Harrier of the month – October 2018

Another busy month and some great selfless displays of club spirit which is what HOTM is all about.
Two of our most experienced coaches received multiple nominations this month. Some say it is because they brave the rubbish Mallusk weather week in week out to take our training sessions. Some say it is due to the fivers for votes Alex is handing out…you decide 😉
Paul Skillen received this award a few months ago and was a main contender again this month. He dedicates so much of his free time to our club, looking after junior and senior training every week. As if that wasn’t enough, he also goes above and beyond for club members when they are trying to achieve their goals
“incredibly supportive and encouraging helping Lee with fueling at EAMS and cheering us all on in Dublin.. A great guy to have on your side.”
“..I watched him stop during decathlon 10k to bring along and encourage new Harriers to get them across the line. Completely selfless and showing true harrier spirit. “
Likewise, Alex Davidson received votes this month for the support he has shown to Harriers when trying to meet their goals:
“always there to give advice when its needed. Always willing to help others”
“Alex completed Dublin marathon whilst injured, using the run to encourage and support other Harriers around the course”
In a similar vein, Owen Fulton received nominations for his support to the crew during Amsterdam marathon:
“Supported 3 events within 24hrs this month and cheered us all on during Amsterdam marathon. Always good to see a friendly face. Go Big O!”
Alan Ladd, Lee O’Boyle, Neil Campbell and Kevin Donnelly also received nominations for their support over the recent marathons, well done guys.
October saw the start of the XC Season and it has been great to see so many Harriers getting involved this year.
Karen McKee has been nominated for her part in drumming up support within the lady’s team:
“rallying the troops and help promoting XC”
“I think Karen deserves the recognition for being a friendly, supportive face in our club, as well as her amazing running achievements!”
But this month’s Harrier Of The Month goes to….
Mairead O’Hare!
For months now, we have been receiving nominations for Mairead for this award, she truly represents Harrier spirit and so many club members admire her attitude and willingness to work hard and give anything a go. She has participated in all XC events to date and has been of great help in raising its profile within the club and getting more members to give it a go.All of this after being side-lined for a long period earlier in the year due to injury.
These 2 votes sum it up better than I can:
“Mairead is a real asset to the club. It’s great to see her back after such a long injury when others might have just given up on running. Always keen to get stuck in for the club, it was brilliant to see her try out (and even enjoy!) the cross country as well as the relays recently. Above all, Mairead has such a positive outlook and is all about encouraging and building the confidence of others.”
“For someone I barely know, she has been so supportive and always sends me motivational messages on my running attempts. She has helped me through a frustrating time as I was very keen to get up and running but my legs weren’t strong enough. Anyway, through many recovery runs nursing the injury, I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. It has been made so much easier with Mairead’s wee boosts and messages. I’d say it’s because of her that I will return to the club soon and make a second attempt to start running again. She deserves the recognition for her behind the scenes work for this new member.
Well done Mairead, thoroughly deserved! And well done to all the nominees!