Club Report – Sunday 15th July 2018

Strange thing happened today, weird watery stuff started falling from the sky. I’ll have to get one of the young ‘uns to Google it for me.

Let’s start by catching up on a result that came in too late for last week’s report.

3 Harriers took on the Inis Bo Finne 5k in Donegal last Sunday:

Damien Cole 20:15, Frances Kane 30:54, Patricia Kane 35:10 (and an age category win).

Well done Patricia!

Mid-week racing this week was led off by our juniors as Adam and Peter McCann took on the junior race at the Killough 10k. Adam was the winner with Peter 4th. Great results gents. Mark Smith is panicking already.

Friday night saw the Harriers head for the coast for the 7th Annual Sea to Sky Born 2 Run event in Newcastle.

Heading skyward in the 10k were:

Mark Smith 37:30 (and 5th place overall), Lee O’Boyle 39:55PB (seriously Lee, on this course???), Danny Donaldson 40:13, Eamonn Donaghy 50:02, Sarah McCafferty 51:14, Owen “Jamie Dornan beard” Fulton 53:40, Pamela McCafferty 53:58, Hilary Faith 59:07, Tiffany Donaldson 1:05:46, Angela Stevens 1:08:12, Hannah Hope 1:08:13


Dermot Boyd 34:28

Over in England, Wes and Heather Barker took on the Wibbly Wobbly Log Jog 5 mile trail race, Wes finishing in 39:03 and Heather, with added acrobatics, in 58:50.

Saturday saw our longest effort of the week as our new ROTM took on her first ultra challenge.

Sarah Ross completed the Chiltern Challenge Ultra 50k in 6:26:53 and was 14th women home out of a female field of 110. Well done Sarah, now put those feet up for a while!

Also out on Saturday was Joanne Smyth at the Atlas Running Donut Run 5k in Lisburn,35:43.

And, of course, the usual suspects were all out at the usual parkruns, and a few others:

Valley parkrun:

Tom Fleming 20:10 (and 2nd place overall), Brendan McGeown 28:15, Yasmin Lynn 28:28, Owen Fulton 29:12, Clare Teer 29:28, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 31:03, Scott Skelton 34:57, Brenna McGeown 39:00, Roseann McGeown 39:01, Joanne Milne 40:09, Niamh McGeown 40:38, Lorraine Ann Forsythe 55:01

Waterworks parkrun

Ken McAuley 23:04, Susan Thompson 24:11, Jim Hewitt 25:15, Suzanne Brennan 25:18

Antrim parkrun:

Neil Campbell 22:53, Alan Kerr 23:29, Nikki Fleck 26:33, Odhran “chip off the auld block” Skillen 33:37, Paul HOTM Skillen 33:38, Jennifer Maguire 33:39, Leeanne Skillen 33:40, Katherine Todd 46:21, Elaine NY Kennedy 1:00:39

Victoria parkrun:

Ben Davidson 20:40PB

Ormeau parkrun:

Freda Stubbs 32:36PB, Debbie Sterritt 33:22PB, Maureen Ward 36:22, Rosalind Stitt 37:04, Jennifer McCoppin 37:05, Miriam Clarke 38:48, Deirdre McCann 42:45

And ADav was at Victoria 20:43.

We had a few tourists again this week, with Dawn DuBois at ECOS 36:12 and Patrick McGuckin at Rostrevor 25:21. Danny and Tiffany Donaldson were at Armagh in 20:12 and 35:50 respectively. Stephen Semple 24:40, Maeve Kennedy 29:15 and Mairead O’Hare 37:37 all at Portrush practising for Aug 25th. Patricia and Frances Kane were at Dungloe in Donegal in 37:13 and 37:18. But the winner is Stephen Weir who completed the Rising Sun parkrun (class name!) near Newcastle Upon Tyne in 33:49.

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Joseph Eager 10:01, Matthew Hawkins 11:39, Leo McAuley 12:00, Eloise McAuley 12:08PB (Tuesday interval training obviously paying off there Eloise!)

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Riley Kerr 13:47

The vest in the west was out racing again this week as Aidy Hughes competed in the JD Dance 10k in Coalisland, finishing in an (unofficial so far) 50:57PB.

As I write, France are about to win the World Cup. Thierry Henry doesn’t play for them any more so I suppose I don’t mind. Happy too as I have no idea what Croatian pop song I would let you have.

So here’s a French classic instead.

Until next week, behave.