Club Race Report – 30th January 2022

Another week, another hill, another storm and another delay to the start of my healthy new year resolutions.
Taking on the parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:
Joe Mathers 22:31, Sarah Ross 25:09, Paul Skillen 25:15, David Esler 26:23, Sinead O’Hare 30:36, Martin McCready 32:00, ADav 32:01, Joanne Milne 33:05, Roisin Brooks 34:05, Owen Fulton 53:25

Waterworks parkrun:
Lord Ian Brennan 25:43, Anton Piatek 26:32

Wallace parkrun:
Elijah Cushley 22:08PB

Antrim parkrun
Stephen Semple 24:06, Maeve Kennedy 24:33, Elaine Kennedy 29:46

Sixmilewater parkrun:
Stephen Armour 20:44, Sharon Dunn 25:49

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Matthew Hawkins 10:30, Ben Halliday 11:55

Well done Matthew on completing your 150th junior parkrun!

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Hollie Brennan 17:09

In other racing this week, Alan Kerr continued his participation in the Sperrin Harriers Winter Trail League, this time ably assisted by ROTM Aidy Hughes. Alan finished in 1:03:59 and Aidy in 1:04:09.

And Dermot Boyd continued his running of the Born2Run series this time ably assisted by Kevin Donnelly. Dermot finished in 1:04:10 and Kevin in 36:08. A great effort from Kevin in particular as he finished in 5th place overall.
Finally, our elite squad (i.e. the juniors) were back in XC action ,this time at the East Coast Athletic Club Junior XC Event in Larne.

Minor Girls Race
Eloise McAuley 4:21 and 2nd place, Amelia Fleming 4:43

Minor Boys Race
Kayden McClelland 4:27, Kobe McClelland 4:50

Junior Girls Race
Emily Murphy 7:28, Sinead O’Hare 8:23

Junior Boys
Leo McAuley 7:16

Senior Boys
Tom Fleming 5:25 and first place!

And a special mention to Joe Eager who picked up a knee injury during the race and was unable to finish. Best wishes for a speedy recovery (but milk it while you can…).

So this week’s tune for everyone who braved the elements on Tuesday night at the pitch, Thursday night hills and anyone who just made it out on Saturday afternoon.
Until next week, behave.

Club Race Report – 23rd January 2022

A quieter week after the excitement of our XC event last week. 3k time trials and Sunday long runs were enough to keep most of us occupied this week.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:

Ben Davidson 22:51, Elijah Cushley 23:01, Johnny Carey 23:10PB, Neil McCready 23:30, ADav 24:01, Sarah Ross 24:04 (and first female finisher), Paul Skillen 26:17, Neill McGlinchey 31:12, Cathy Ryan 32:27, Anita Piatek 34:01, Joanne Milne 36:09, John Teer 38:27, Marie McBrien 41:19

Waterworks parkrun:
Kevin Donnelly 21:57, David Esler 24:13PB, Lord Ian Brennan 26:01, Claire McCann 31:46, Martin McCready 32:56

Antrim parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 29:26

Sixmilewater parkrun
Bernie McAllister 26:30PB

Knockbracken Reservoir parkrun:
Dermot Boyd 31:59
This week’s “tourists” were Stephen Semple and Maeve Kennedy who bravely ventured to sunny Strabane, the jewel of West Tyrone. Stephen finished his first visit to this parkrun in 22:55 and Maeve in 24:06.
Strabane is the birthplace of John Dunlap, who we all know printed the United States Declaration of Independence. It is also the home of Hugo Duncan who is, another person.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Emily Murphy 8:47PB, Sinead O’Hare 10:03, Ben Halliday 12:51, Matthew Hawkins 12:58

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Jessie Smith 12:48, Hollie Brennan 14:21, Lexi Smith 14:28

Some of our juniors were running with the big boys (and girls) yesterday at the International XC event at Billy Neill Playing Fields:
Under 13 Girls:
Emily Murphy 10:18
Sinead O’Hare 11:22
Under 15 Boys:
Tom Fleming 10:58

Speaking of tourists, Angela Stevens found somewhere even more exotic than Strabane. Honestly.
Angela took part in the Kearsney Striders Half Marathon in Durban, South Africa finishing in 2:40:02.
So, here’s a tune to commemorate Angela’s far away efforts. Hope the club vest was on show! And yes, I know this should be Toto. But where’s the fun in that…
Until next week, behave.

Runner of the Month – December 2021

Runner of the Month – December
Ignoring the temptation to take it easy over the festive period, plenty of Harriers kept up their training during December. Those efforts were rewarded with some brilliant PBs and fantastic race performances.
And for one unsung hero all the hard graft finally paid off.

Here are December’s Runner of the Month nominees, and what you had to say about them:

Cathy Ryan caught your attention with a stunning 5k effort.
“Outstanding PB performance at Victoria parkrun, showing that all the hard work on Tuesdays does pay off!
“Cathy’s time really stood out amongst some really strong performances that day.”

Eloise McAuley and Sinead O’Hare were also mentioned in dispatches.
“For fantastic performances at XC and parkruns.”

Dawn Blain’s consistency earned further recognition.
“Because Dawn puts everything into her speed sessions.”

Micky McAuley has been a stalwart of cross country season, turning up and shining in every race entered.
“Really consistent training block, rounded off with a lung-busting effort at the Christmas Cracker. Been a regular representative of the club at XC events throughout December.”
Stephen Gallagher’s bold sartorial statement was impressive in its own right.
“Wearing a tutu like no other member at the Christmas Cracker.”

Clare Teer reaped the rewards for her motivation, achieving a superb time.
“Hitting a 5k PB, showing the success from her constant commitment and dedication to training. Well done Clare.”

But of course there can only be one winner.
A legend with the ability to sniff out any 5k being staged within a 30 mile radius, this Harrier finally got his hands on the much-coveted cup.
December’s Runner of the Month is the one and only Aidy “Runner” Hughes.
“Feel like he has put in that little bit of extra work over the past month.”
“Aidy works hard at training and enters lots of 5k races. He’s a great running buddy and shows so much enthusiasm. Long overdue recognition.”
Congratulations Aidy, and well done to everyone nominated!

Club Race Report – 16th January 2022

Only really one event to dominate this week’s report. No, not the “work event” the committee members had that time. Yes, it’s all about the sun dappled fields of Mallusk this week. But more of that later.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:
Ramunas Stanevicius 22:10, Karen McKee 26:05, ADav 26:07, David Esler 26:24, Paul Skillen 26:25, Neill McGlinchey 32:41, John Teer 38:33

Waterworks parkrun:
Kevin Donnelly 20:57, Lord Ian Brennan 24:31, Anton Piatek 27:08, Claire McCann 32:14

Victoria parkrun:
Martin O’Neill 18:15PB, Neil McCready 21:07, Dermot Boyd 31:40

Antrim parkrun:
Stephen Armour 20:29PB, Elijah Cushley 22:10PB, Sarah Ross 23:52, Sharon Dunn 25:36PB, Elaine Kennedy 29:32

Sixmilewater parkrun:
Bernie McAllister 27:18PB

Hillsborough Forest parkrun:
Martin McCready 36:02

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 8:54, Matthew Halliday 11:15, Ben Halliday 11:48

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Jessie Smith 14:17

So down to business and to our own wee event. This “wee” event has grown to be one of the top events on the XC calendar and is definitely now one of the first bookings of the year in many runners’ diaries. Things have obviously been far from normal in recent years and so we had no idea of the level of interest we would get this year. Turns out we had record attendances.

Whilst it was great to see the usual high calibre of athletes in the main senior races, it was just as satisfying to see over 90 primary school kids throw themselves at that first hill in the first junior race of the day.

Whilst the majority of Harriers were taking on organising and stewarding duties, several still doubled up and got the spikes on as well as the thermals:
Primary School 800m race
Joe Eager 1:57
Jack O’Neill 2:02

Eloise McAuley 1:59 (and 4th place)
Erin McNevison 2:23
Hollie Brennan 3:05

U12 2km race
Leo Mc Auley 8:12
Jack O’Neill 8:48
Sinead O’Hare 10:00

U14 3km race
Emily Murphy 14:42
Leah McNevison 15:57

Mathieson Shield 6km Ladies and Vets Race
Suzanne Brennan 30:26, Sarah Ross 31:45, Sarah O’Kane 33:02, Pamela McCafferty 33:03

Mathieson Cup 8km Men’s Race
Lee O’Boyle 29:26, Kevin Donnelly 33:34, Micky McAuley 34:29, Alan Erwin 35:01, Stephen Armour 35:34, Stephen Gallagher 35:48, Johnny Carey 40:15, Aidy Hughes 47:11

So, here’s a tune for Paul, Leeanne and all the organisers and volunteers for making today such a big success. And for all the visitors who entered our wee event and took part today.
Until next week, behave.

Club Race Report – 9th January 2021

Well, don’t know about you but I made the decision to break all my new year resolutions early just so I could get on with enjoying the rest of the year. Much easier.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Stephen Gallagher 22:20, Elijah Cushley 22:27PB, ADav 22:30, Ben Davidson 22:30, Stephen Armour 22:36, Alan Erwin 25:04, Sarah Ross 25:52, David Esler 27:53, Anita Piatek 29:43, Neill McGlinchey 30:45, Marie McBrien 32:50, Roisin Brooks 33:37, Joanne Milne 34:39, Sharon Dunn 34:40

Waterworks parkrun:
Kevin Donnelly 19:09, Neil McCready 21:36, Lord Ian Brennan 25:09

Antrim parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 53:50

Castlewellan parkrun:
Ramunas Stanevicius 20:52 and 3rd finisher

Limavady parkrun:
Johnny Carey 22:58

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:02, Emily Murphy 9:09, Sinead O’Hare 10:46, Matthew Hawkins 11:10, Ben Halliday 12:49
In other racing, Dermot Boyd continued to compete in the Born2Run Forest series. He completed the Gosford 10k in 1:09:48.

Alan Kerr continued his participation in a different series, the Sperrin Harriers Trail Series. Alan finished An Creggan 5 mile in 45:11

So, I hope you all enjoyed the snow this week. Whoever said there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing, wasn’t from Mallusk. The only place where you can get sunburn and frostbite on the same run.
Until next week, behave.

Club Run Report – 2nd January 2022

I had a mince pie for breakfast one day this week. That’s when I knew it had to be new year, new start. My resolution this time last year was to lose 10 pounds. Only 15 left to go.

Taking on the New Year’s Day parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
ADav 23:17, Kevin Donnelly 23:33, Ramunas Stanevicius 24:02, Eloise McAuley 24:11PB (and first female finisher), Leo McAuley 24:15PB, Prof Alan Ladd 26:26, Michael McAuley 26:26, Sarah Ross 26:36 (and welcome home!), Sinead O’Hare 30:08PB, Ciaran Hawkins 31:01, Fidelma McCoppin 32:10, Nikki Fleck 32:33, Joanne Milne 32:55
Well done to all the juniors hitting PBs today and showing up the oldies.

Victoria parkrun:
Emily Murphy 26:18PB

Portrush parkrun:
Alan Kerr 26:43

Citypark parkrun, Craigavon:
Stephen Semple 23:55, Maeve Kennedy 24:17

Antrim parkrun:
Ciaran Wright 23:23PB, Lord Ian Brennan 25:11, Elaine Kennedy 31:50, Dermot Boyd 50:11

Comber parkrun:
Elijah Cushley 24:05

Stormont parkrun:
David Esler 26:27PB

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Kayden McClelland 9:33, Kobe McClelland 9:51

The Xmas cobwebs were blown off by several Harriers who took part in the highly popular Christmas Cracker pairs run in Castlewellan:
Lee O’Boyle & Micky McAuley 1:07:43, Andrew McNevison & Phil Greenwood (Lisburn Triathlon Club) 1:10:54, Karen McKee & Stephen Gallagher 1:38:27, Bernard McKeaveney & Matthew Cavill 1:39:58, Frances Murray & Neil McCready 1:42:40, Lord Ian Brennan and Paul Skillen 1:46:04, Suzanne Brennan and Kate Montgomery (Lagan Valley AC) 1:49:44, Anita Piatek and Anton Piatek 1:50:48

Kevin Donnelly was at the Lough 5 mile race finishing in 29:40.

EAMS held a back to back event with 10ks, Half Marathons and Full Marathons on 2 consecutive days:
Dermot Boyd 1:07:57 on 30th
Matthew Cavill 1:01:23 on 31st
Half Marathon:
Bernard McKeaveney 2:02:25 and 2:02:41
Elaine Kennedy 2:21:35 and 2:22:32
Angela Stevens 2:19:42 on 31st

Yesterday saw the traditional curtain raiser to the new year, the Race Over the Glens.
Several Harriers took on the hills:

Lee O’Boyle 39:36 (1st place MV35-39 category and 7th place overall), Stephen Gallagher 51:09, Micky McAuley 51:54, Joe Mathers 52:06, Alan Erwin 53:20

Remember, new year’s resolutions are not legally binding. They are more like casual promises.
And the new year doesn’t really start until Tuesday anyway so time for one more mince pie.
So, this week’s tune is not the ABBA one. Thankfully.

You’re welcome.
Until next week, behave.