Club Race Report – 27th February 2022

Taking on the parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:

 Sean Doherty 22:58, ADav 23:12, Sinead O’Hare 29:07, John ROTM Teer 40:01, Marie McBrien 44:44, Owen Fulton 54:57  

Waterworks parkrun:

Joe Mathers 21:16, Suzanne Brennan 24:21, David Esler 25:46, Claire McCann 33:34, Lord Ian Brennan 36:04

Victoria parkrun:

Dermot Boyd 31:46

Ormeau parkrun:

Stephen Armour 20:21, Sharon Dunn 25:40, Sarah Ross 26:28

Antrim parkrun

Paul Skillen 23:21, Maeve Kennedy 24:26

Sixmilewater parkrun:

Tom Fleming 17:52 and 2nd finisher, Elijah Cushley 21:56, Bernie McAllister 26:40, Andrew McNevison 31:30

And 2 parkrun tourists this week.

Martin McCready was at the first ever Derrynoid parkrun, finishing in 32:44. Well done to the new team at Derrynoid! This one is run in Derrynoyd Forest near Draperstown.

And Maeve Dunseath was at the Donabate parkrun, completing in a time of 26:03. This one takes place in the grounds of Newbridge House in Donabate, just north of Dublin. Newbridge House, a Georgian mansion, was a location for the 1965 Richard Burton film “The Spy Who Came in From The Cold”. (7.6 on IMDB folks!)

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Elijah Cushley 7:58PB and first finisher again!, Joseph Eager 9:35, Ben Halliday 11:13, Matthew Hawkins 12:01

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Jessie Smith 11:36, Lexi Smith

In other racing this week, Aidy Hughes dug out yet another Tyrone-based deep cut. This time it was the Mountfield Community Association 5k. Aidy finished in 26:34

Alan Kerr completed his tour of the Sperrin Harriers Winter Trail Series with the Parkanaur 10 mile race, the longest of the series. Alan finished in 1:39:06.

Three Harriers took part in the EAMS World Marathon event yesterday, all at the half marathon distance. Johnny Carey finished in 1:50:36 and Elaine Kennedy in 2:15:52 but the result of the day was Prof Alan Ladd who won the event with a crackin’ PB time of 1:20:08.

Results for the Junior East Coast XC event are still to be published so we’ll catch them up next week.

So this week’s tune is for Alan. He completed his win in 80 mins and 8 secs. So here’s an 808 State classic for all the overage cheesy quavers at the club. Glow sticks at the ready…..

Until next week, behave.


Club Race Report – 20th February 2022

Wind 2 weeks ago. Rain last week. Now this week we had both together.

Typical Mallusk. Again.And how come we are always running into a headwind, even on a circular route?

Taking on the parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:

Ciaran Wright 24:39, David Esler 25:16, Sinead O’Hare 28:34PB, ADav 28:36, Martin McCready 32:32, John Teer 58:48, Clare Teer 58:49

And a big thanks to all the Harriers who volunteered/froze as part of the MH takeover of this week’s parkrun, not a great day for it. And thanks too to anyone who donated to the Newtownabbey Foodbank.

Waterworks parkrun: Kevin Donnelly 24:29, Claire McCann 34:14

Victoria parkrun: Elijah Cushley 23:52

Portrush parkrun: Stephen Armour 22:40, Sharon Dunn 29:29PB

Antrim parkrun: Maeve Kennedy 24:38

Castlewellan parkrun: Elaine Kennedy 32:14

Jordanstown junior parkrun: Elijah Cushley 8:29PB, Emily Murphy 9:00, Sinead O’Hare 10:25, Matthew Hawkins 10:28, Joseph Eager 10:29

And these 5 Harrier juniors were the first 5 finishers! Full Top 5 – a feat not achieved since The Beatles did it in USA in 1964!

Waterworks junior parkrun: Jessie Smith 12:48

In other racing this week, we had representatives at the last of Born2Run’s Run Forest Run Series at Castlewellan.10k: Elaine Kennedy 1:10:42, Dermot Boyd 1:10:42

I’m running out of songs about rain and wind by this stage! And, no, I don’t want requests and suggestions. I will treat them with the contempt they deserve.

But this is a proper tune and is dedicated to the fingers and toes of all the Harriers who volunteered on Saturday morning. next week, behave.CAVILLATOR

Runner of the month – January 2022

Cold, wet and windy – that’s January and Mallusk fairly gets its fair share of this. You could be forgiven for thinking that weather would put people off running but that’s not how we do it at Mallusk Harriers. As usual you have been out in force throughout January racing and training as hard as ever.

Here are your nominees for January’s runner of the month:

Hannah Hope

“Hannah has come along way after her injury and puts a lot of effort into her training.”

Kevin Donnelly

“Another smashing pb to start the year off he’s just getting better and better.”

Karen McKee

“Karen’s ongoing running streak (running everyday in

January) was to be admired. Even if it’s just a mile or two some days, she has shown that a bit of dedication to this simple idea can do wonders for fitness levels. And she’s still going! Inspiring stuff Karen – well done and keep it going.”

Eloise McAuley

“Outstanding park runs with PBs and her 4th place in our own cross country. She’s a chip of the old block and a force to be reckoned with.”

Sean Doherty

“I’d like to nominate Sean for ROTM. He has really been putting in the effort at Tuesday night training and it is definitely paying off. He’s getting faster and stronger every week. I’m sure there will be lots of PB’s in the near future.”

“Can see a big difference in his running getting faster and stronger runner so has definitely put the work in.”

As always there can only be one winner and January’s runner of the month is Jackie Teer.

“Jackie’s determination on Tuesday night Intervals should be commended. His dedication is admirable. He is getting stronger and faster every week. Keep it up Jackie!”

“He turns up for training every week knowing he is not the fastest but he always gives it his all! He shows that evenafter you retire you’re never too old to join a running club and improve your fitness. He also encourages others to do the same.”

“When coaches ask for 100% in training Jackie is one you know you can count on. He shows great determination and the results of this are showing every week. “

Massive congratulations Jackie and well done to everyone who received a nomination.

Club Race Report – 13th February 2022

Wind last week; rain this week. Typical Mallusk.
Do you know the technical term for a sunny day that follows two rainy days in Mallusk? Monday.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:

Neil Campbell 19:23, Ramunas Stanevicius 22:30, Elijah Cushley 23:04, ADav 25:43, Neill McGlinchey 30:08, Martin McCready 31:11, Sophie Davidson 32:17, Joanne Milne 32:19

Waterworks parkrun:
Sean Doherty 21:04PB, Claire McCann 47:07

Citypark parkrun:
David Esler 23:55, Dermot Boyd 32:36

Antrim parkrun
Stephen Armour 20:05PB, Paul Skillen 22:50, Karen McKee 23:43, Stephen Semple 24:00, Maeve Kennedy 24:09PB, Elaine Kennedy 28:29, Nikki Fleck 30:09, Roisin Brooks 31:29
And congratulations to Roisin on her 50th parkrun

Sixmilewater parkrun:
Tom Fleming 18:06 and first finisher! Again!
Another tourist this week as Sarah “itchy feet” Ross headed over to the Buckingham parkrun, in Buckinghamshire – no, seriously. Sarah finished in 23:48. Buckingham is an old Anglo Saxon town, later settled by the Romans. But I genuinely know nothing interesting about this town. It has both a Barclays and a Lloyds bank, a Travelodge and a Best Western. Bet the weekends just fly by in Buckingham.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:09 and first finisher, Matthew Hawkins 10:39 and 3rd finisher.

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Jessie Smith 12:15, Hollie Brennan 16:32

In other racing this week, we had representatives at the Stormont XC on Saturday. Kevin Donnelly finished the Men’s 4.4 mile race in 28:29, Micky McAuley 28:31, Johnny Carey 34:35, Alan Kerr 38:45

Then today, the Elites/Juniors were back in action at the latest East Coast Junior XC event:
Mini Girls 650m Race
Alice McAuley 5:26
Minor Girls 1300m Race
Eloise McAuley 5:51 and 2nd place
Minor Boys 1300m Race

Kayden McClelland 6:27
Junior Girls 1750m Race
Emily Murphy 8:59
Junior Boys 1750m Race
Joe Eager 9:24
Senior Boys 1750 Race
Tom Fleming 6:30 and 2nd place
So this week’s tune is for this morning’s 10@10 crew who had to brave the waves of water coming down the Sealstown Road as they attempted to swim upstream.
The route was Paul’s idea; his absence was noted!
(although the junior XC was a decent excuse, I suppose).
Until next week, behave.

Club Race Report – 6th February 2022

nother windy one this week. Actually, on Wednesday night, I was so windy when I was walking to the gym that I got blown into the off licence. Extraordinary.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:
Anton Piatek 29:46, Sinead O’Hare 31:44, Martin McCready 32:46

Waterworks parkrun:
Kevin Donnelly 19:52, Martin O’Neill 21:09, Stephen Armour 22:52, Paul Skillen 25:14, Sarah Ross 25:20, Brendan McGeown 25:23, Lord Ian Brennan 26:43, Joe Mathers 26:44, ADav 26:57, Karen McKee 29:15PB, Joanne Milne 31:42, Sharon Dunn 31:49, Claire McCann 49:39

Big crowd of Harriers at the Waterworks today as Suzanne Brennan was Run Director.
And because there was cake. Oh yeah, and because Lord Brennan was celebrating his 100th parkrun. And his 40th birthday. And his bad hangover.

Falls parkrun:
Susan Thompson 29:06

Antrim parkrun
Elaine Kennedy 28:21

Sixmilewater parkrun:
Tom Fleming 18:14 and first finisher!

And we had a tourist this week as our own Iron Man David Esler took on the Ballincollig parkrun, finishing in 24:22. This parkrun is in County Cork, just west of Cork City. Ballincollig is famous for its old gunpowder mills (now closed!) and for Rory Gallagher’s grave which is just outside the town. Everyday is still a school day kids. Never too old to learn.
Except Ian obviously, we gave up on him a long time ago.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Joseph “back in action” Eager 10:45, Matthew Hawkins 10:55

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Jessie Smith 11:54PB

Victoria junior parkrun:
Kayden McClelland 9:56, Kobe McClelland 10:05

So this week’s tune is for Lord Brennan and it is the song that was number one on the day of his birth. Very apt it is too! He may be more Airfix than catwalk, but he is a model in our eyes and he is looking good.
Until next week, behave.