Club Report – Sunday 18th November 2018

Is it only me but as the nights get longer, does the mojo shrink and the gluttony increase? Red wine and chocolate may not be an official Harrier training plan but it seems to be my focus at the minute. Think I need some XC to shake me back into some kind of training. That, and the Jingle all the Way 5k.

On Wednesday, several Harriers took part in the latest Run in the Dark for the Mark Pollock Trust.
It was a great night for our own Mark Smith who finally got to the top of the podium with his first place result. Well done Sir!
Mark Smith 36:32 (and 1st place), Gabrielle McMillan 50:55, Lisa Kerr 58:25, Andrew Kerr 58:25
Ramunas Stanevicius 20:49
(No club name in official results so I can only report those who posted on Team App, or won!).

Mark Smith’s excellent form continued as he represented NI at the British & Irish Masters International XC in Swansea. He completed the course in 29:27 as his M45 team earned 3rd place.

Doing the rounds of the parkruns were:
Valley parkrun:
Tom Fleming 20:26, Noel Bloomfield 24:43, Neil Campbell 24:44, Eamonn Donaghy 26:41, Jackie McCreesh 27:53, Emily Dowling 28:04, Alan “how far is halfway?” Erwin 28:08, David Esler 30:24, Mairead HOTM O’Hare 34:34, Jennifer Maguire 34:35, John Teer 34:42, Patricia Kane 36:48, Rosalind Stitt 41:37

Waterworks parkrun:
Ramunas Stanevicius 19:59PB, Ken McAuley 22:27, Nuala Muldoon 24:32, Jim Hewitt 26:01, Galina Stanevicius 27:18

Antrim parkrun:
Tina Steele 26:37, Deborah Ewing 26:37, Elaine NY Kennedy 44:50

Carrickfergus parkrun:
Stephen Semple 23:13, Marie McFarlane 30:19PB, Freda Stubbs 33:20PB, Josi McKeating 33:24

Queens parkrun:
Jim Guinn 28:40

Portrush parkrun:
Alan “barefoot” Kerr 24:29

As for the tourist, the vest in the west, Aidy Hughes, went to MUSA parkrun in Cookstown 23:27. Not sure if Cookstown counts as tourism. Cookstown, as we all know, is the home of both Jimmy Cricket and Typhoid Mary. I rest my case.
The real tourist this week was Jo Smyth who forfeited the sunny climes of mid Tyrone for Florida and the Clermont parkrun (40:03). Jo, as I’m sure you know, is one of 7 Harriers who have completed this parkrun but is the only one who has completed it more than once (3). Gotta love stats, don’t you.

And ADav went to Orangefield 21:18

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:23, Matthew Hawkins 11:34, Leo McAuley 11:37, Eloise McAuley 14:03

Bangor Junior parkrun:
Aaron Ladd 13:08PB

On Saturday afternoon, the Harriers descended on the Waterworks for the now annual, and legendary, Club Handicap Race. The day of the year when the adults get their butts handed to them by the junior members, bandits all of them.
As every runner was a Harrier in this one, full results are available on Team App, but suffice to say a big well done to winner Leo McAuley. Also congratulations to Rory Brooks and Eloise McAuley who completed the junior-filled podium.
Another big well done and thank you to Professor Alan Ladd, our very own hairy Harry Potter, who calculated all the timings and to his band of (mostly) less hairy helpers who made the day run so smoothly.

Lee O’Boyle and Prof Ladd were chasing times today around the flat runway course at Kirkistown.
I don’t have official times yet but my sources lead me to believe Lee PB’d (again) in approx. 1:20. Alan is just too slow loading his runs to Strava (Oops, source outed….)

This week’s song is a personal fav of Prof Ladd.
For his efforts yesterday, he deserves it.
You may or may not agree.
I love it.

Until next week, behave.