Club Report – Sunday 8th July 2018

On Saturday morning, it was one of the toughest endurance events most of us have ever faced.
For the graduates of the C25k program it was not what they had trained for, not what they had expected.
Children cried, dogs howled.
It was brutal.
But then Alex finished his speech (one of them at least) and we all got on with a bit of running. Simples.

Our only midweek competitor was Nikki Fleck who took part in the Concorde 10k on the runway in Bristol on Wednesday night.

I also should mention another great effort by our junior star Tom Fleming, who completed the Kirkistown Duathlon in 52:34.

Valley parkrun:
This week the Valley saw the graduation of many of those who took part in the recent Couch to 5k Programme. Big congratulations, both to the graduates and to those who organised, attended and encouraged. You should all be very proud of what you achieved together.
The graduates’ results aren’t for this report but many Harriers took the chance to run with the C25kers:
Ethan Hutchinson 26:30, Sarah McCafferty 27:17, Pamela McCafferty 27:18, Neil Campbell 27:19, Laura Rose 27:51, Gabrielle McMillan 27:53, Emily McKeown 28:09, Jasper Brooks 29:01, Gillian Bainbridge 30:45, Elaine NY Kennedy 30:59, Susan Thompson 32:05, Jim Hewitt 33:36, Clare Teer 34:11, Rory Brooks 34:12, Roisin Brooks 34:13, Danny Donaldson 34:30, Anita Piatek 34:31, Freda Stubbs 35:12, Frances Kane 35:31, Riley Kerr 35:59, Lisa Kerr 36:03, Odhran Skillen 36:36, Paul Skillen 36:37, Marie McFarlane 37:49, Fidelma McCoppin 37:50, Jonny Smith 38:09, Suzanne Brennan 38:22, Brenna McGeown 38:27, Colin Robson 38:46, Alastair CHO “how many times do you want me to cross the line” Houldsworth 38:47, Eamonn Donaghy 38:48, Noel Bloomfield 39:00, Alan Ladd 39:27, Patricia Kane 39:57, Rosalind Stitt 39:57, Ken McAuley 41:20, Jennifer Maguire 42:12, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 42:13, Niamh McGeown 42:14, Claire Skillen 42:45, Mairead O’Hare 42:45, Tiffany Donaldson 42:46, Angela Stevens 43:02, Hannah Hope 43:02, Ian Brennan 43:16, Joanne Milne 44:45, Dermot Boyd 44:46, Lorraine Ann Forsythe 49:07, Katherine Todd 53:15, Jo Smyth 53:16

Waterworks parkrun
Martin O’Neill 20:25PB, Patrick McGuckin 23:39, Maeve Kennedy 26:35

Antrim parkrun:
Maeve McGinley 33:10, Jennifer McCoppin 33:10, Maureen Ward 35:59, Deirdre McCann 38:28

Colin Glen parkrun:
Aimee Hughes 53:04

And ADav was at the Valley too, 49:30, usually on a box and usually making a speech.

This week’s tourists were Nuala Muldoon at Inverness 25:28 and Nikki Fleck at Pomphrey Hill 28:47.

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Matthew Hawkins 11:26, Leo McAuley 12:50, Eloise McAuley 13:35
And not forgetting last week’s results that weren’t available before the report:
Joseph Eager 10:23, Matthew Hawkins 11:31, Leo McAuley 13:18, Eloise McAuley 13:19

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Tom Fleming 8:12 (and first place). Well done Tom!

Some Harriers headed west today, to Ardboe, for the Great Rossa Run events.
We had competitors at every distance:
Aidy Hughes 23:23
Kevin Donnelly 45:48 (great to see you back in action again Kevin), Neil McCready 46:35, Maeve Kennedy 55:40
Half Marathon:
Stephen Semple 1:57:42 and Angela Stevens 2:10:49

So this week’s song is for ADav. Nice guy, lovely shoes, many speeches.

Until next week, behave.