Club Report – Sunday 4th July 2021

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”
“Whatever I said, whatever I did, I didn’t mean it. I just want you back for good.”
Those are the words of Nelson Mandela and Gary Barlow.
Two great, if different, men but I think we all know what they both meant. Probably.
Anyhow, parkrun is back, racing is back and so, for all your sins, the weekly report is back.
It should have returned last week with the parkruns but due to a few “technical” difficulties (most of them red, glass shaped and Argentinian) you now have the Astra Zeneca version – a double dose!
Apologies to anyone who did any racing or anything vaguely exciting at any time before June 26th. I am completely ignoring your magnificent achievements. You’re welcome.
Taking on the parkruns last week on its triumphant return were:
June 26th
Valley parkrun:
Ben Davidson 19:47PB, Ramunas Stanevicius 20:44, Stephen Armour 20:54PB, Anton Piatek 24:59PB, Owen Fulton 26:07, Maeve Dunseath 26:20, Clare Teer 26:36, Leo McAuley 26:41, Eloise McAuley 26:47PB, Micky McAuley 26:49, Matthew Hawkins 27:27PB, Ciaran Hawkins 27:30, Sharon Dunn 27:56, Neill McGlinchey 29:17, Roisin Brooks 30:45, John Teer 41:05, Marie McBrien 29:33
Waterworks parkrun:
Kevin Donnelly 22:17, Lord Ian Brennan 23:42, Susan Thompson 26:45, Claire McCann 33:05
Portrush parkrun:
Joanne Milne 33:27
Antrim parkrun:
Stephen Semple 24:26, Maeve Kennedy 25:09, Elaine Kennedy 27:57
And the Rt. Hon. ADav was at the Valley finishing in 19:59, well beaten by his son Ben.
Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Sinead O’Hare 11:20, Matthew Hawkins 12:18
Taking on the parkruns this week were:
July 3rd
Valley parkrun:
Brendan McGeown 23:22, Jay Scott 25:32, Owen Fulton 26:24, Ciaran Hawkins 27:11, Anita Piatek 28:33, Neill McGlinchey 29:50, Roseann McGeown 31:17, Joanne Milne 31:47, John Teer 40:56
Waterworks parkrun:
Neil McCready 21:23, Susan Thompson 27:47, Claire McCann 30:06
ECOS parkrun:
Janine McNevison 31:17
Portrush parkrun:
Jonny Smith 24:28PB
Antrim parkrun:
Stephen Semple 24:17, Maeve Kennedy 25:30
And the Rt. Hon. ADav was at the Valley finishing in 19:26. An impressive Valley PB, although it was ruined by his shameless mic grab after he finished. Another PB, another speech….
Ben, it’s over to you Champ.
Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:39, Matthew Hawkins 10:37
Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 9:02, Eloise McAuley 10:56
Riverside junior parkrun:
Sinead O’Hare 11:27
On June 27th several Harriers took part in the Lisburn Festival of Running over various distances:
Aidy Hughes 26:25, Dermot Boyd 31:43
Half Marathon:
Ciaran Wright 1:50:01, Elaine Kennedy 2:23:18
Stephen Gallagher 1:23:24
Yesterday, 10 hardy Harriers headed off to Larne. To soften the blow, they had the joy of participating in the Larne AC Coastal 10k race:
Mark Smith 36:52, Kevin Donnelly 37:49PB, Martin O’Neill 38;47, Stephen Gallagher 42:40, Alan Erwin 40:47, Sarah McCafferty 50:49, Pamela McCafferty 50:52, Roisin Brooks 57:16, Janet Grew 57:35, Hannah Hope 57:50
Yesterday, Micky McAuley took on the Annalong Horseshoe mountain race 03:12:11
So, this week’s tune is a little piece of summer sunshine. Just from me to you.
But don’t think its because I like you. Cus I don’t.
But it is good to see us all back….
Until next week, behave.