Club Report – Sunday 6th January 2019

My new year’s resolution is to be less sarcastic and more positive. How long do you think this fairy tale will last?!
Anyway, resolutions are like kids – more fun making than keeping. On with the results…

Late result from last week was Dawn Dubois completing the EAMS 10k on Sunday 31st in 1:21:50.
On the same day, our vest in the west, Aidy Hughes found yet another race none of the rest of us had heard of (not even Lee!). Aidy completed the Loughmacrory 5 mile race in 43:58 (unofficial).

Traditionally, the first race of the year is the Race over the Glens. Harriers were well represented as usual:
Lee O’Boyle 35:26 (11th overall and 1st place in M35 category), Joe Mathers 38:52, Stephen Gallagher 43:06, Nuala Muldoon 49:53

Shaking off the hangovers and taking on the New Year’s Day parkruns were:
Valley parkrun:
Danny Donaldson 21:07, Christiaan Spies 21:18, Laura Rose 22:05PB (and 1st female finisher), Suzanne Brennan 23:47, Neil Campbell 24:43, Sarah McCafferty 25:11, Pamela McCafferty 25:18, Neil McCready 25:23, Galina Stanevicius 26:40PB, Ramunas Stanevicius 26:41, Noel Bloomfield 27:36, Prof Alan ROTM Ladd 27:37, Nikki Fleck 28:51, Yasmin Lynn 29:13, Claire McCann 29:29, Leo McAuley 29:33, Neill McGlinchey 29:37, Laura Campbell 29:39, Owen Fulton 29:40, Micky McAuley 29:41, Elaine HOTM Kennedy 29:43, Jim Hewitt 29:43, Philip Fleck 30:10, Anita Piatek 30:38, Oran McKee 30:43, Karen McKee 30:43, Sharon Dunn 31:54, Tiffany Donaldson 32:25, David Esler 33:22, Mairead O’Hare 37:06, Dawn Dubois 38:51PB

Antrim parkrun:
Stephen Semple 22:57, Maeve Kennedy 24:25PB, Nikki Fleck 27:40, Deborah Ewing 28:12, Tina Steele 28:13, Philip Fleck 29:24, Elaine HOTM Kennedy 29:27, Janet Grew 29:29, Jim Grew 29:29

Waterworks parkrun:
Ramunas Stanevicius 19:44PB, Danny Donaldson 19:50, Christiaan Spies 20:01PB, Laura Rose 22:00PB, Neil Campbell 22:16, Neil McCready 22:26, Noel Bloomfield 25:16, Sarah McCafferty 25:19PB, Pamela McCafferty 25:20PB, Lord Ian Brennan 25:24, Anton Piatek 26:20, Jim Hewitt 26:32, Eamon Donaghy 26:36, Galina Stanevicius 26:48PB, Paul Skillen 26:49, Leo McAuley 29:25, Claire McCann 29:33, Jasper Brooks 29:42, Paddy Brooks 29:45, Micky McAuley 29:50, Neill McGlinchey 29:58, Laura Campbell 29:59, Sharon Dunn 30:30, Rory Brooks 30:31, Roisin Brooks 30:38, Yasmin Lynn 31:19, David Esler 31:35, Tiffany Donaldson 32:40, Aaron Ladd 36:22PB, Prof Alan ROTM Ladd 36:23, Rosalind Stitt 37:16, Deirdre McCann 39:29

Orangefield parkrun:
Joanne Milne 29:31

Victoria parkrun:
Martin O’Neill 19:18, Stephen Semple 22:35, Maeve Kennedy 23:41PB

The new year tourist was Aidy Hughes who headed east (for him) to Citypark parkrun, finishing in 25:14.
Citypark parkrun is in the lovely city of Craigavon, home of the roundabout and our local version of Milton Keynes. It has a dry ski slope and a petting zoo. I once saw Gloria Hunniford in Craigavon. There is nothing else printable that I can say about Craigavon. But I love Craigavon.

Well done to all those who managed to get 2 parkruns in this morning. Let’s see you keep that effort up all year now!

Saturday January 5th parkruns:
Valley parkrun:
Prof Alan ROTM Ladd 19:25PB (and 2nd overall), Tom Fleming 20:00 (3rd overall), Danny Donaldson 21:35, Neil “ton up” Campbell 22:10, Ken McAuley 22:58, Alan Erwin 23:15, Joe Mathers 23:22, Noel Bloomfield 24:14, Damien Cole 24:36, Lord Ian Brennan 25:31, Susan Thompson 25:33, Terry McIvor 25:42, Brendan McGeown 26:36, Jim Hewitt 26:50, Yasmin Lynn 26:53, Neill McGlinchey 27:15, Jasper Brooks 27:23PB, Paul Skillen 27:24, Lisa Kerr 28:14PB, Oran McKee 29:01, Karen McKee 29:01, Emily Dowling 29:58, Roisin Brooks 30:09, Nuala Muldoon 30:29, Frances Kane 30:37, Rory Brooks 30:53PB, Paddy Brooks 30:54, Karen O’Boyle 31:17, Sharon Dunn 32:07, Tiffany Donaldson 32:22, David Esler 36:12, Christopher Campbell 36:37, Laura Rose 36:38, Patricia Kane 37:39, Deirdre McCann 42:10, Lorraine Forsythe 1:02:20, Owen Fulton 1:02:21
Congratulations to Mr Chairman Campbell on completing his 100th parkrun!

Waterworks parkrun:
Robert Gould 23:25

Antrim parkrun:
Stephen “ice cream with a flake in it” Semple 22:14, Maeve Kennedy 24:38, Joseph Eager 24:42, Tina Steele 27:56, Deborah Ewing 28:00, Janet Grew 29:06, Mairead O’Hare 33:30PB, Dawn Dubois 37:19

ECOS parkrun:
Sharon Thompson 34:25, Miriam Clarke 36:51PB, Josi McKeating 37:19

Queens parkrun:
James Guinn 28:00, Elaine HOTM Kennedy 47:39

Yesterday’s tourist was our very own CHO and Zorro impersonator, Alastair Houldsworth who completed Cliffe Castle parkrun in 21:55. Cliffe Castle parkrun is in Keighley. We’ve spoken of it before back in November so let’s not repeat ourselves.

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:15, Leo McAuley 10:00, Owen Dunseath 10:45, Matthew Hawkins 11:06, Eloise McAuley 11:09, Hollie Brennan 15:41

Yesterday also saw the latest Born2Run event at Tollymore. Competing in the 10k race were Ramunas and Galina Stanevicius, finishing in 41:34 and 58:13 respectively.

This week’s tune is really a theme and is in honour of Mr Campbell on his 100th parkrun. He knows why – he knows what he’s doing!

Until next week, behave.