Club Report – Sunday 25th November 2018

Let’s start with some great results that came in too late last week.

Lee O’Boyle and Alan Ladd both competed in the latest Kirkistown Half Marathon. They obviously competed fairly well as they finished first and second respectively, Lee in 1:20:40PB and Alan in 1:23:38PB. The Harriers’ first double podium result?

Doing the rounds of the parkruns were:
Valley parkrun:
Eamonn Donaghy 25:53, David “two runs a day man” Esler 28:12, Emily “two runs a day woman” Dowling 30:03, Karen O’Boyle 31:53, Stephen Weir 32:49, John Teer 34:32, Patricia Kane 36:38, Claire Skillen 48:52, Mairead “at least two runs a day woman” O’Hare 48:52. Congratulations to Stephen on reaching his 50th milestone parkrun.

Waterworks parkrun:
Ken McAuley 21:51, Tony McKeating 22:18PB, Stephen Semple 23:18, Susan Thompson 23:27, Joseph Eager 24:49PB, Maeve Kennedy 24:55, Neil “two runs” McCready 25:28, Jim Hewitt 25:43, Josi McKeating 31:45PB, Freda Stubbs 32:35, Sharon Thompson 34:52

Stormont parkrun:
Suzanne Brennan 25:37

Ormeau parkrun:
Ramunas Stanevicius 19:52PB, Galina Stanevicius 27:17PB

The only tourist this week was Big O, as Owen Fulton did Sale parkrun in 25:56PB. Sale parkrun is held in Sale Water Park. Its lake was created artificially during construction of the M60 in the 1970s. That is honestly the most exciting fact I have about Sale. Please somebody run somewhere else next week. Thanks.

And ADav went to Stormont 25:37

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 10:22, Matthew Hawkins 11:46, Eloise McAuley 12:29

Jordanstown Junior parkrun:
Riley Kerr 11:38, Rhys Kerr 13:17PB

On Saturday afternoon, the Harriers descended en mass on Sixmilewater Park in Ballyclare for the Annadale Striders Malcolm Cup XC league event. Obviously being a header is a contagious condition as almost 40 Harriers, male and female, senior and junior, elite and hungover, took to the mud:

Jasper Brooks 4:01, Leo McAuley 4:15, Oran McKee 4:21, Rory Brooks 4:25

Ladies & Vets 3m Race
Laura ROTM Rose 20:49, Karen McKee 22:15, Sarah McCafferty 23:00, Noel Bloomfield 23:12, Sharon Dunn 23:45, Suzanne Brennan 23:37, Pamela McCafferty 23:50, Jackie McCreesh 26:39, Emily Dowling 26:50, Laura Campbell 27:17, Joanne Milne 27:27, Leeanne Skillen 27:34, Louise Ladd 27:35, Roisin Brooks 27:58, Marie McFarlane 28:59, Fidelma McCoppin 29:11, Tiffany Donaldson 29:30, Mairead HOTM O’Hare 30:05

Men’s 4m Race:
Peter McGarry 23:33, Lee O’Boyle 23:40, Alan Ladd 24:20, Joe Mathers 24:24, Neil Campbell 24:37, Stephen Gallagher 26:35, Danny Donaldson 26:44, Kevin Donnelly 26:54, Micky McAuley 27:26, ADav 28:51, Neil McCready 28:52, Alan Erwin 28:55, Brendan McGeown 31:07, Lord Ian Brennan 31:35, Aidy Hughes 32:03, Neill McGlinchey 35:46, David Esler 36:44

Then today, showing us oldies how it’s really done, Tom Fleming came 28th in the U12 boys’ race at the National XC Championships, and Adam McCann came 91st in the U14s.

Finally, newbies Ramunas and Galina Stanevicius donned club vests for the first time at the Castleblayney 5k race in, er, Castleblayney, finishing in 19:24 and 27:55 respectively. Welcome to the madness folks!

So, this week’s song continues the theme of the week – mud!
Whether you were at Ballyclare yesterday or up Divis this morning, this song reflects how many of us felt. But we still love the mud, honey…

Until next week, behave.

Harrier of the month – October 2018

Another busy month and some great selfless displays of club spirit which is what HOTM is all about.
Two of our most experienced coaches received multiple nominations this month. Some say it is because they brave the rubbish Mallusk weather week in week out to take our training sessions. Some say it is due to the fivers for votes Alex is handing out…you decide 😉
Paul Skillen received this award a few months ago and was a main contender again this month. He dedicates so much of his free time to our club, looking after junior and senior training every week. As if that wasn’t enough, he also goes above and beyond for club members when they are trying to achieve their goals
“incredibly supportive and encouraging helping Lee with fueling at EAMS and cheering us all on in Dublin.. A great guy to have on your side.”
“..I watched him stop during decathlon 10k to bring along and encourage new Harriers to get them across the line. Completely selfless and showing true harrier spirit. “
Likewise, Alex Davidson received votes this month for the support he has shown to Harriers when trying to meet their goals:
“always there to give advice when its needed. Always willing to help others”
“Alex completed Dublin marathon whilst injured, using the run to encourage and support other Harriers around the course”
In a similar vein, Owen Fulton received nominations for his support to the crew during Amsterdam marathon:
“Supported 3 events within 24hrs this month and cheered us all on during Amsterdam marathon. Always good to see a friendly face. Go Big O!”
Alan Ladd, Lee O’Boyle, Neil Campbell and Kevin Donnelly also received nominations for their support over the recent marathons, well done guys.
October saw the start of the XC Season and it has been great to see so many Harriers getting involved this year.
Karen McKee has been nominated for her part in drumming up support within the lady’s team:
“rallying the troops and help promoting XC”
“I think Karen deserves the recognition for being a friendly, supportive face in our club, as well as her amazing running achievements!”
But this month’s Harrier Of The Month goes to….
Mairead O’Hare!
For months now, we have been receiving nominations for Mairead for this award, she truly represents Harrier spirit and so many club members admire her attitude and willingness to work hard and give anything a go. She has participated in all XC events to date and has been of great help in raising its profile within the club and getting more members to give it a go.All of this after being side-lined for a long period earlier in the year due to injury.
These 2 votes sum it up better than I can:
“Mairead is a real asset to the club. It’s great to see her back after such a long injury when others might have just given up on running. Always keen to get stuck in for the club, it was brilliant to see her try out (and even enjoy!) the cross country as well as the relays recently. Above all, Mairead has such a positive outlook and is all about encouraging and building the confidence of others.”
“For someone I barely know, she has been so supportive and always sends me motivational messages on my running attempts. She has helped me through a frustrating time as I was very keen to get up and running but my legs weren’t strong enough. Anyway, through many recovery runs nursing the injury, I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. It has been made so much easier with Mairead’s wee boosts and messages. I’d say it’s because of her that I will return to the club soon and make a second attempt to start running again. She deserves the recognition for her behind the scenes work for this new member.
Well done Mairead, thoroughly deserved! And well done to all the nominees!

Club Report – Sunday 18th November 2018

Is it only me but as the nights get longer, does the mojo shrink and the gluttony increase? Red wine and chocolate may not be an official Harrier training plan but it seems to be my focus at the minute. Think I need some XC to shake me back into some kind of training. That, and the Jingle all the Way 5k.

On Wednesday, several Harriers took part in the latest Run in the Dark for the Mark Pollock Trust.
It was a great night for our own Mark Smith who finally got to the top of the podium with his first place result. Well done Sir!
Mark Smith 36:32 (and 1st place), Gabrielle McMillan 50:55, Lisa Kerr 58:25, Andrew Kerr 58:25
Ramunas Stanevicius 20:49
(No club name in official results so I can only report those who posted on Team App, or won!).

Mark Smith’s excellent form continued as he represented NI at the British & Irish Masters International XC in Swansea. He completed the course in 29:27 as his M45 team earned 3rd place.

Doing the rounds of the parkruns were:
Valley parkrun:
Tom Fleming 20:26, Noel Bloomfield 24:43, Neil Campbell 24:44, Eamonn Donaghy 26:41, Jackie McCreesh 27:53, Emily Dowling 28:04, Alan “how far is halfway?” Erwin 28:08, David Esler 30:24, Mairead HOTM O’Hare 34:34, Jennifer Maguire 34:35, John Teer 34:42, Patricia Kane 36:48, Rosalind Stitt 41:37

Waterworks parkrun:
Ramunas Stanevicius 19:59PB, Ken McAuley 22:27, Nuala Muldoon 24:32, Jim Hewitt 26:01, Galina Stanevicius 27:18

Antrim parkrun:
Tina Steele 26:37, Deborah Ewing 26:37, Elaine NY Kennedy 44:50

Carrickfergus parkrun:
Stephen Semple 23:13, Marie McFarlane 30:19PB, Freda Stubbs 33:20PB, Josi McKeating 33:24

Queens parkrun:
Jim Guinn 28:40

Portrush parkrun:
Alan “barefoot” Kerr 24:29

As for the tourist, the vest in the west, Aidy Hughes, went to MUSA parkrun in Cookstown 23:27. Not sure if Cookstown counts as tourism. Cookstown, as we all know, is the home of both Jimmy Cricket and Typhoid Mary. I rest my case.
The real tourist this week was Jo Smyth who forfeited the sunny climes of mid Tyrone for Florida and the Clermont parkrun (40:03). Jo, as I’m sure you know, is one of 7 Harriers who have completed this parkrun but is the only one who has completed it more than once (3). Gotta love stats, don’t you.

And ADav went to Orangefield 21:18

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:23, Matthew Hawkins 11:34, Leo McAuley 11:37, Eloise McAuley 14:03

Bangor Junior parkrun:
Aaron Ladd 13:08PB

On Saturday afternoon, the Harriers descended on the Waterworks for the now annual, and legendary, Club Handicap Race. The day of the year when the adults get their butts handed to them by the junior members, bandits all of them.
As every runner was a Harrier in this one, full results are available on Team App, but suffice to say a big well done to winner Leo McAuley. Also congratulations to Rory Brooks and Eloise McAuley who completed the junior-filled podium.
Another big well done and thank you to Professor Alan Ladd, our very own hairy Harry Potter, who calculated all the timings and to his band of (mostly) less hairy helpers who made the day run so smoothly.

Lee O’Boyle and Prof Ladd were chasing times today around the flat runway course at Kirkistown.
I don’t have official times yet but my sources lead me to believe Lee PB’d (again) in approx. 1:20. Alan is just too slow loading his runs to Strava (Oops, source outed….)

This week’s song is a personal fav of Prof Ladd.
For his efforts yesterday, he deserves it.
You may or may not agree.
I love it.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 11th November 2018

I should start by reporting the result that came in too late for last week’s report. Elaine Kennedy completed the New York marathon in 5:22:39. A great result as Elaine had to contend with a lot of injury issues during her training.

Doing the rounds of the parkruns were:
Valley parkrun:
Tom Fleming 22:47, Neil McCready 23:15, David Esler 28:08, Hilary Faith 29:46PB, Frances Kane 31:29, Stephen Weir 33:54, John Teer 34:20, Mairead O’Hare 34:47, Louise Ladd 34:47, Patricia Kane 50:08

Waterworks parkrun:
Joe Mathers 18:51PB (and 3rd place overall), Robert Gould 22:37, Ken McAuley 23:48, Lord Ian Brennan 24:49, Roisin Brooks 28:56

Antrim parkrun:
Maeve Kennedy 24:51, Deborah Ewing 26:34, Tina Steele 26:34, Elaine NY Kennedy 47:38

Carrickfergus parkrun:
Laura ROTM Rose 21:50PB (and 2nd female finisher), Karen McKee 22:55, Noel Bloomfield 23:41PB, Jennifer Maguire 32:02

Stormont parkrun:
Galina Stanevicius 27:19

This week’s parkrun tourists included Emily Dowling who completed the Listowel parkrun in 29:48. It’s in Kerry. I’ve never been. But this week’s winner is, again, Anita Piatek who completed the Jindabyne parkrun in 31:53. It’s in Australia. Gabriel Byrne was in a film called Jindabyne. I’ve never seen it. Rolf Harris sang a song called Jindabyne. Guess what? I’ve never heard it.

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:20, Leo McAuley 10:17, Matthew Hawkins 11:17, Eloise McAuley 12:27, Olivia McCready 13:16

Jordanstown Junior parkrun:
Riley Kerr 12:55, Rhys Kerr 14:35

On Saturday, a few Harriers were at the opening Sperrin Harriers race of their Winter League.
Davagh Forest 10k Trail Race:
Lee O’Boyle 39:30, Nuala Muldoon 52:28, Jackie McCreesh 1:11:38

So a relatively quiet week that started with the torrential rain and wind of Tuesday training finished with perfect weather conditions for the first Trail @10 this morning as Lee took us round the paths of Woodburn Forest. So this week’s tune is for those who hit the forest trails.

Until next week, behave.


Runner of the Month – October 2018


We are now definitely into Autumn harriers and Christmas is approaching, with XC starting and the dust settles on Dublin Marathon the nominations came flowing in for Runner of the Month for October.

First up, Kevin Donnelly was nominated for returning after a long lay off due to injury, Kevin’s hard work and determination got him back to his best this year. Putting in some quality training mileage recently has paid dividends, especially during October, with a great run at Orangegrove, Run Anon Lough View 10k the following day and of course, an amazing run at Dublin Marathon.  Kevin is always so modest about his achievements and deserves recognition for all his hard work.

Alan Ladd was also nominated for his progress over the past few months has been extraordinary, culminating with an incredible sub 3 hour marathon in Dublin. He has worked so hard to get to this level, and on top of all the work he does as a coach, developing and encouraging others to reach their goals.  October is a difficult month to pick just one but my vote goes to Alan for his sheer dedication to training and focus on smashing all his goals this year.

Lee O’Boyle was also mentioned for doing a Marathon and XC in one day, he’s a machine!  Thought good preparation for a holiday was to run his 1st sub 3 hour marathon in the morning followed by a cross country race in afternoon.

Mairead O’Hare was nominated for being the best runner.

Clare Teer  has struggled from she first started the club 3yrs ago with her breathing, now with the correct medical advise and support from the coaches she really has taken off (literally) she is getting stronger, faster, improving her 5k and 10k times every week. She is so focused and determined to do well.

Roseanne McGeown was also nominated for training so hard this year and accomplished her first marathon. Roseanne you are a superstar.

Neil Campbell was given an nomination for being the strongest runner ever, superstar.

Leeanne Skillen was also mentioned for having an amazing run at Dublin with a fantastic PB. She has trained hard through injury.

Tiffany Donaldson was nominated for running a 22 minute PB in Dublin (5th marathon of the year!) but also running all the team events in October (Orangegrove + 2XCs). The only other person who did similar was Lee and you can’t give it to him again! Tiff has won before but deserves it again for hard work and being a great team player.

Congratulations to all the first time marathon runners what a massive achievement and a special mention goes out to all the Amsterdam crew for completing the marathon with the majority of them all achieving PB’s

There can only be one winner of the prestigious Runner of the Month Trophy and October’s winner had an amazing total of 13 nominations, this month the trophy goes to Laura Rose.

–  I’m not biased but my sisters attitude dedication and commitment to her training is what this club is all about.  She has put the hours of training in and her times are so well deserved and show what can be achieved.

–  She really is an asset to the club and shows any member who doubts their ability that it is possible.  I am so proud of her and really feel she deserves this award this month due to her recent success in the Dublin Marathon with an amazing time of 3.26 and her podium position in the Decathlon 10k taking 2nd female in sub 44.  She truly is an inspiration.

–  For her amazing times at different events lately well done Laura. Laura’s dedication to running is second to none.  Throughout her Dublin training she stuck to her plan and produced some PBs, but her finishing time at Dublin was an outstanding PB and she even managed another PB at the Valley less than a week later.

–  Laura has excelled in all aspects of training this year.  She showed serious commitment to a massively challenging marathon plan in prep for Dublin which led to her achieving another amazing PB.  The PBs seem to be endless for Laura at the minute with the recent Decathlon 10K podium finish + parkrun PBs almost weekly, really outstanding and for me, an easy choice for ROTM.

–  Amazing results across various distances, 2nd female finisher at parkrun and decathlon, PB at decathlon 10k and an unbelievable time at Dublin. And always smiling!  Commitment to training and a number of PB’s as a result of this!  Laura did her first marathon in 2017 in a super time of 4:19. However she managed to finish Dublin this month in a brilliant 3:26 minutes. This qualifies her for good for age for two of the US major marathons  Boston and Chicago.  Laura has done this by her dedication, drive and focus to all elements of her preparation including diet and training.  From a coaching perspective she has addressed her weaknesses and concentrated on developing the areas that she really does not enjoy. She asks for advice and heeds it. She listens to the coaches (moans a bit) but ultimately puts what she is told into practice.  Laura has also keenly represented the Club at this years Ulster Relay Championship at Victoria Park and Cross Country at Comber 24:53 minutes.

–  Laura has become an inspiration to many at the club and has shown what can be achieved with hard work and determination.  She is happy to provide assistance and advice to newer members of the club.

–  Laura has set yet another shining example of just what you can achieve when you apply yourself and commit to your training. Her PB at Dublin marathon was a testament to this. Laura has worked extremely hard to achieve this PB, and most importantly always taking time out to support and motivate others along the way as they train towards their goals  Hard work, training and dedication which really paid off with an amazing run at Dublin marathon.  Even after Dublin, she continued with a PB at parkrun and 2nd Lady at decathlon.

– Laura totally deserves it this month also for stepping up in XC even though she wasn’t keen and totally out of her comfort zone.  Inspiring achievement in Dublin marathon and Decathlon 10k.  Laura has applied herself in a gracious fashion and adhered to her training with great respect to the coaches that laid out her training plan. Also Laura had to work at the training sessions mainly by herself and therefore dug deep to achieve her goals.

–  Laura is an absolute shining star in the club. She has gone from strength to strength over recent months and has diligently followed the training plan to the letter and has achieved amazing results. Her hard work and determination are a credit to her. She is also a dedicated member of the committee and a supportive member of the coaching team.

–  I’m very impressed with Laura’s commitment to her challenging training plan over the last 16 weeks.  This has paid dividends and she has come out the other side as a much stronger runner and the PBs and podiums are starting to appear frequently.  Fantastic run at Dublin marathon and I admire her participation in the XC events.

Congratulations to Laura, and its good to see so many of the individual comments left for Laura and all the nominees.

Thank you to all who nominated for Runner of the Month as the Clun Captains can see the numbers increasing each month.

Club Report – Sunday 4th November 2018

As the leaves turn brown and the post-Dublin hangovers fade, the Harriers head back out on the roads and trails this week, making the most of the Autumn sunshine.

Doing the rounds of the parkruns were:
Valley parkrun:
Laura Rose 22:11PB (and 2nd female finisher), Stephen Gallagher 22:24PB, Gabrielle McMillan 24:11PB, Brendan McGeown 25:35(No PB – shamed), Alan Erwin 25:35, Neil Campbell 25:36, Neill McGlinchey 28:33, David Esler 29:32, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:34, Roseann McGeown 31:35, Frances Kane 31:35, Ryan McCready 31:50, Louise Ladd 31:51, John Teer 34:09, Mairead O’Hare 35:27, Neil McCready 57:33, Owen Fulton 57:55

Waterworks parkrun:
Kevin Donnelly 19:54, Robert Gould 24:02, Michael McFarlane 25:33, Jim Hewitt 25:38, Nikki Fleck 26:54, Philip Fleck 28:39PB, Sharon Thompson 33:49PB, Josi McKeating 33:52, Jackie McCreesh 34:24, Marie “50” McFarlane 34:25, Patricia Kane 36:31, Debbie Sterritt 36:32
And congratulations to Marie on her 50th parkrun!

Queens parkrun:
Maeve Kennedy 25:26

Antrim parkrun:
Tina Steele 25:34

Orangefield parkrun:
Ben Davidson 23:33

A few tourists this week.
Alastair CHO Houldsworth went to Cliffe Castle parkrun in completing in 21:48. Its in Keighley. It’s near Bradford. It’s pronounced Keeth-lee. Alastair Campbell and Mollie Sugden are from Keighley.
Sarah Ross went to Buckingham parkrun. It’s in Buckingham. It’s near Milton Keynes. She was 3rd female finisher in 22:48. Obviously quicker at parkrun than she is getting to New Zealand!
But the undisputed winner this week is Anita Piatek who completed the Main Beach parkrun in 32:49. This parkrun is on the Gold Coast of Australia. And it’s probably near a beach!

And ADav went to Orangefield 24:03

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:35, Leo McAuley 9:36PB, Matthew Hawkins 11:02, Eloise McAuley 11:05PB
Plenty of Ready Brek in the McAuley household! (Other breakfast cereals are available).

Jordanstown Junior parkrun:
Riley Kerr 13:09, Rhys Kerr 13:57PB

Saturday saw the latest Born 2 Run event, this time the trail course at Minnowburn.
Stephen Weir 33:47, Jo-Anne Smyth 42:11

Mark Smith was back on the podium yet again, finishing 2nd in 37:18.
Maeve Dunseath 56:12, David Mullan 59:53, Hilary Faith 1:02:49, Catherine Mullan 1:03:11, Debbie Morrow 1:15:27

Nuala Muldoon was our sole senior representative at the (non-league) McConnell Shield XC event, finishing in 23:31.
Tom Fleming represented the juniors finishing 2nd in the U14 race in 5:51.

This morning was the latest Decathlon 10k event. Enjoying the flatness were:
Peter McGarry 37:05, Martin O’Neill 39:42, Laura Rose 43:49PB (and 2nd female finisher for 2nd time this weekend!), Andrew Kerr 54:10PB, Janine McNevison 54:11, Paul Skillen 54:11, Roisin Brooks 57:02, Hilary Faith 1:02:22 (quicker than yesterday!)
Apologies if anyone else was missed as the results do not include club names.

Finally, Suzanne HOTM Brennan completed the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon in 1:54:40. The amount of wine taken or dine eaten has not been made available.
I note Hollie ran in a junior event on the same holiday. The Lord has a lot of catching up to do…….

As I write, Elaine Kennedy is still running the New York marathon. I’ll update her result in next week’s report.
In the meantime, here’s a wee song about NY to keep you going. (Not the obvious one).

Until next week, behave.