Run Report – Sunday 18th July 2021

This is the week of the year where the big yellow thing is actually in the sky over Mallusk. Enjoy it while you can because we all know it will not be long until the rain is coming in sideways again.

First one to gurn about it being too warm has to wear ADav’s wee white hat. Unwashed after a long run. Backwards.
Taking on the parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:
Ben Davidson 20:34, Clare Teer 27:36, Owen Fulton 27:47, Ciaran Hawkins 28:53, Marie McBrien 30:40, Roseann McGeown 33:11, Joanne Milne 33:33, John Teer 42:31

Waterworks parkrun:
Kevin Donnelly 22:43, Elaine Kennedy 30:08, Claire McCann 32:33

Victoria parkrun:
Maeve Kennedy 25:54

Portrush parkrun:
Nikki Fleck 30:30

Wallace parkrun:
Dermot Boyd 33:11

Stormont parkrun:
Anita Piatek 31:42

Sixmilewater parkrun:
Tom Fleming 18:31PB (and 2nd overall), Ciaran Wright 27:35

And the Rt. Hon. ADav was at the Valley finishing in 19:09. 3rd PB in a row and his 2nd ever 1st place finish. Pains me to say it but that is some strong running there.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Matthew Hawkins 9:55PB, Kayden McClelland 10:17, Kobe McClelland 10:27

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 8:37PB, Eloise McAuley 9:49

In other racing this week, we had 3 lunatics taking on the Grey Abbey 12 Hour Challenge on the hottest day of the year. Laura Campell and Leeanne Skillen both completed 56.5km/34.1 miles and Neill “2Ls” McGlinchey clocked up 33.9km/21 miles. Sure, what else would you be doing for 12 hours…answers on a postcard to Bernard please.

So, this week’s tune is for everyone who managed to run any distance at any speed in that heat this week. My sweaty arm salutes you.
Until next week, behave.