Club Run Report – Sunday 22nd August 2021

Bill Easton, the US College Running Coach, said “You can’t flirt with the track. You must marry it”.
Well, those who went to Prof Alan and Jim’s track session on Wednesday night might not argue with that.
I think I got introduced, married and finally divorced by that 10th rep.

The track got the kids.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Ben ROTM Davidson 20:22, Alan Erwin 21:24, Ciaran Hawkins 26:22, Clare Teer 27:52, Bernie McAllister 28:40, Neill McGlinchey 31:18, Emily Murphy 32:03PB, Roisin Brooks 33:39, John Teer 39:34

Waterworks parkrun:
Dawn Blain 24:38, Suzanne Brennan 26:05, Susan Thompson 27:18, Lord Ian Brennan 28:06, Joanne Milne 33:10, Claire McCann 33:39

Portrush parkrun:
Joe Mathers 23:03

MUSA parkrun:
Martin O’Neill 18:41 and 2nd finisher

Antrim parkrun:
Ramunas Stanevicius 20:28, David Esler 25:34, Elaine Kennedy 29:29

Limavady Parkrun:
Stephen Semple 23:37, Maeve Kennedy 25:07, Maeve Dunseath 25:45

Sixmilewater parkrun:
Tom Fleming 18:14 and first finisher yet again
And the Rt. Hon. ADav was back at the Valley finishing 2nd overall in 18:55. Yet another PB. I think he is more pleased that he beat his son than about getting another PB. Way to go Dad!

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Kayden McClelland 9:50, Kobe McClelland 10:09, Emily Murphy 10:10, Matthew Hawkins 13:32

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 8:40, Eloise McAuley 9:01

Harrier midweek racing came from Loup this week as our Vest in the West, Aidy Hughes, completed the Loup 5k in a 26:34 PB time. Was it an out and back course Aidy?
On Friday night, Dermot Boyd put down the camera to take part in the Crebilly 5k. Dermot finished in 32:52.
I did wonder if Dermot made this one up but it turns out that Crebilly is a real place.
It is near Ballymena.
It actually means “rock of the sacred tree”.
There is no rock in Crebilly.
Go figure.

Then yesterday, it was the turn of the delayed Race over the Glens with the traditional New Year Day run in Glenariff Forest Park moving to a summer slot. It was still a hilly +5 mile course for these Harriers:
Kevin Donnelly 44:05, Stephen Gallagher 47:39, Anita Piatek 1:00:20.

Also yesterday, Anton Piatek completed the Mount Stewart Half Marathon Trail Race in a PB time of 1:44:44. A PB on a trail course is impressive!

This week’s song is for Prof Alan, Jim and everyone who survived Wednesday night. I didn’t cry. Honestly.
Until next week, behave.

Club Run Report – Sunday 16th August 2021

Classy, bubbly, often drunk at parties. I could be talking about prosecco. I could be talking about most of our female Harriers. But more of that later.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Alan Erwin 20:32PB (and 3rd finisher), Ciaran Hawkins 28:19, Neill McGlinchey 30:33, Owen Fulton 30:41, John Teer 40:06

Waterworks parkrun:
Joe Mathers 22:27, Dawn Blain 24:18

Queens parkrun:
Kevin Donnelly 25:01

Enniskillen parkrun:
Bernie McAllister 26:50

Sixmilewater parkrun:
Tom Fleming 18:05 PB and 1st finisher.

Well done Tom!

And the Rt. Hon. ADav was off on his holibobs.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Kayden McClelland 9:47, Kobe McClelland 10:12, Matthew Hawkins 10:30

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 8:33PB, Eloise McAuley 8:55PB
Well done the McA Team!

Other racing started on Wednesday night with the Crawfordsburn 5k Trail Race:
Anita Piatek 26:50, Aidy Hughes 27:27, Dermot Boyd 35:02

Saturday saw 2 Harriers head for the hills and the Born2Run Dambusters 10 mile race at Silent Valley. Marty O’Neill finished in 1:05:13 and Elaine Kennedy finished in 1:41:45.

Not sure what the collective noun is for a group of female Harriers. A swarm? A mess? A nest? A horde? (answers on a postcard…)

Anyway, a lot of Harrierettes descended on Castle Ward for prosecco and a 5k race. But mainly for the prosecco.
Taking part in the Atlas Running event were:
Karen McKee 26:39, Gemma Fowler 27:08, Clare Teer 28:33, Sarah McCafferty 28:38, Nicky Fleck 30:44, Barbara Sawyer 31:09, Marie McBrien 31:10, Roseann McGeown 31:18, Fidelma McCoppin 31:48, Marie McFarlane 31:48, Gillian Bainbridge 33:02, Hannah Hope 33:44, Roisin Brooks 33:46, Sharon Dunn 33:47, Marga Regan 34:41, Louise Long 34:55, Leeanne Skillen 35:31, Laura Campbell 35:32, Lisa Kerr 36:07, Pamela McCafferty 36:43, Paula Kelly 48:07

Just the one header allowed out this weekend as Micky McAuley headed off to the Derryveagh mountains in Donegal to take on the 55k and 4,000m of ascent of the Seven Sisters Skyline event. Micky finished in 9:41:45. I’ve had relationships that were shorter. But just as painful.

There are no good songs about prosecco. I know; I’ve looked.

So here is one about wine. Perfect for those Monday night blues.
Until next week, behave.

Club Run Report – Sunday 8th August 2021

Well, that was a week for the waterproofs, although Barra has promised us another heatwave, so there might still be a chance to top up that tan.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:

Waterworks Parkrun:
Kevin Donnelly 21:45
Dawn Blain 24:51

Portrush parkrun:
Janet Grew 30:52

Antrim Parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 32:40.

Congratulations to Elaine on completing her 200th parkrun.

Crawfordsburn Country parkrun
Anton Piatek 25:29

Valley parkrun:
Tom Fleming 19:04 Stevo Armour 21:28, Ben Davidson 24:43, David Esler 26:22, Ciaran Hawkins 26:39, Jay Scott 26:47, Sharon Dunn 26:49, Clare Teer 27:03, Paul Skillen 27:05, Meave Dunseath 27:14, Karen McKee 27:17, Bernie McAllister 27:44, Marie McBrien 30:21, Joanne Milne 30:54, Neill McGlinchey 31:04.

And the Rt. Hon ADav was back on home turf with another course PB 18:59 and finishing 3rd. Do we think he’s holding back slightly to ensure PBs each week?

Jordanstown Junior parkrun:,
Tom Fleming 07:14 (and 1st finisher again), Peter Fleming 08:18 (and 2nd finisher again), Matthew Hawkins 12:40

Waterworks Junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 08:57, Eloise McAuley 09:16PB, Kayden McClelland 09:25PB, Kobe McClelland 09:54PB, Aaron Ladd 12:03

Taking on the Broughshane 10k was Mark Smith, who finished 4th with a time of 37:43. Well done Mark.

This week saw the return of the annual Mallusk 5 Mile road race after a years absence, it may have been slightly smaller than previous years, but that didn’t dampen any spirits. A little over 150 keen runners braved the weather (thankfully Barra was wrong and the rain held off for the actual race). As the runners were primed to start and the countdown had started, the Rt. Hon ADav took to the stand to take over the countdown and send the runners on their merry way up the dreaded Sealstown “mound of opportunity”.

The men’s race was closely fought between Jimmy Sloan, Gordy Graham and Brendan McMinn and the three kept up this close race to the very end, with Jimmy Sloan of Newry AC taking first place in 27:20, closely followed by Gordy Graham of East Down AC in 27:36 and Brandon McMinn of North Belfast Harriers in 27:56.

The ladies race was won by Gillian McCrory of St Peters AC who finished in 31:12 (Gillian placed 2nd in the previous Mallusk 5mile race), closely followed by Sarah Lavery of Beechmount Harriers who took 2nd place in 31:46 and Martsje Hell of North Belfast Harriers took 3nd place in 32:20.

For Mallusk Harriers, Prof A. Ladd was the 1st one home in a fantastic time of 29:47, 2nd was Mark Smith with a time of 30:41 and 3rd was young Ben Davidson with a time of 32:32, and John Woodlock coming in at 39:01.

Great effort by all the runners and a fantastic event organised by the race committee and of course the volunteers, without which the race couldn’t go ahead.

Until next week

Club Run Report – Sunday 1st of August 2021

Well, looks like that’s the Summer done for another year then. It might be August 1st but no harm checking out the deals on base layers online, right?

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Neil Campbell 19:37, Sean Doherty 27:03, Matthew Hawkins 29:20, Ciaran Hawkins 29:20

Waterworks parkrun:
Ciaran Wright 24:17, Jim Hewitt 26:47, Susan Thompson 26:48, Dermot Boyd 32:16
And congratulations to Waterworks parkrun on reaching the milestone of their 500th event.

Victoria parkrun:
Kevin ROTM Donnelly 17:51PB, Ben Davidson 20:02PB, Joanne Milne 31:38

Portrush parkrun:
Claire McCann 34:57
Antrim parkrun:
Stephen Semple 23:39, Maeve Kennedy 25:16, Elaine “ice cream with a flake” Kennedy 31:26

Sixmilewater parkrun:
Michael McFarlane 25:38

Crawfordsburn Country parkrun:
Anita Piatek 29:33

And the Rt. Hon. ADav was off glory hunting at Victoria this week. And he did just that with yet another PB, 18:16. But if you meet ADav, Kevin is not to be mentioned.
And we finally have some parkrun tourists again!

Clare and John Teer were at Roding Valley parkrun finishing in 27:13 and 39:38 respectively.
This parkrun is situated in Loughton, one of the famed golden triangle of Essex towns that attract celebs and footballers and was featured in the Only Way is Essex. It is not yet known if Clare and John were there in relation to a rumoured reboot of the series.

The Only Way is Mallusk is highly unlikely. Thankfully.
Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Tom Fleming 7:12 (and 1st finisher), Peter Fleming 8:14PB (and 2nd finisher), Kayden McClelland 9:21, Joseph Eager 9:33, Kobe McClelland 9:38PB, Matthew Hawkins 10:28

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 8:54, Eloise McAuley 9:37
Riverside junior parkrun:
Sinead O’Hare 12:30

Other racing started early this week with the North Belfast Harriers Friendly 5000s Night on Monday.
The middle race turned into the battle of the beards with a photo finish being won by a whisker (boom tish…):
Brendan McGeown 21:59, Ciaran Wright 21:58, Sean “wing mirrors next time” Doherty 21:03.5PB, Anton “racing ninja” Piatek 21:03.3PB
And in the third race, Ben Davidson finished with a huge PB of 18:46.
Well done to NBH for a great event. Hopefully more to come.

Then, this weekend, it was the turn of the headers section of the club to get a day out as several Harriers put on their Brown Shoes triathlon tops to take part in the Celtic Warrior Ironman events at Mullingar.
Lord Ian Brennan kept it relatively simple by taking on the half marathon run, finishing approx. 13.7 miles (don’t ask) in 2:02 with a 3rd place finish.

Suzanne Brennan took on her first Olympic distance Triathlon finishing in 3:00:48
2 Harriers took on the Half Iron Man event, Neil McCready finishing in 5:17:15 and Paul Skillen in 6:28:00
But main honours, and the complete header award, goes to David Esler who took on the full Ironman distance finishing in 14:18:06.

Well done to each of you. Wee Niall Horan would be proud of ye all.
There’s only one song I can really add this week.
Mr Esler, we salute you.
Until next week, behave.

Club Run Report – Sunday 25th July 2021

“Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot that it do singe yourself” said Shakespeare.
No, I’ve no idea what he’s on about either but, to be fair, I’m just glad that it’s hot enough for me to complain about how hot it is.

They say heat makes things expand. Thank goodness for that, I thought it was all the ice cream I was eating.
Taking on just the 9 different parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:
Neil Campbell 20:31, Sean Doherty 22:48, Joe Mathers 24:18, Owen Fulton 25:55, Ciaran Hawkins 26:25, Clare Teer 27:03, Neill McGlinchey 31:57, John Teer 40:54

Waterworks parkrun:
Ben Davidson 19:32, Joanne Milne 30:34, Claire McCann 33:33

Portrush parkrun:
Lord Ian Brennan 27:32, Suzanne Brennan 30:54

Antrim parkrun:
Maeve Kennedy 25:21, David Esler 28:03, Elaine Kennedy 32:41

Castlewellan parkrun:
Martin O’Neill 18:54

Limavady parkrun:
Johnny Carey 23:48

Stormont parkrun:
Anton Piatek 23:17

Sixmilewater parkrun:
Michael McFarlane 36:03

Hillsborough Forest parkrun:
Dermot Boyd 35:07

And the Rt. Hon. ADav graced the Waterworks with his presence this week finishing in 18:30 and 3rd place overall. This matches, but does not beat, his previous PB so no praise from me. How much harder could it have been to go one second quicker, eh?

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:35, Matthew Hawkins 10:28

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 8:48, Eloise McAuley 9:36PB

The only other racing of note was the performance of Eloise McAuley at the NI & Ulster Track Championship. Eloise won bronze in the 300m.

A result just in, Aidy Hughs braved the hills (and heat) in Galbally for their 5k, 29:28
As I said to the current Mrs Cavillator this week, I know I’m the best in our family at applying suncream but I don’t like rubbing it in.

Here’s a song. Enjoy.
Until next week, behave.

Run Report – Sunday 18th July 2021

This is the week of the year where the big yellow thing is actually in the sky over Mallusk. Enjoy it while you can because we all know it will not be long until the rain is coming in sideways again.

First one to gurn about it being too warm has to wear ADav’s wee white hat. Unwashed after a long run. Backwards.
Taking on the parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:
Ben Davidson 20:34, Clare Teer 27:36, Owen Fulton 27:47, Ciaran Hawkins 28:53, Marie McBrien 30:40, Roseann McGeown 33:11, Joanne Milne 33:33, John Teer 42:31

Waterworks parkrun:
Kevin Donnelly 22:43, Elaine Kennedy 30:08, Claire McCann 32:33

Victoria parkrun:
Maeve Kennedy 25:54

Portrush parkrun:
Nikki Fleck 30:30

Wallace parkrun:
Dermot Boyd 33:11

Stormont parkrun:
Anita Piatek 31:42

Sixmilewater parkrun:
Tom Fleming 18:31PB (and 2nd overall), Ciaran Wright 27:35

And the Rt. Hon. ADav was at the Valley finishing in 19:09. 3rd PB in a row and his 2nd ever 1st place finish. Pains me to say it but that is some strong running there.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Matthew Hawkins 9:55PB, Kayden McClelland 10:17, Kobe McClelland 10:27

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 8:37PB, Eloise McAuley 9:49

In other racing this week, we had 3 lunatics taking on the Grey Abbey 12 Hour Challenge on the hottest day of the year. Laura Campell and Leeanne Skillen both completed 56.5km/34.1 miles and Neill “2Ls” McGlinchey clocked up 33.9km/21 miles. Sure, what else would you be doing for 12 hours…answers on a postcard to Bernard please.

So, this week’s tune is for everyone who managed to run any distance at any speed in that heat this week. My sweaty arm salutes you.
Until next week, behave.

Run Report – Sunday 14th July 2021

Yes, I know this should have been posted last night but there was football on, in case you hadn’t noticed. You may have seen some coverage on the tv. Possibly on EBC1.
Other home nations are available, allegedly.
2 late results off the Vidiprinter from last weekend:
Micky McAuley ran the NIMRA Annalong Horseshow mountain race (20k and 2,000m elevation) on July 4th. He finished 17th in 3:12.
And on the same day, Bernard McKeaveney completed the EAMs Independence Day 6 hr challenge, completing the marathon distance in 5hrs 14 mins.
Taking on the parkruns last week were:
Valley parkrun:
Tom Fleming 18:41 (and 2nd overall); Ben Davidson 21:19; Neil McCready 21:40, Sean Doherty 22:28; Alan Erwin 23:36, Anton Piatek 29:06, Matthew Hawkins 30:18, Ciaran Hawkins 30:19, Neill McGlinchey 30:23; Marie McBrien 31:26; Dermot Boyd 33:21, Joanne Milne 35:43, Sharon Dunn 35:44, Clare Teer 58:36, John Teer 58:37
Waterworks parkrun:
Kevin Donnelly 21:24, Jim Hewitt 27:13, Susan Thompson 27:16, Suzanne Brennan 28:01, Claire McCann 32:03
Ecos parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 31:59
Portrush parkrun:
Andrew McNevison 19:58
Antrim parkrun:
Stephen Semple 23;49, Maeve Kennedy 25:38
Limavady parkrun:
Johnny Carey 24:42
And the Rt. Hon. ADav was at the Valley finishing in 19:10. Yet another PB!
Makes you wonder if he was really trying the other 291 times though.
Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:24 (and 2nd overall), Matthew Hawkins 10:12
Bangor junior parkrun:
Hollie Brennan 14:50
Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 8:58, Eloise McAuley 9:41PB
In other racing this week, Lee O’Boyle took on and completed the Val d’Aran by UTMB, which is a mountain running event in the Pyrenees which is 105km long with an elevation gain of 6,500m. Lee completed this in 19:24:13. Amazing run.
Those of us doing Paul’s 10@10 routes feel your pain Lee.
So, this week’s tune is definitely not a dig at the football.
I just happen to enjoy this Italian classic from Murph and the Magic Tones, the Armada Room’s finest.
Until next week, behave.

Club Report – Sunday 4th July 2021

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”
“Whatever I said, whatever I did, I didn’t mean it. I just want you back for good.”
Those are the words of Nelson Mandela and Gary Barlow.
Two great, if different, men but I think we all know what they both meant. Probably.
Anyhow, parkrun is back, racing is back and so, for all your sins, the weekly report is back.
It should have returned last week with the parkruns but due to a few “technical” difficulties (most of them red, glass shaped and Argentinian) you now have the Astra Zeneca version – a double dose!
Apologies to anyone who did any racing or anything vaguely exciting at any time before June 26th. I am completely ignoring your magnificent achievements. You’re welcome.
Taking on the parkruns last week on its triumphant return were:
June 26th
Valley parkrun:
Ben Davidson 19:47PB, Ramunas Stanevicius 20:44, Stephen Armour 20:54PB, Anton Piatek 24:59PB, Owen Fulton 26:07, Maeve Dunseath 26:20, Clare Teer 26:36, Leo McAuley 26:41, Eloise McAuley 26:47PB, Micky McAuley 26:49, Matthew Hawkins 27:27PB, Ciaran Hawkins 27:30, Sharon Dunn 27:56, Neill McGlinchey 29:17, Roisin Brooks 30:45, John Teer 41:05, Marie McBrien 29:33
Waterworks parkrun:
Kevin Donnelly 22:17, Lord Ian Brennan 23:42, Susan Thompson 26:45, Claire McCann 33:05
Portrush parkrun:
Joanne Milne 33:27
Antrim parkrun:
Stephen Semple 24:26, Maeve Kennedy 25:09, Elaine Kennedy 27:57
And the Rt. Hon. ADav was at the Valley finishing in 19:59, well beaten by his son Ben.
Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Sinead O’Hare 11:20, Matthew Hawkins 12:18
Taking on the parkruns this week were:
July 3rd
Valley parkrun:
Brendan McGeown 23:22, Jay Scott 25:32, Owen Fulton 26:24, Ciaran Hawkins 27:11, Anita Piatek 28:33, Neill McGlinchey 29:50, Roseann McGeown 31:17, Joanne Milne 31:47, John Teer 40:56
Waterworks parkrun:
Neil McCready 21:23, Susan Thompson 27:47, Claire McCann 30:06
ECOS parkrun:
Janine McNevison 31:17
Portrush parkrun:
Jonny Smith 24:28PB
Antrim parkrun:
Stephen Semple 24:17, Maeve Kennedy 25:30
And the Rt. Hon. ADav was at the Valley finishing in 19:26. An impressive Valley PB, although it was ruined by his shameless mic grab after he finished. Another PB, another speech….
Ben, it’s over to you Champ.
Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:39, Matthew Hawkins 10:37
Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 9:02, Eloise McAuley 10:56
Riverside junior parkrun:
Sinead O’Hare 11:27
On June 27th several Harriers took part in the Lisburn Festival of Running over various distances:
Aidy Hughes 26:25, Dermot Boyd 31:43
Half Marathon:
Ciaran Wright 1:50:01, Elaine Kennedy 2:23:18
Stephen Gallagher 1:23:24
Yesterday, 10 hardy Harriers headed off to Larne. To soften the blow, they had the joy of participating in the Larne AC Coastal 10k race:
Mark Smith 36:52, Kevin Donnelly 37:49PB, Martin O’Neill 38;47, Stephen Gallagher 42:40, Alan Erwin 40:47, Sarah McCafferty 50:49, Pamela McCafferty 50:52, Roisin Brooks 57:16, Janet Grew 57:35, Hannah Hope 57:50
Yesterday, Micky McAuley took on the Annalong Horseshoe mountain race 03:12:11
So, this week’s tune is a little piece of summer sunshine. Just from me to you.
But don’t think its because I like you. Cus I don’t.
But it is good to see us all back….
Until next week, behave.

Runner of the Month – July 2021

An epic tussle unfolded as some fantastic achievements last month earned deserved recognition. Harriers voted in their numbers for those who either shone at training, raced faster, or completed one of the ultimate tests of endurance.

Here are the Runner of the Month nominees for July:

Dawn Blain drew praise for how her hard work and consistency has been paying off.
“She has been improving every week.”

Alex Davidson was again in the reckoning for the coveted cup based on his speedy showings every Saturday morning.
“Pains me to say it, but his many parkrun PBs and overall training make him a worthy candidate. But please never tell him I said that.”
“Consistently beating and improving his 5k times at parkruns. Great efforts!”
“Alex has quietly got himself back into PB shape with some stunning 5k efforts. In the process he’s shown there’s hope for the more “seasoned” runners still chasing times!”

And then there were two…

As the votes piled in, a pair of Harriers could barely be separated.

David Esler earned lavish praise and deserves an extra-special mention for the incredible accomplishment of becoming an Ironman at the Celtic Warrior triathlon event.
“Consistently hard training and smashing his Ironman.”
“One word – Ironman.”
“For his outstanding versatility in train