block” Skillen 33:37, Paul HOTM Skillen 33:38, Jennifer Maguire 33:39, Leeanne Skillen 33:40, Katherine Todd 46:21, Elaine NY Kennedy 1:00:39

Victoria parkrun:

Ben Davidson 20:40PB

Ormeau parkrun:

Freda Stubbs 32:36PB, Debbie Sterritt 33:22PB, Maureen Ward 36:22, Rosalind Stitt 37:04, Jennifer McCoppin 37:05, Miriam Clarke 38:48, Deirdre McCann 42:45

And ADav was at Victoria 20:43.

We had a few tourists again this week, with Dawn DuBois at ECOS 36:12 and Patrick McGuckin at Rostrevor 25:21. Danny and Tiffany Donaldson were at Armagh in 20:12 and 35:50 respectively. Stephen Semple 24:40, Maeve Kennedy 29:15 and Mairead O’Hare 37:37 all at Portrush practising for Aug 25th. Patricia and Frances Kane were at Dungloe in Donegal in 37:13 and 37:18. But the winner is Stephen Weir who completed the Rising Sun parkrun (class name!) near Newcastle Upon Tyne in 33:49.

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Joseph Eager 10:01, Matthew Hawkins 11:39, Leo McAuley 12:00, Eloise McAuley 12:08PB (Tuesday interval training obviously paying off there Eloise!)

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Riley Kerr 13:47

The vest in the west was out racing again this week as Aidy Hughes competed in the JD Dance 10k in Coalisland, finishing in an (unofficial so far) 50:57PB.

As I write, France are about to win the World Cup. Thierry Henry doesn’t play for them any more so I suppose I don’t mind. Happy too as I have no idea what Croatian pop song I would let you have.

So here’s a French classic instead.

Until next week, behave.


Runner of the Month – June 2018

Another month gone and yet another great month of running with many harriers achieving PB’s in various distances, which made June a very hard month to choose the winner!!!!!  Before we start with the nominations, a huge congratulations to all our C25K graduates you all did amazing.

Now on to the Nominees

Neil Campbell – Amazing PB and good for age on coast road marathon.  Listens to everyone and is open to new ideas, he has been a great mentor for new members joining the club.

Sarah Knowles – Sarah demonstrated a super run at coast road marathon where she finally broke sub 4 in amazing style.  One of the loveliest members of our club. she has a smile for anybody and shows true grit and determination in her running even at all times.  Such a credit to our club!!  After a few attempts to break 4 hours for the marathon, Sarah nailed it at the Antrim Coast road marathon, with a superb 3:51. She also smashed her PB for the half in Newry. All the hard work in training really paying dividends.

Karen McKee – Third woman at Divis 7 mile race. PB at Lisburn half marathon. Training consistent over past weeks and month.

Mairead O’Hare – Getting back out there after a long break due to injury, and quickly chipped down her time! Amazing runner and inspiration.

Dermot Boyd – Dermot is an inspiration to everyone. If he is not racing himself he is there supporting other harriers.

Pamela McCafferty – With a fab PB at Lisburn 10K in June, 4th in her age category, she just keeps getting better and better, always gives 100% to training sessions and encouragement to fellow Harriers. She’s also good at dragging that other (younger) McCafferty along with her, sometimes even leaving her behind these days! Still greater things to come from Pam over the summer, always my support and Runner Of The Month for June.

Lee O’Boyle – Excellent performance in all training sessions and his hard work paid of in the Lisburn half and Coast Road Marathon which were both PBs.  Impressive times at both Lisburn and Coast Road, a credit to the club and an example of what can be achieved when you put the effort in.  Fantastic half and full marathon PBs. Well deserved with all the extra training he’s put in.

Tiffany Donaldson – For smiling through another marathon in marathon temperatures!!

A special mention goes out to Laura Rose who was also nominated for an outstanding performance at the coastal marathon.  Laura’s PB in the Coast Road marathon is a testament to hard work and dedication. She is such an asset to the club not just because of her running but she’s always one of the first to volunteer when a helping hand is needed. I’m delighted to give her my vote this month.  Laura Rose is disciplined and committed athlete.  She does not let asthma get in her way. Strong and determined. Indeed such is her determination that if she has to cut a run short she will try and do further miles later the same day.  Laura has been outstanding in her training and her running. She has consistently smashed her parkrun and marathon times, in particular coming 9th lady in the Coast Road Marathon…..the vegan life is the way to go!  She has been a constant harrier at the c25k programme every week, giving much needed support to the guys running as well as supporting Alex and Ian.  Achieved qualifying time for London Marathon at the Coast Road Marathon .  She willingly encourages and assists others alongside her own dedicated training.

However there can only be one winner…….

The Runner of the month trophy for the month of June goes to one of our newest female members, who came home all the way from Canada just to join the Mallusk Harrier family just because she heard that the nights out are not to be missed.  Sarah Ross, since joining the Club at the end of February, has been dedicated to her training week in week out and resulted in a well deserved marathon PB.  Brilliant run at the coast road marathon. 10 min PB. Hard work really paying off.  Sarah wanted to get a sub 4 hour marathon in Belfast and when that didn’t happen, she trained even harder and got the sub 4 hour result that she wanted in the Coast Road marathon.  Well done Sarah!  Roll on the ultra marathon.  For PBing and making her desired sub 4 at Coast Road Marathon and her continued hard work at all training sessions (with a smile on her face!).  Has taken literally minutes off her parkrun time and put in great performance at coast road marathon.

Well done Sarah you definitely know how to do it Harrier Style.

Happy running guys, until next month……

Harrier of the Month – June 2018

Well done everyone, another great display of Harrier team spirit on show this month, especially during the support of the Coast Road Marathon and Run Newtownabbey C25K programme.

Many Harriers stepped up and went the extra mile for their fellow club (and non-club) members in June, you all deserve a round of applause for your efforts.

On to the nominees for June….

Ian Simpson      

“Has attended every session of C25K. Printed T-Shirts, Printed certificates, Fixed speakers, Stood in for sessions when needed. Organised the safeguarding training. Organised the charity night.”

Kevin Donnelly

“Even though Kevin had a long journey recovering from injury he continued his support of the club and its members. His work in promoting the club and his reports on social media is much appreciated and always welcomed. I’m so pleased to see him back running again.”

Neil Campbell   

“What can I say? This man just gets better and better; one marathon after another and what a PB at the Coast Road.  Outstanding example for us all!”

Patricia Curistan     

“Despite recent injury setbacks Patricia was in great form in Lisburn and ran me in for my last mile after my legs had decided enough was enough. Always a friendly face and full of positivity.”

Jennifer McCoppin 

“For supporting everyone when they’re under pressure.  For allowing no one to escape a Wed run or Sat Parkrun-no excuse accepted!!”

Dermot Boyd    

“Dermot is a real ambassador for the club. He consistently gets the Harrier vest out, even doing all the Born 2 Run series this year, and when he’s not running he’s out supporting with his camera, whether at the Larne half or at the recent Antrim Coast Road marathon, and lots of other races too. He holds all the club records for his age category and is a real gentleman.”

Lee O’Boyle       

“A friendly face, (though the devil horns are out when creating 10@10s on a Friday afternoon). Lee is not only an ever-improving runner, with amazing PBs in Coast Road Marathon + Lisburn Half this month, but also sets an example to all harriers. His commitment to training sessions, C25K & organising Sunday runs on a weekly basis don’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. A more-than deserving Harrier Of The Month I think!”

“He deserves it for the time and effort he puts in to doing the Sunday 10@10 routes. You can tell he goes out of his way to find the worst hills no I mean find interesting and varied routes!”

Well done to all of you for your nominations 🙂

This month turned out to be a hotly contested HOTM between two of the pillars of Mallusk Harriers.

Alex Davidson,

For another very successful C25K programme:

“Giving up his time to take the C25k programme this year. He continually encourages and motivates people in their training”

“Huge amount of time given to the organisation of C25K programme. He is working hard in the background to ensure this year’s road race will still take place despite new procedures and obstacles facing clubs this year. He is doing all this in addition to his role as coach and a constant source of encouragement to many at the club”

Well done ADav, always very modest, but everyone in the club and all the C25K graduates would like to express their gratitude for the amount of time and dedication you give to putting on such a successful programme and helping every one of them achieve a massive goal in their lives.

On to the Coast Road Marathon, which witnessed a true reflection of the amazing support Mallusk Harriers club members give to our runners on race day.

Indeed, every Harrier running that day was truly indebted to the support given and I’m sure it was a big contribution to so many PBs. As a group you have received a collective nomination for HOTM:

“All of the Harriers supporting at Antrim Coast Marathon.  Massive lift every time we saw a group”

Alas there can only be one winner, and that winner had a big part to play in the above.

He tirelessly cycled back and forth along the route ensuring we all had the supplies we needed and even went as far as to help runners from other clubs who were in need of some extra hydration on such a warm day.

In addition to this, the captains have witnessed first-hand the amount of work, time and dedication he puts in for our club behind the scenes and in particular to the 2 junior sessions held every week.

Our HOTM for June is….. Paul Skillen

“People to not realise the massive amount of work Paul puts in for the club, his dedication to coaching, especially when it comes to the juniors, is a real credit to him.  Everyone doing the coast road marathon was very thankful for his ‘deals on wheels’ in such hot weather and it is for these sorts of selfless acts that he fully deserves to be HOTM”

“For helping everyone at Coast Road, cycling up and down with refreshments but most importantly for cycling by my side (protecting me from crazy drivers!) for 4 miles and pushing me to a PB.”

“Gotta be Mr Paul Skillen – his dedication to the club and its members is second to none. He devotes so much of his time to the club, as head coach particularly, preparing training plans and coaching – but he went above and beyond for the guys at the Coast Road Marathon!

His support was invaluable and he no doubt contributed to the vast number of PBs that were achieved that day.  He is steadfast in nature and as reliable as hell when it comes to being there to support and guide us”

A true reflection of Harrier spirit, congrats Paul and all the nominees for June, very well deserved!

Club Report – Sunday 8th July 2018

On Saturday morning, it was one of the toughest endurance events most of us have ever faced.
For the graduates of the C25k program it was not what they had trained for, not what they had expected.
Children cried, dogs howled.
It was brutal.
But then Alex finished his speech (one of them at least) and we all got on with a bit of running. Simples.

Our only midweek competitor was Nikki Fleck who took part in the Concorde 10k on the runway in Bristol on Wednesday night.

I also should mention another great effort by our junior star Tom Fleming, who completed the Kirkistown Duathlon in 52:34.

Valley parkrun:
This week the Valley saw the graduation of many of those who took part in the recent Couch to 5k Programme. Big congratulations, both to the graduates and to those who organised, attended and encouraged. You should all be very proud of what you achieved together.
The graduates’ results aren’t for this report but many Harriers took the chance to run with the C25kers:
Ethan Hutchinson 26:30, Sarah McCafferty 27:17, Pamela McCafferty 27:18, Neil Campbell 27:19, Laura Rose 27:51, Gabrielle McMillan 27:53, Emily McKeown 28:09, Jasper Brooks 29:01, Gillian Bainbridge 30:45, Elaine NY Kennedy 30:59, Susan Thompson 32:05, Jim Hewitt 33:36, Clare Teer 34:11, Rory Brooks 34:12, Roisin Brooks 34:13, Danny Donaldson 34:30, Anita Piatek 34:31, Freda Stubbs 35:12, Frances Kane 35:31, Riley Kerr 35:59, Lisa Kerr 36:03, Odhran Skillen 36:36, Paul Skillen 36:37, Marie McFarlane 37:49, Fidelma McCoppin 37:50, Jonny Smith 38:09, Suzanne Brennan 38:22, Brenna McGeown 38:27, Colin Robson 38:46, Alastair CHO “how many times do you want me to cross the line” Houldsworth 38:47, Eamonn Donaghy 38:48, Noel Bloomfield 39:00, Alan Ladd 39:27, Patricia Kane 39:57, Rosalind Stitt 39:57, Ken McAuley 41:20, Jennifer Maguire 42:12, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 42:13, Niamh McGeown 42:14, Claire Skillen 42:45, Mairead O’Hare 42:45, Tiffany Donaldson 42:46, Angela Stevens 43:02, Hannah Hope 43:02, Ian Brennan 43:16, Joanne Milne 44:45, Dermot Boyd 44:46, Lorraine Ann Forsythe 49:07, Katherine Todd 53:15, Jo Smyth 53:16

Waterworks parkrun
Martin O’Neill 20:25PB, Patrick McGuckin 23:39, Maeve Kennedy 26:35

Antrim parkrun:
Maeve McGinley 33:10, Jennifer McCoppin 33:10, Maureen Ward 35:59, Deirdre McCann 38:28

Colin Glen parkrun:
Aimee Hughes 53:04

And ADav was at the Valley too, 49:30, usually on a box and usually making a speech.

This week’s tourists were Nuala Muldoon at Inverness 25:28 and Nikki Fleck at Pomphrey Hill 28:47.

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Matthew Hawkins 11:26, Leo McAuley 12:50, Eloise McAuley 13:35
And not forgetting last week’s results that weren’t available before the report:
Joseph Eager 10:23, Matthew Hawkins 11:31, Leo McAuley 13:18, Eloise McAuley 13:19

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Tom Fleming 8:12 (and first place). Well done Tom!

Some Harriers headed west today, to Ardboe, for the Great Rossa Run events.
We had competitors at every distance:
Aidy Hughes 23:23
Kevin Donnelly 45:48 (great to see you back in action again Kevin), Neil McCready 46:35, Maeve Kennedy 55:40
Half Marathon:
Stephen Semple 1:57:42 and Angela Stevens 2:10:49

So this week’s song is for ADav. Nice guy, lovely shoes, many speeches.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 1st July 2018

Sanity has returned this week. Mark Smith is back on a podium, the McCaffertys are back at 10@10 and several Harriers have a hangover today. Everything is right with the world again.

Looked as if everyone was saving themselves for a big weekend effort as there were no Harriers involved in any midweek races. (Or if there was they did not tell me about it on Team App!)

Maybe I wasn’t the only one wilting in the heat this week.

Adrian Hughes got the weekend off to a flyer at the Newell Stores 10k in Coalisland, with 52:22.

Valley parkrun:

Eamon Donaghy 23:41, Yasmin Lynn 27:44, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:44, Jasper Brooks 30:33, Anita Piatek 30:50, Stephen Weir 31:55, Rory Brooks 33:04PB, Roisin Brooks 33:04, (seems as if this parkrun has been sponsored by Brooks – geddit?) Janet Grew 33:08, Marie McFarlane 33:08, Fidelma McCoppin 33:11, Yvonne Thompson 33:46, Clare Teer 35:23, Mairead O’Hare 36:25, Lorraine Forsythe 50:05, Patricia Kane 50:09, Rosalind Stitt 50:09

Waterworks parkrun

Ken McAuley 22:57, Stephen Semple 23:12, Susan Thompson 23:46, Robert Gould 23:48, Jim Hewitt 25:35, Maeve Kennedy 27:20

Victoria parkrun:

Alastair CHO Houldsworth 29:15, Katherine Todd 48:11

Antrim parkrun:

Heather Barker 31:21

Stormont parkrun:

Jennifer McCoppin 31:07, Maureen Ward 36:13, Deirdre McCann 40:17

ECOS parkrun:

Dawn DuBois 36:51PB

Larne parkrun:

Elaine NY Kennedy 27:56

This week’s tourist/show off is Neil McCready who completed the Milano Nord parkrun in 22:27PB.

Not jealous at all. Let’s move on.

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Results not yet posted. Will include in next week’s report.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Riley Kerr 11:19 (one second off last week’s PB!), Aaron Ladd 16:04PB.

Over in the headers’ corner it was Micky McAuley’s turn to try and break himself as he took on the 12.4 miles and 1,400m ascent (metres, not feet Strava fans!) of the Spelga Skyline Mountain Race.

In “slightly warm” conditions Micky survived and came home in 22nd place in 3:56:57.

But the club highlight of the running week was the revived running of the Antrim Road Coast Road Marathon.

13 Harriers braved the tropical conditions and many were awarded with PBs for their efforts:

Mark ROTM Smith 2:50:26PB and 2nd place overall. Congratulations Mark. A great run!

Neil Campbell 3:08:37PB, Lee O’Boyle 3:14:29PB, ADav 3:17:40, Alan Ladd 3:39:15, Laura Rose 3:42:40PB, Danny “everyone loves a redhead” Donaldson 3:50:01, Sarah Ross 3:51:44PB, Sarah Knowles 3:51:45PB, Jonny Smith 4:16:49, Deborah Ewing 4:26:48, Alan Kerr 4:26:48, Tiffany Donaldson 5:10:28PB

Everyone has been very positive about the Larne AC event and it is already heavily rumoured to be an annual fixture going forward.

I was going to finish with the 1999 Len Classic “Steal My Sunshine” but then realised there was only one song to salute those who took on the roads and mountains in the heat yesterday. Enjoy. You deserve it.

Until next week, behave.