Club Report – Sunday 22nd July 2018

So with our regular Cavillator away on their travels for the next few weeks hopefully with a very well deserved drink in their hand, unfortunately you are going to be stuck with me, so what will I call myself, many names have been mentioned but to keep it civil I think we will go with Work experience boy..
There has been some brilliant running from club mates this week with so many taking on mid-week races as well as the regular parkruns, so to get us started..
Portaferry took centre stage on Tuesday evening with our relay teams as well as the full 10 mile road race.
Lee O’Boyle & Joe Mathers 1.03:38
Laura Rose & Danny Donaldson 1.08:31 and 3rd overall in the mixed relay
Eamonn Dinghy & Kevin Donnelly 1.12:40
Sharon Dunn & Jonny Smith 1.16:51
Joanne Milne & Alastair Holdsworth 1.16:55
Orin Calder & Sophie Magee 1.18:41
Mickey  McCauley & Roisin Brooks 1.20:54
Lord Ian Brennan & Suzanne Brennan 1.21:15
Tiffany Donaldson & Christian Spies 1.26:03
Sarah McCafferty 1.23:36
Pamela McCafferty 1.25:03
Hannah Hope 1.43:44
Heather Barker 1.51:45
Special shout out to Pamela on her wonderful age category win, we’ve been told that her face turned the same colour as her trainers but very well deserved.
The Dalriada festival was also on the cards for a few seasoned runners as well as a few of our great juniors..
Neil McCready 10k 50.44
Frances Kane 10k 1.01:56
Ryan McCready 5k 27.26
Leo McAuley 5k 32.26
Eloise McAuley 5k 34.26
Micky McAuley 5k 34.29
Paul Skillen 5k 34.30
Odhrán Skillen 5k 34.32
Patricia Kane 5k 37.54
Not happy with just running we also had 4 headers taking on the triathlon..
Neil McCready I’m convinced was doing it but cant find a time so I’ll check again for next week
Paul Skillen 1.42:11
Damien Cole 1.43:59
Frances Kane 1.57:31
Big shout out to the juniors with some great times and also beating the parents which is what it’s all about for the young guns, watch your back’s Paul and Mickey the kids are catching you both.
Now for the parkruns..
Ken McAuley 21.10
Wes Barker 24.47
Heather Barker 30.26
Ian Simpson 35.39
Alan Ladd 19.20
Stephen Weir 29.41
Derry City
Stephen Semple 22.40
Maeve Kennedy 25.46
Neil Campbell 19.26
Eamonn Donaghy 22.52
Susan Thompson 23.54
Adrian Hughes 25.04
Yasmin Lynn 26.44
Jennifer McCoppin 32.20
Alyson Taylor 34.45
Rosalind Stitt 40.31
Lorraine Ann Forsythe 49.02
Louise Ladd 55.20
Patrick McGuckin 23.08
Lord Ian Brennan 23.17
Noel Bloomfield 23.46
And A Dav went to the Valley 20.10
Please excuse me but their was probably a lot of PB’s ran this weekend at parkruns but the site didn’t list any but it looks like from these results Suzanne Brennan has lost more time to the Lord…
Now onto the Harriers who headed north to take on the scenic Dervock 5 mile race and half marathon..
Freda Stubbs 5 mile 54.35
Debbie Sterritt 5 mile 57.22
Miriam Clarke 5 mile 1.05:37
Half Marathon
Mark Smith 1.19:29
Joe Mathers 1.31:53
Karen McKee 1.46:44
Brian McDonald 1.58:50
Emily McKeown 2.02:19
Nikki Fleck 2.02:55
Owen Fulton 2.03:38
Joanne Milne 2.03:38
Elaine Kennedy 2.06:23
Janet Grew 2.08:34
Anita Piatek 2.27:07
Marie McFarlane 2.34:43
Fidelma McCoppin 2.34:41
Junior parkruns..
Jordanstown junior parkrun
Tom Fleming 7.40 and well done on coming first young man
Riley Kerr 12.01
Waterworks junior parkrun
Matthew Hawkins 11.06
Leo McAuley 11.55
Eloise McAuley 13.18
Again apologies if anything has been missed on the PB front or I have made a mistake on your time, please message through and it will be amended next week, but all that is left to say is stay safe out there have fun and enjoy yourselves..
Work experience boy.