Club Report – Sunday 23rd December 2018

Yes folks, it that time of year again. The time when just three little words can strike fear into the bravest – “some assembly required”.
The time when nothing says Xmas like queueing for an overpriced German sausage outside City Hall.
My club mates have come round to our house every year for the last few Xmases. This year we’re doing something different. I’m going to let them in.

Doing the rounds of the parkruns were:
Valley parkrun:
Ramunas Stanevicius 19:56PB, Tom Fleming 20:04, Neil McCready 21:32PB, Adan McCann 21:42PB, Paddy Brooks 22:31PB, Neil Campbell 22:31, Ciaran Hawkins 23:15PB, Nuala Muldoon 24:45 (and 1st female finisher), Susan Thompson 25:27, Ken McAuley 25:28, Paul Skillen 27:10, Philip Fleck 29:53, Frances Kane 31:27, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 31:35, John Teer 35:12, Gemma Fowler 35:13, Clare Teer 35:13, Nikki Fleck 48:05, Mairead O’Hare 49:54
And a big well done and thank you to Ian Simpson and all the Harriers who took over the organising of the Valley parkrun this week.

Waterworks parkrun:
Lord Ian Brennan 23:46, Marie McFarlane 32:25, Freda Stubbs 33:36, Fidelma McCoppin 33:37, Josi McKeating 34:04, Patricia Kane 35:37PB, Rosalind Stitt 35:52, Miriam Clarke 39:34, Deirdre McCann 42:50

Victoria parkrun:
Louise Ladd 27:44PB

MUSA parkrun:
Aidy Hughes 23:57

Antrim parkrun:
Stephen Semple 22:44, Joseph Eager 23:58PB, Maeve Kennedy 24:37PB, Deborah Ewing 28:25, Tina Steele 28:26

Dungannon parkrun:
Elaine HOTM Kennedy 31:06

This week’s tourist is Emily Dowling who completed Listowel parkrun in 27:41PB. Listowel is in County Kerry and is well known for its week-long horse-racing festival. Its also the site of the world’s first ever monorail. I was going to make a monorail joke but couldn’t think of a good one liner. (I’ll wait for you…..). Thanks.

And ADav was at the valley 49:55

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 7:37PB, Leo McAuley 8:28PB, Eloise McAuley 9:53PB
Seriously showing us big folks up here! Xmas PBs all round.

I know a lot of Harriers, both junior and senior, were at the Leg It Hazelbank Xmas Run today. Full result are not available as I write this so I’ll catch up in the next report.

You may be dreaming of a white Xmas but if it runs out, drink the red.
I’m off to find a present for the current Mrs C. I don’t know what to get her but I was told that the one thing women don’t want to find in their stockings on Xmas morning is their husband.
So keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and receipts for all major purchases. Here’s a lovely Xmas song to get you in the mood.
Happy Xmas Harriers!

Until next week, behave.


Harrier of the month November 2018

November has been and gone in the blink of an eye and many Harriers are getting into the festive spirit, some more than others as we seen from hungover XC.

Some Harriers stood out again in November, including Louise Ladd who was nominated for stepping up and being part of a fantastic ladies XC team, commitment to training and self improvement, oh and for delicious banana bread!!!

Next, Lee O’Boyle, for promoting XC and driving up the numbers for both male and female teams and in most races achieving the magic number of 12 per team. Massive difference from last year.

Karen McKee, was nominated for giving her fellow Harriers support during training and always will to help and volunteer in all club related activities.

Alan Ladd also deserved a shout out for always being there to talk through plans, concerns and training, he is a great asset to the club. Congrats again on the podium finish at Kirkistown Alan!!!

Harrier of the month can only go to one person and November’s winner, well and truly deserves it. Elaine Kennedy battled with injury during her New York Marathon training, but despite this, she completed her New York Marathon and raised an amazing amount of money for the Children’s Heartbeat Trust. The true heart of a harrier.

Congratulations Elaine there has never been a more worthy winner and good luck with your training for the London Marathon.

Until next month Harriers, have a great Christmas and we will see you all in 2019 for some more great running.

Runner of the month for November 2018

Karen McKee, Maeve Dunseath, Sarah McCafferty and Stephen Gallagher each received nominations this month for their positive attitudes and progress. Without a doubt it has been a great month for all four with regular training paying off across many distances and terrains, with some even braving the madness of the cross country.

As always of course, there can only be one winner and this month’s was a runaway victor. Alan Ladd has gone above and beyond this month, including PB’s and podium finishes in his achievements.

Alan’s first place finish at the Kirkistown half marathon is an example of what can be achieved with the right dedication and work. Congratulations Alan, fantastic running!

Junior Harriers of the month for November 2018

Three of our Juniors received the Junior Harrier of the month award for November and the much sought after subway voucher that coach Skillen has been trying to get his hands on for months!

Congratulations to Rory and Jasper Brooks, these two brothers are part of the XC team and put in excellent performances, even with muddy conditions. They never fail to turn up to training and it’s paying off big time, dudes you are both amazing!!!!

Jamie Campbell also received the Junior Harrier of the Month award, all the seniors can learn a lot from wee Jamie, with his perfect running posture and correct execution of circuit exercises, it’s clear to see he takes after his mum. Keep it up Jamie, this young man is a star in the making.

Congratulations to all our Juniors, 2018 was a fantastic year with some amazing results, hope Santa is good to you all and lets floss our way into 2019.

Club Championship 2018

Congratulations to the winners of the Mallusk Harriers club championship, Tiffany Donaldson and Lee O’Boyle. This year’s competition was longer and tougher than ever spanning 10 months. There were 18 races for the ladies and 16 for the men, the majority of which were supporting our local and not so local neighbour clubs’ races.

In the ladies’ competition, Tiffany completed 14 races winning the title with a race to spare ahead of Sarah McCafferty in second and Suzanne Brennan in third. Special mention must go to Angela Stevens who led early on before picking up an injury to rule her out for the rest of the championship. It is great to see you back at training. Also in fourth was Laura Rose who chalked up 7 first place finishes.

The men’s competition was fiercely fought between the top three and went down to the last race. Lee also completed 14 races and pipped Joe Mathers in second and two-time winner Danny Donaldson in third to put a new name on the trophy. The rivalry certainly pushed all three harder and faster towards the end of the year – well done to you all. Mark Smith in fourth took 9 first place finishes across the season.

Thanks to everyone who took part – we had 111 runners out across all the championship events. There were some unexpected moments too – tactical partnering up at the Portaferry relay race; ‘virtual’ racing at the Orangegrove relays (nobody knew who had won till after) and half the club suddenly taking to XC in search of double points. However, the crowning moment must be our Ladies’ winner Tiffany running from the car park at the Malcolm Cup to start a few minutes behind everyone in the final race she needed to win the championship. True dedication!

Club Report – Sunday 16th December 2018

Feats of endurance, sore limbs, injuries, heavy breathing, exhaustion to the point of blacking out. But enough of the Xmas dinner, let’s do the running first.

A couple of results to tidy up from last week.

Alan Ladd completed the Kirkistown Half marathon last Sunday in 1:25:45. What I didn’t realise was that he actually won the thing. Too modest Prof Ladd!

Our own runners in the very successful Jingle All the Way 5k at Stormont for the Children’s’ Hospice were:

Peter McGarry 18:18 (and 1st place), Ramunas Stanevicius 20:34, Aidy Hughes 24:04, Emily Dowling 26:31PB, David Esler 28:27, Darren Taggart 30:08, Claire McCann 30:10, Rosalind Stitt 39:01, Patricia Kane 39:31, Deirdre McCann 41:04, Jo-Anne Smyth 44:06

Doing the rounds of the parkruns were:

Valley parkrun:

Nuala Muldoon 25:03, Laura “sweatin’ it out” Rose 27:58, Owen “still under the influence” Fulton 27:58, Frances Kane 37:14

Waterworks parkrun:

Maeve Kennedy 24:51, Claire McCann 28:41

Falls parkrun:

Alan Ladd 19:15PB and first place. Well done sir, second win in a week!

Ormeau parkrun:

Jackie McCreesh 30:46

Orangefield parkrun:

Elaine HOTM Kennedy 32:46

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Tom Fleming 8:04 and 1st place (again!), Riley Kerr 12:23, Matthew Hawkins 12:32, Rhys Kerr 14:32

Neil McCready put his Speedos on to run in the Sperrin Harriers’ latest Winter League trail race, the Lough Fea 5k, finishing in 21:38.

But the week was obviously dominated by the Club Xmas Dinner. It looked to me that many of us had been in training for this event for many months. However, we also know it’s often difficult to bring out the training at the big event. You know who you are…

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 9th December 2018

As Greavsie used to say, it’s a game of two halves this week. Whilst some Harriers hit the roads (and speciality bars) in Lanzarote, others hit the mud in Cookstown. Who had the most fun is open to debate!

Doing the rounds of the parkruns were:
Valley parkrun:
Ciaran Hawkins 23:43, Tina Steele 26:51, Deborah Ewing 26:51, Emily Dowling 26:55PB, Yasmin Lynn 30:16, Frances Kane 30:49, Riley Kerr 34:38PB, Andrew “good Daddy” Kerr 34:38, Patricia Kane 45:52, Rosalind Stitt 45:53

Waterworks parkrun:
Joseph Eager 24:32PB, Maeve Kennedy 24:44, Susan Thompson 25:33, Ken McAuley 25:34, Robert Gould 25:35

Victoria parkrun:
Jackie McCreesh 26:54, Anita Piatek 29:09PB

Comber parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 49:25, Jo Smyth 49:26

This week’s tourist was Stephen Weir who completed Newcastle parkrun in 32:14. This is Newcastle Upon Tyne, not Co Down. Ah, Newcastle, home of both the Brown Ale and Lucozade. Also the site of the first covered train station in the world. And I didn’t even mention Ant nor Dec. (It’s all been downhill for them since “Ready to Rumble” to be honest).

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 10:42PB, Eloise McAuley 11:10PB

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Tom Fleming 7:35 and 1st place – well done Tom!

It now seems to be a permanent fixture in the calendar. December means dumping the kids, ignoring the Xmas shopping and, instead, fleeing to the sun as our hardy tourists take on the Lanzarote half and full marathons:

Half Marathon:
Neil Campbell 1:31:08, Laura ROTM Rose 1:46:21, Noel “shockin’ shorts” Bloomfield 2:05:21, Owen Fulton 2:19:48, Laura Campbell 2:34:48, Leeanne Skillen 2:34:48, Neill McGlinchey 2:37:33, Jennifer Maguire 3:08:48

Full Marathon:
Danny Donaldson 4:41:27, Tiffany Donaldson 5:51:51

(Gold star and teacher’s pet award to Laura Rose for posting all these results on Team App, meaning I don’t miss the Strictly Results).

In slightly different conditions on the same day the headers department got their latest day release and decided to head west to sunny Cookstown. Acorns AC put on the Mighty Oaks XC event as it’s meant to be – not flat and not dry. Not even a bit.

Under 12s
Jasper Brooks 3:07, Ryan McCready 3:19, Rory Brooks 3:35, Oran McKee 3:50

Ladies 3 mile Race:
Karen McKee 25:33, Nuala “actually on time” Muldoon 26:25, Sarah McCafferty 26:29, Sharon Dunn 26:35, Pamela McCafferty 26:40, Suzanne “purple heart” Brennan 27:21, Galina Stanevicius 29:02, Joanne “they’re my socks, okay” Milne 31:46, Roisin Brooks 33:43, Louise Ladd 36:25, Fidelma “sickbed” McCoppin 36:25, Mairead HOTM O’Hare 39:41

Men’s 4 Mile Race:
Mark Smith 26:54, Lee “didn’t mention the hill” O’Boyle 27:55, Joe Mathers 28:22, Ramunas Stanevicius 28:41, Stephen Gallagher 30:36, Kevin “gazebo king” Donnelly 31:21, Micky “they’re not real hills” McAuley 31:26, Neil McCready 33:15, Brendan McGeown 35:04, Alastair “the barefoot Zorro” Houldsworth 36:48, Aidy Hughes 37:28, David “sprint finish” Esler 44:23

And Dermot “where the hell is he now?” Boyd, as usual, on camera duties. Cheers Dermot.

Great to see both male and female teams earning points for having the full 12 runners out. It’s a reflection of the hard work done by Lee and Suzanne to encourage/threaten/bribe everyone to give it a go.

Today saw the Harriers help to host the Jingle all the Way 5k at Stormont in aid of our official charity partner, the NI Hospice. I don’t have full results but the race was won by our own Peter McGarry, with young Rory Brooks making it a Mallusk double by winning the children’s race. Well done Peter and Rory! Plus a lot of money and awareness was raised for the Hospice so a big thank you to all the Harriers who organised and marshalled this event so well. Pat yourselves on the back and have an extra Haribo this Sunday evening.

Also today, Alan Ladd did the Kirkistown Half Marathon in 1:25:43 (unofficial).

The Mudhoney track two weeks ago seemed to go down well so I thought, …. I’ll not do that again!
Here’s some 70s glam instead. (It’s good to widen your horizons…)
But this is another tune for those headers that love the mud. And stripey socks.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 2nd December 2018

Darker nights and colder weather mean a quieter racing calendar at this time of year.
Some of us are focusing more on our training for the Xmas parties than the 5ks and 10ks.

Doing the rounds of the parkruns were:
Valley parkrun:
Ramunas Stanevicius 20:30, Neil McCready 22:15PB, Alan Erwin 23:12, Neil Campbell 23:34, Joe Mathers 23:34, Nuala Muldoon 25:04, Neill McGlinchey 29:04, Frances Kane 29:19, Hilary Faith 30:02, Fidelma McCoppin 32:11, Karen O’Boyle 32:37, Sharon Thompson 35:14, Patricia Kane 36:29, Zoe O’Prey 44:18, Claire Skillen 44:32, Mairead HOTM O’Hare 44:32

Waterworks parkrun:
Susan Thompson 24:31, Angela Stevens 32:25

Victoria parkrun:
Tom Fleming 18:56PB

Orangefield parkrun:
Stephen Semple 23:59, Maeve Semple 24:24

No tourists this week! I’ll have to keep my useful facts to myself then.
Apart from, it’s impossible to say “Good Eye Might” without sounding Australian.

And ADav went to Stormont 25:44

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:09PB, Leo McAuley 11:52, Eloise McAuley 11:55, Matthew Hawkins 12:34

Yesterday was the popular road racing season closer, the Seeley Cup 10k and the Harriers were out in force:
Mark Smith 34:45, Lee O’Boyle 35:51PB, Peter McGarry 36:26PB, Joe Mathers 37:43PB, Kevin Donnelly 40:15PB, Stephen “two runs” Semple 47:55, Maeve “two runs too” Kennedy 50:14, Maeve Dunseath 54:17PB, Lisa Kerr 57:21, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 1:01:53
Well done folks, plenty of PBs there.

Also yesterday was the latest Born 2 Run event at Loughgall. Taking on the 5k was Jo-Anne Smyth 43:09.

At this stage I should say a big thank you and good luck to Ryan Maxwell and the team who, for the last 7 years, ran the NI Running website. This site was the go-to spot for me, and for previous report writers, to get our Harrier results and to keep up with the local scene in general.
It makes it all the more important that, going forward, Harriers post all their non-parkrun results in Team App. Especially the PBs!!

So, this week’s song is dedicated to the NI Running website. Cheers folks.

Until next week, behave.