Runner of the Month – March 2022

The arrival of spring was the signal for many Harriers to step up training plans and get in their first races of the season. Amid the excitement of donning the club vest again, a mix of junior and senior members all caught your attention during March.

Here are those nominated for Runner of the Month, and what you had to say about them.

Alan Ladd

“Absolutely fantastic result at Manchester Marathon.”

“Excellent performance at Manchester marathon.”

Fidelma McCoppin

“Fidelma’s running this month has made me smile with delight for her. She got a PB at Portrush Parkrun and she followed that up at a super run the Spar Craic. Well done, Fidelma!”

Alan Kerr

“Alan Kerr always put his full attention into a race without anyone knowing and trains really hard. He consistently achieves his race goals, has been a valuable member of the club for many years, and really enjoys his running.”

Roisin Brooks

“Roisin has been working hard over the past few months, and gives her all in intervals training.”

Martin O’Neill

“The big fella’s ankles and knees are made from chocolate, but he never complains. He keeps training and coaching, keeping others’ morale up.”

Joseph Eager

“Joe is one of our fab juniors who works hard in training and parkruns. This paid off with an outstanding performance in the Craic 10k which he ran a sub 50min. Absolutely incredible. Well done Joe!”

Emily Murphy

“Emily has been training so hard and she is getting PB after PB. Such a lovely child and deserves everything she gets. Well done Emily!”

But after knocking on the door for months, one young Harrier’s continued commitment, effort and stellar running finally paid off…

Sinead O’Hare

“Continuing to improve all the time. PBs at parkrun and junior parkrun most weeks lately. Represents the club at junior XC as well.”

“Sinead has gone from strength to strength with her running. She has no fear of races and is constantly achieving PBs in parkruns. You go girl!”

“Amazing results at parkrun this year Getting better and better.” Congratulations Sinead on the richly-deserved Runner of the Month

Runner of the month – February 2022

Undeterred by Storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin all sweeping through, plenty of hardy Harriers kept training throughout a weather-battered February. That commitment and hard work was duly recognised as a range of worthy candidates emerged.

Here are the nominations for Runner of the Month, and what you had to say about them.

Alan Kerr

“Nominating Alan Kerr for completing all four races in the Sperrin Harriers Winter Trail series, as well representing the club in a number of the cross-country races. Great to see Alan enjoying plenty of off-road racing with some great performances.”

Bernard McKeaveney

“He’s been clocking up the miles and you can see his pace increasing due to his hard work. He’s carried this into March with a 10-mile PB.”

Michael Whittley

“Gives his all every week at Tuesday intervals, helps with pacing other runners & is a great encourager to everyone.”

Kevin Donnelly

“Every-week I feel he is getting faster and stronger and puts in 110% in every session.”

Alan Ladd

“Coming back from injury to put in a fantastic half marathon performance.”

“Alan’s half marathon PB on World Marathon Day was so deserved; he’s always so generous with his time and advice and to see that he won first place and PB at this event was an absolute pleasure. Congratulations Alan!”

Sinead O’Hare

“Sinead’s dedication to training, her improvements have all contributed to her PB at Parkrun. Well done, Sinead. Keep up the great work.”

“The young lady is consistently present at training, constantly gives no less than 100% of her effort. This consistent effort in her training shows results, with recent personal bests at parkruns. Sinead also has taken on many XC events over the winter months and has excelled in each event. We look forward in monitoring her progress in the coming months and years ahead.”

“Smashing valley Park run with an excellent PB And the biggest smile crossing the line.”

But pipping Sinead at the post, Hannah Hope’s efforts earned plenty of praise.

“Hannah puts everything into her intervals and training, and her running pace is improving.”

“Fitting in running between work and further education, Hannah has progressed significantly recently and regularly sets herself running goals. She has attended some Tuesday sessions but more often Thursday sessions where she gives her all.”

“Hannah has been steadily increasing her mileage and pace over the last few months. It’s fantastic to see her regularly training again and making improvements week in, week out and entering races again after a tough couple of years nursing injuries. Long may it continue!”

“Hannah is often very hard on herself (like a lot of runners!) And doesn’t give herself credit for all her efforts and progress that she is making. She has been running longer and longer distances recently and just going from strength to strength! Well done, Hannah!!”

Congratulations Hannah on being voted February’s Runner of the Month, and well-done to everyone nominated. Keep up the good work!

Runner of the month – January 2022

Cold, wet and windy – that’s January and Mallusk fairly gets its fair share of this. You could be forgiven for thinking that weather would put people off running but that’s not how we do it at Mallusk Harriers. As usual you have been out in force throughout January racing and training as hard as ever.

Here are your nominees for January’s runner of the month:

Hannah Hope

“Hannah has come along way after her injury and puts a lot of effort into her training.”

Kevin Donnelly

“Another smashing pb to start the year off he’s just getting better and better.”

Karen McKee

“Karen’s ongoing running streak (running everyday in

January) was to be admired. Even if it’s just a mile or two some days, she has shown that a bit of dedication to this simple idea can do wonders for fitness levels. And she’s still going! Inspiring stuff Karen – well done and keep it going.”

Eloise McAuley

“Outstanding park runs with PBs and her 4th place in our own cross country. She’s a chip of the old block and a force to be reckoned with.”

Sean Doherty

“I’d like to nominate Sean for ROTM. He has really been putting in the effort at Tuesday night training and it is definitely paying off. He’s getting faster and stronger every week. I’m sure there will be lots of PB’s in the near future.”

“Can see a big difference in his running getting faster and stronger runner so has definitely put the work in.”

As always there can only be one winner and January’s runner of the month is Jackie Teer.

“Jackie’s determination on Tuesday night Intervals should be commended. His dedication is admirable. He is getting stronger and faster every week. Keep it up Jackie!”

“He turns up for training every week knowing he is not the fastest but he always gives it his all! He shows that evenafter you retire you’re never too old to join a running club and improve your fitness. He also encourages others to do the same.”

“When coaches ask for 100% in training Jackie is one you know you can count on. He shows great determination and the results of this are showing every week. “

Massive congratulations Jackie and well done to everyone who received a nomination.

Runner of the Month – December 2021

Runner of the Month – December
Ignoring the temptation to take it easy over the festive period, plenty of Harriers kept up their training during December. Those efforts were rewarded with some brilliant PBs and fantastic race performances.
And for one unsung hero all the hard graft finally paid off.

Here are December’s Runner of the Month nominees, and what you had to say about them:

Cathy Ryan caught your attention with a stunning 5k effort.
“Outstanding PB performance at Victoria parkrun, showing that all the hard work on Tuesdays does pay off!
“Cathy’s time really stood out amongst some really strong performances that day.”

Eloise McAuley and Sinead O’Hare were also mentioned in dispatches.
“For fantastic performances at XC and parkruns.”

Dawn Blain’s consistency earned further recognition.
“Because Dawn puts everything into her speed sessions.”

Micky McAuley has been a stalwart of cross country season, turning up and shining in every race entered.
“Really consistent training block, rounded off with a lung-busting effort at the Christmas Cracker. Been a regular representative of the club at XC events throughout December.”
Stephen Gallagher’s bold sartorial statement was impressive in its own right.
“Wearing a tutu like no other member at the Christmas Cracker.”

Clare Teer reaped the rewards for her motivation, achieving a superb time.
“Hitting a 5k PB, showing the success from her constant commitment and dedication to training. Well done Clare.”

But of course there can only be one winner.
A legend with the ability to sniff out any 5k being staged within a 30 mile radius, this Harrier finally got his hands on the much-coveted cup.
December’s Runner of the Month is the one and only Aidy “Runner” Hughes.
“Feel like he has put in that little bit of extra work over the past month.”
“Aidy works hard at training and enters lots of 5k races. He’s a great running buddy and shows so much enthusiasm. Long overdue recognition.”
Congratulations Aidy, and well done to everyone nominated!

Runner of the month -September 2021

“What a month! Who to choose?! There were some fantastic performances this month and if I could nominate more than one person.”

To quote from one of our nominations and it is certainly true of September. A fantastic month with no let up from the Harriers in their running efforts.

Here’s what you had to say about your fellow Harriers:
Alan Ladd, “For his great result in the Berlin marathon”, “Alan’s PB performance at the Berlin marathon is in a class of its own. To run a marathon in that time, under those conditions is outstanding. Congratulations Alan!”

Alan Erwin, “Amazing result in Belfast marathon .. Al just gets better every race”, “Has to be Alan for that huge PB at Belfast Marathon. He has been training really well for months and it has paid off at both Larne and Belfast”.
Dawn Blain, “Dawn gives it every thing in training”.

Suzanne Brennan, “Been putting in the work recently and got herself a pb in London”
However, we can only choose one and this month’s winner is certainly a deserving winner, Anita Piatek, “Anita for the challenge of the Ecotrail Wicklow 30K”, “Completing the very tough Wicklow eco trail race especially after waiting so long for it to happen with last year’s race being cancelled”, “Anita for completing a very tough 30km at the Wicklow Ecotrail race”, “Great dedication in training (multiple times) for her race and which finally went ahead, awesome running”.

Congratulations to everyone who received a nomination and a massive well done to our September Runner of the Month, Anita Piatek.

Runner of the month – August 2021 😎😎

Harriers took to the roads, track and parkruns in August to set new PBs galore – earning plenty of praise in the process.
And as Runner of the Month votes were cast, a photo-finish developed between two club stalwarts whose hard graft has certainly paid off.

Here are the nominees and what you had to say about them:
The frighteningly fast Tom Fleming continued to shine, making it all look so effortless.
“Tom has stepped up from the junior section to the senior training sessions.
“He listens to the coaches and has a great attitude. His hard work and dedication to training has resulted in a number of PBs at his parkruns and a number of first finishes.”

The slightly less youthful Kevin Donnelly blitzed his times yet again.
“Kevin’s excellent PB at the Larne half marathon is yet another example of how he keeps improving and challenging himself. Well done Kevin.”

Dawn Blain’s dedication and excellent progress didn’t go unnoticed either.
“Dawn keeps improving every week in training.”

At one stage it looked like Aidy Hughes had it in the bag for his 5k exploits.
“Puts all his effort into training sessions and it seems to be paying off with his recent PB.”
“Aidy has been putting in a lot of training and it’s showing on the track and 5k PBs.”
“Aidy has been working hard and always puts the effort in on Tuesday nights, which is showing in his recent PBs.”
“His dedication to training and for his recent well deserved 5k PB. A great representative for the club. Go Aidy!”

“Gets himself out to represent the club nearly every week and has hit numerous PBs in the last couple of weeks.”
Ultimately, however, Brendan McGeown’s stellar performance at Larne proved decisive. Amid wise-cracks about a club colleague’s socks, Benny trained hard and reaped the rewards by slashing his half marathon record.

“Unbelievable commitment to training for Larne, which resulted in a well deserved PB.”
“Easiest pick ever for ROTM. What a display at Larne Half Marathon… big PB and well deserved for the hard work Benny has put in. Absolute legend.”

“Great consistent training and taking three and a half minutes off his half marathon PB at Larne.”
“He has been putting in the hard work in the last number of weeks and this paid off with an awesome PB at Larne. Well done.”

“His hard work and determination certainly paid off in Larne for him. Well done.”
Congratulations Benny on being Runner of the Month for August… and well done to all who were nominated!

Runner of the Month – July 2021

An epic tussle unfolded as some fantastic achievements last month earned deserved recognition. Harriers voted in their numbers for those who either shone at training, raced faster, or completed one of the ultimate tests of endurance.

Here are the Runner of the Month nominees for July:

Dawn Blain drew praise for how her hard work and consistency has been paying off.
“She has been improving every week.”

Alex Davidson was again in the reckoning for the coveted cup based on his speedy showings every Saturday morning.
“Pains me to say it, but his many parkrun PBs and overall training make him a worthy candidate. But please never tell him I said that.”
“Consistently beating and improving his 5k times at parkruns. Great efforts!”
“Alex has quietly got himself back into PB shape with some stunning 5k efforts. In the process he’s shown there’s hope for the more “seasoned” runners still chasing times!”

And then there were two…

As the votes piled in, a pair of Harriers could barely be separated.

David Esler earned lavish praise and deserves an extra-special mention for the incredible accomplishment of becoming an Ironman at the Celtic Warrior triathlon event.
“Consistently hard training and smashing his Ironman.”
“One word – Ironman.”
“For his outstanding versatility in train

Runner of the Month – June 2021

Galvanised by the return of parkrun and increasing races, Harriers stepped up to the mark in June with some sparkling runs and gritty performances. A flurry of PBs, hiking in the mountains and a battle back from injury woes all caught the eye.
So without further ado, here are the Runner of the Month nominees and what you had to say about them:

The indomitable Janet Grew drew praise for her steely spirit and refusal to remain on the sidelines.
“Janet’s a perfect example of never giving up after injury after injury… good to see Janet back at training and doing races… one of my heroes.”

Patricia Curistan also impressed by completing the Mourne Seven Sevens, a test of endurance and mountain skills which this resilient Harrier met head-on.
“For her efforts round the Mournes for charity. Awesome achievement.”

Moving on, speed obviously runs in the Davidson family genes. Our chairman, Alex Davidson, proved his regular exhortation that ‘winter miles equals summer smiles’ by getting into PB-shape at the Valley.
“It was fantastic to be back at parkrun in June, and one of the results that really stood out on the first weekend was Alex. He’s obviously worked really hard through lockdown, and great to see him in terrific shape and running fast times again.”

Not to be outdone, Ben Davidson smashed his own PB with a spectacular 19:47 run at the Valley parkrun.
“Ben has been training really well on Tuesdays and it paid off with a first ever sub-20 5k. Also special mention for Tom Fleming with a brilliant 18:35 at the Valley.”

Brilliant running and well done to everyone for the hard-earned nominations. However, top billing will come as no surprise given the stellar form this Harrier has shown on both road and trail.

Runner of the Month for June is: Kevin Donnelly.
“Kevin is the most humble and unassuming man who seems to just get faster and faster. He has had amazing performances this month, including a PB at the Coast Road 10k.”

“Kevin’s had a brilliant all-round month of training and racing. He followed up a fantastic 10k PB at Down Royal with an impressive showing at the Cairncastle Fell Race.”

Congratulations Kevin on the richly deserved recognition!

Runner of the Month – May 2021

It is hard to believe that our last Runner of the Month award was back in November! Thankfully as restrictions begin to ease and we can get back to training and racing, we can also get back to honouring the efforts put in by members each month.

There was definitely no shortage of effort throughout May, with a mixture of hard work in training, fast racing and mammoth distances completed. This has been reflected in a number of worthy nominees:

First up, Gemma Fowler: “Gemma has improved so much in her running.”

Next up, Neil Campbell: “Neil’s performance at the recent NIURA event was outstanding. Not only did he run 100K but he achieved a podium winning third place. Congratulations Neil.”

Not forgetting, Lee O’Boyle: “For his superb effort and 1st place at the NIURA 100k race.”

As always there can only be one winner and for May it is none other than Angela Stevens!
“Serious amount of training and effort went into completing her recent ultra marathon! Such a fantastic achievement!”
“Fantastic performance at her first ultra marathon!”
“All I can say is 50k, unbelievable.”
“Amazing lady running her first ultra.”

Congratulations Angela, well deserved!

Runner of the Month – October 2020

It’s Dark in the Morning, its Dark in the Evening…..Winter is coming and the restrictions remain but the Mallusk Harriers crazy crew are not letting that stop them from dusting off the hi-viz, putting the trainers on and getting the miles in the legs…..even though very few of us have anything to train for!   Who needs training anyway, our members have lost the plot so much that they seem to practically wake up in the morning and decide to run a marathon without any training (not recommended by the way!). In early October we had several Harriers who put on the Harrier vest, or the vest of their charity, and took part in the Virtual London Marathon across various locations.

Suzanne was nominated for the energy she invested in taking part in the VLM with very little training and despite the horrible weather that day she always had a smile.
Angela was nominated for also completing the VLM, her commitment to her training and taking on a lone run in awful conditions was inspiring.
Paul was also nominated for a cracking PB at the VLM…he tried and failed to keep that one quiet! well done Paul.
Janet was nominated for her great determination coming back from injury, she is getting fitter and faster week by week – her hard work is paying off – keep at it Janet!
Sarah was nominated for always giving her all at training sessions, she fits her long runs and training around her very busy job working as an A&E Doctor.
Pamela Mooney was nominated for how she has persevered through injury. Pamela had planned to run the Wild Atlantic Way 500km but not one to let that stop her she pushed through and walked the distance instead. Great going Pamela and we will hopefully see you back at training very soon.
Alan Erwin was nominated for how he has returned to running after a long injury, he is getting fitter, stronger and faster and making huge progress…he was rewarded for his consistency in training by smashing his 10k PB at Down Royal – keep working hard Alan – no slacking off!
We can only have one winner though…..and this month it is Gemma!! Gemma had several nominations for how much her running and form has improved over the last few months.
Her friendly and happy nature does not go unnoticed (too happy at intervals so we will have to watch her and make her work harder )
Gemma puts every effort into her training while still being encouraging to others and is a wonderful asset to the club.
Congrats Gemma – well deserved.