Club Report – Sunday 14th April

Another week full of running. A week full of headers and heroes. So let’s shut up and get on with it.

Firstly, taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Ramunas Stanevicius 21:13, Noel Bloomfield 23:55, Neill McGlinchey 28:03, Anton Piatek 29:18, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:25, Ethan Hutchinson 29:25, Galina Stanevicius 29:58, Jennifer Maguire 46:40

Waterworks parkrun:
Kevin Donnelly 18:34PB, Sean Doherty 22:19PB
I should note that Mr Donnelly not only set a new PB, beating his previous sub 20 course best by almost a minute. He was also first finisher. Please stop now Kevin as you are making the rest of us look bad. But we still salute you Sir.

Antrim parkrun:
Neil McCready 20:11PB, Alan Kerr 25:20, Tina Steele 28:55, Elaine Kennedy 29:10, Ryan McCready 31:50

Stranmillis parkrun:
Susan Thompson 25:44, Ken McAuley 25:45

Ormeau parkrun:
Eamonn Donaghy 23:03

MUSA parkrun:
Aidy Hughes 24:55

Newcastle parkrun:
Stephen Weir 29:38

Oughterard parkrun:
Lord Ian Brennan 25:11, Amy O’Boyle 51:00, Karen O’Boyle 51:03, Owen Fulton 51:14, Suzanne Brennan 51:15

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:23, Matthew Hawkins 11:43, Jamie Campbell 16:07PB

The racing started back on Tuesday evening with ladies only Ballymena Belles 5 mile road race:
Karen McKee 37:06PB, Sarah McCafferty 37:53PB, Petunia McCafferty 39:32PB (okay, Patricia), Maeve Dunseath 41:29, Anita Piatek 45:12PB, Roisin Brooks 46:50, Louise Long 47:20, Angela Stevens 48:48, Suzanne Brennan 50:40, Mairead O’Hare 55:11PB
Many thanks ladies for postings all your results on Team App. No club name on official results so it really helped. (Especially as I was late writing this after watching the golf!)

Then on Saturday, 2 Harriers headed off to scenic Glenarm for the last Born2Run event. Dermot Boyd came out from behind the camera to complete the 5k in 34:26. Jonny Smith completed the Half Marathon in 1:53:30.

Today was a busy day too. Several Harriers continued their training for the Belfast Marathon by taking part in the scenic Craigavon Three Quarter Marathon, just 6 laps of the balancing lakes:
Stephen Gallagher 2:18:41, Karen McKee 2:37:13, Jim Guinn 3:08:12, Neill McGlinchey 3:46:41, Leeanne Skillen 3:53:01

Also today was the MS Society Subway Half in Belfast:
Alan Ladd 1:19:37PB, Angela Stevens 2:10:35, Roisin Brooks 2:02:06, Anita Piatek 2:13:03PB, Yasmin Lynn 2:19:52, Mairead O’Hare 2:26:49PB

Doing the full marathon distance today was Craig Mills who completed the Brighton marathon (his 89th!!) in 3:34:24.

But even this distance was not enough for some. Yes, our header department had a day out as 8 of them took on the Connemara Ultra. A nice flat 39 mile course. In the wind. And the rain. And the cold. Lovely.
First Harrier home was Lee O’Boyle who finished in second place with an amazing time of 4:42:15
Well done Sir. A real reward for all the training you have put in.
Micky McAuley 5:52:17, Joe Mathers 6:15:59, Danny Donaldson 6:33:04, Christiaan Spies 6:33:04, Sharon Dunn 7:26:23, Suzanne Brennan 7:40:48, Tiffany Donaldson 8:28:43
Also, Kevin “only here for the beer” Donnelly decided he had done enough with 2 PBs in a week and “only” did the Half Marathon distance in 1:41:49 (unofficial)

This week’s tune speaks for itself.

Until next week, behave.