Club Report – Sunday 28th April 2019

“Dull would he be of soul who could pass by a sight so touching in its majesty”

“If, when, why, what, how much have you got? Have you got it, do you get it, if so, how often? And which do you choose, a hard or soft option?”

William Wordsworth and The Pet Shop Boys may have phrased it differently but they all knew that a weekend in London was one to remember. More later.

Firstly, taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Tom Fleming 22:47, Noel Bloomfield 25:05, Paul Skillen 25:09, Sarah McCafferty 25:28, Pamela McCafferty 26:01, Nuala Muldoon 26:22, Eamonn Donaghy 26:41, Stephen Weir 31:10, Yasmin Lynn 31:36, Terry McIvor 32:20

Waterworks parkrun:
Stephen Semple 24:08

Orangefield parkrun:
Joanne Milne 30:01

MUSA parkrun:
Aidy Hughes 24:15

This week’s tourist ended up at the birthplace of the parkrun, Bushy Park. Elaine Kennedy added yet another parkrun location to her list, finishing in 50:30.

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 10:11, Owen Dunseath 10:30, Eloise McAuley 11:19, Leo McAuley 11:19, Erin Dunseath 16:03

The running started back on Easter Monday as a few Harriers were first to run off the Easter eggs at the Whitehead 5 mile:
Kevin Donnelly 32:13, Neil McCready 33:49, Yasmin Lynn 49:07, Dermot Boyd 51:03.

Then on Tuesday the ladies took over in the Springwell Purple Ladies 5k:
Anita Piatek 26:47, Suzanne Brennan 27:40, Roisin Bradley 31:18, Mairead “2 races a week at least” O’Hare 33:50

Then this afternoon was the Armagh 10k:
Ramunas Stanevicius 39:35PB, Kevin Donnelly (again) 40:29, Galina Stanevicius 1:06:19

A big thanks to John Black and who are taking up the space left by NI Running and keeping us poor report writers sane by posting loads of local race results. Cheers!

But the highlight of the week was the London Marathon and our own Magnificent Seven were glad to see temperatures this year were more like Mallusk than Malaga. (Thankfully, taps were definitely on)

Prof Alan Ladd, the birthday boy, was first home in a PB (and close to club record) 2:53:50
Patricia HOTM Curistan 3:35:55 another PB
Laura Rose 3:40:15
Deborah Ewing 4:25:04
Elaine Kennedy 5:16:35
Janet “it’s only a twinge” Grew 5:36:47
Mairead “The Newbie” O’Hare 5:47:43

Time for some well earned celebrations all round folks.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 21st April 2019

Happy Easter to all you Harriers, hope the bunny brought you plenty of chocolate. The Cavillator has took his well earned break so you’re stuck with work experience boy this week.

Glad there is not much to report with very little racing this week, as everyone has their taps aff, Benny McGeown is regularly seen running around Mallusk with not a tap on when the big yellow thing is high in the sky.

Scott Dowling and Emily Dowling took on the event in Ballybunion, Co. Kerry, with Scott finishing the half marathon in 1.58.59 and Emily completing the 10K in 1.08.59

Now onto the parkrun results.

At the Valley, it was the launch of the 24 in 24, a number of brave Harriers, men and women will take on the crazy challenge on the 29th June 2019, I thought the Ultras were bad last week but these guys are a different breed however all in aid of a worthy cause and our charity partner Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice.

First finisher was our young superstar Tom Fleming in 19.27PB, if you blinked you would miss him, Ramunas Stanevicius 19.59, James Hewitt 25.30PB, Laura Rose 26.24, Karen McKee 26.25, Danny Donaldson 26.26, Jim Guinn 26.26, Neil Campbell 26.26, Aidy Hughes 26.27, Stephen Gallagher 26.28, Joe Mathers 26.28, Odhran Skillen 26.52, Michael McFarlane 26.52, Anton Piatek 27.32, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29.10PB, Hannah Hope 29.23PB, Pamela McCafferty 29.31, Sarah McCafferty 29.42, Marie McFarlane 29.43, Joanne Milne 30.32, Yasmin Lynn 30.39, Jasper Brooks 31.01, Paddy Brooks 31.07, Sharon Dunn 31.44, Tiffany Donaldson 31.45, Paul Skillen 33.40, Galina Stanevicius 35.04, Lorraine Forsythe 54.56

Antrim Parkrun

Alan Kerr 25.01, Elaine Kennedy 29.11, Tina Steele 30.42

Waterworks Parkrun

Neil McCready 22.28, Ryan McCready28.18,

Victoria Parkrun

Kevin Donnelly 18.29

Portrush Parkrun

David Esler 27.17, Riley Kerr 35.17, Andrew Kerr 35.20

Castlewellan Parkrun

Stephen Semple 27.19, Joseph Eager 27.18, Maeve Kennedy 42.08

Orangefield Parkrun

Ben Davidson 24.03

Now onto the junior parkruns

Jordanstown junior parkrun

Mathew Hawkins 11.16

Waterworks junior parkrun

Joseph Eager 9.55, Eloise McAuley 10.44, Leo McAuley 11.09, Jamie Campbell 15.03, Hollie Brennan 15.48.

With the London and Belfast marathons quickly approaching and the last of the long miles being completed good luck to everyone, trust your training be safe and more importantly have fun.

Sorry in advance if anything has been missed but I am taking my tap aff and going for a run!

Work Experience Boy..

Harrier of the Month – March 2019

Harrier of the month – March

It was great to see so many nominations this month for Harrier of the month and for so many different people too. The success of the club shines through in many ways. In the winter months the team spirit was so evident at the XC races where the vociferous support helped our runners round each course and climb the league.

In March, as many of us started to tackle our big goals of the year, the support may not have been so concentrated in one place. For many there have already been huge ups and downs, PBs and injuries.

What makes being part of a club great is the arm round the shoulder following disappointment or the quiet words of encouragement after a hard session and of course celebrating each other’s successes. The nominations this month prove that this kind of support in the club is widespread and appreciated.

In March there were nominations for:

Cavillator – where would we be on a Sunday night if we didn’t have our weekly dose of Mallusk Harriers news and a tasteful tune (mostly!).

Emily Dowling – collected all our packs for Larne half marathon and waited around in our typical baltic weather to distribute them.

Ian Brennan – “Ian’s progress through his current marathon training shows his strong spirit and determination.”

Karen McKee – “Karen is such a positive person to be around in the club, always encouraging and supporting others.”

Lee O’Boyle, Alan Ladd and Neil Campbell – deservedly described as ‘rookies’ in the fell running arena, were nominated for helping Micky on the Denis Rankin round with “Military precision and true Harrier spirit”. Alan was also nominated for the Monday night ‘drop in clinic’.

Micky McAuley – as well as his numerous nominations for ROTM was nominated for HOTM “This man is a true inspiration and doesn’t allow anything beat him!”

Suzanne Brennan – was nominated for all the work she does as ladies’ captain and coach on top of training for her first ultra! “Suzanne constantly attends events encouraging folk; that’s just what she’s does.”

Well done everyone who was nominated and also those who weren’t this month but who are still doing great work for the club – you can’t all be nominated every time!

This month’s winner by a country mile (if that country mile is the last mile of the Larne half marathon) was Patricia Curistan. Patricia always has a kind word to say to others and her own running feats are an inspiration to many at the club.

However, Patricia probably managed to clock up more miles on the day of the Larne half marathon than anyone else that day despite only running the last half mile, by running it over and over again to give each weary harrier a final push over the line.

Here’s what some had to say:
“Patricia showed brilliant support at Larne, running alongside plenty of Harriers on the final stretch. I was in pain, but her encouragement helped me over the line.”

“After a long run, Patricia ran back and forward getting Harriers over the line. I wouldn’t have finished without her, the epitome of true harrier spirit.”

“For running so many in in Larne giving them that final push. A fantastic girl and always smiling”

“Selflessly helping other Harriers across the line at Larne. Always offering support to her fellow Harriers and a hug to those in need. A true asset to the club.”

A very worthy winner Patricia, we wish you all the best in London at the end of the month!

Club Report – Sunday 14th April

Another week full of running. A week full of headers and heroes. So let’s shut up and get on with it.

Firstly, taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Ramunas Stanevicius 21:13, Noel Bloomfield 23:55, Neill McGlinchey 28:03, Anton Piatek 29:18, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:25, Ethan Hutchinson 29:25, Galina Stanevicius 29:58, Jennifer Maguire 46:40

Waterworks parkrun:
Kevin Donnelly 18:34PB, Sean Doherty 22:19PB
I should note that Mr Donnelly not only set a new PB, beating his previous sub 20 course best by almost a minute. He was also first finisher. Please stop now Kevin as you are making the rest of us look bad. But we still salute you Sir.

Antrim parkrun:
Neil McCready 20:11PB, Alan Kerr 25:20, Tina Steele 28:55, Elaine Kennedy 29:10, Ryan McCready 31:50

Stranmillis parkrun:
Susan Thompson 25:44, Ken McAuley 25:45

Ormeau parkrun:
Eamonn Donaghy 23:03

MUSA parkrun:
Aidy Hughes 24:55

Newcastle parkrun:
Stephen Weir 29:38

Oughterard parkrun:
Lord Ian Brennan 25:11, Amy O’Boyle 51:00, Karen O’Boyle 51:03, Owen Fulton 51:14, Suzanne Brennan 51:15

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:23, Matthew Hawkins 11:43, Jamie Campbell 16:07PB

The racing started back on Tuesday evening with ladies only Ballymena Belles 5 mile road race:
Karen McKee 37:06PB, Sarah McCafferty 37:53PB, Petunia McCafferty 39:32PB (okay, Patricia), Maeve Dunseath 41:29, Anita Piatek 45:12PB, Roisin Brooks 46:50, Louise Long 47:20, Angela Stevens 48:48, Suzanne Brennan 50:40, Mairead O’Hare 55:11PB
Many thanks ladies for postings all your results on Team App. No club name on official results so it really helped. (Especially as I was late writing this after watching the golf!)

Then on Saturday, 2 Harriers headed off to scenic Glenarm for the last Born2Run event. Dermot Boyd came out from behind the camera to complete the 5k in 34:26. Jonny Smith completed the Half Marathon in 1:53:30.

Today was a busy day too. Several Harriers continued their training for the Belfast Marathon by taking part in the scenic Craigavon Three Quarter Marathon, just 6 laps of the balancing lakes:
Stephen Gallagher 2:18:41, Karen McKee 2:37:13, Jim Guinn 3:08:12, Neill McGlinchey 3:46:41, Leeanne Skillen 3:53:01

Also today was the MS Society Subway Half in Belfast:
Alan Ladd 1:19:37PB, Angela Stevens 2:10:35, Roisin Brooks 2:02:06, Anita Piatek 2:13:03PB, Yasmin Lynn 2:19:52, Mairead O’Hare 2:26:49PB

Doing the full marathon distance today was Craig Mills who completed the Brighton marathon (his 89th!!) in 3:34:24.

But even this distance was not enough for some. Yes, our header department had a day out as 8 of them took on the Connemara Ultra. A nice flat 39 mile course. In the wind. And the rain. And the cold. Lovely.
First Harrier home was Lee O’Boyle who finished in second place with an amazing time of 4:42:15
Well done Sir. A real reward for all the training you have put in.
Micky McAuley 5:52:17, Joe Mathers 6:15:59, Danny Donaldson 6:33:04, Christiaan Spies 6:33:04, Sharon Dunn 7:26:23, Suzanne Brennan 7:40:48, Tiffany Donaldson 8:28:43
Also, Kevin “only here for the beer” Donnelly decided he had done enough with 2 PBs in a week and “only” did the Half Marathon distance in 1:41:49 (unofficial)

This week’s tune speaks for itself.

Until next week, behave.


Runner of the Month – March 2019

With marathon and half marathon training plans in full swing we have had so many improvements from all members of the club throughout the month of March.

Thank you to everyone who voted. 😁

There were a number of individuals nominated this month👏

Kevin Donnelly

“Kevin has trained so quietly towards Manchester Marathon achieving a fantastic time at Carlingford Half Marathon. Kevin always offers support and encouragement to so many, his dedication to training is admired by so many. ”

Leo McAuley

“Brilliant result for Craic 10k wee superstar”

Louise Ladd

“Super performance at Larne half with an 8 min PB. Consistent training, going from strength to strength, always has a smile and an encouraging word! ”

Maeve Dunseath

“Maeve’s focus and determination. Maeve returned to running from injury with Larne Half Marathon as a goal. Not only did she succeed but she hit so many PBs along the way, entering race and after race – each time getting stronger and stronger. ”

Mairead O’Hare

” For yet another great PB SHE JUGGLES SO MUCH TO GET OUT RUNNING. ”

Sharon Dunn

“Sharon has shown true dedication to her current training plan and you can see the hard work paying of as she glides through the miles. She is getting faster and stronger every week, keep it up!! ”

Suzanne Brennan

“I’ve seen first hand her dedication to the Connemara training plan and as much as it hurts to say I really do admire her..”

Stephen Gallagher

“Consistently achieving great results and dedication to the marathon program ”

“Stephen’s dedicated training is paying off in spades, with consistently impressive times culminating in a fantastic PB at Larne.”

Micky McAuley

“For completing the EAMS 6 hour challenge and also for completing the Denis Rankin Round. Mickey is an inspiration to us all whilst being so humble! Absolute legend!”

“For finishing the Rankin round”

“Micky achieves the unbelievable! Completing the Denis Rankin Round was yet another fantastic performance. Micky is a true gent, he’s always encouraging others, no matter their capability or goals.”

“What Micky achieved this month with his epic mountain run is just amazing – that would make him a worthy ROTM alone, but when combined with his great attitude, completely humble and unassuming, makes his achievement even more special. ”

But there can only one winner… 🏆

Peter McGarry

“Peter has delivered a couple of amazing back to back performances, at Larne and then at Titanic, and has trained really hard to make this possible with more to come. Can’t wait to see what he achieves in the months ahead.”

“Fantastic results in both the Larne half marathon and Titanic 10k ”

“Dedication to his training has produced an outstanding 15th place at Larne Half, and PB in Titanic 10K, to name a few. Amazing results Peter!”

“For his outstanding run in Larne half marathon and club record time at Titanic 10k”

“Outstanding runs at Larne Half Marathon and Titanic 10k”

” Really stepped it up this month, impressive PBs, finishing positions and club records. Exciting future ahead”

A huge WELL DONE Peter! May the great running continue! 👏

Also well done to everyone nominated and happy training for April.🏃‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️


Club Report – Sunday 7th April 2019

Plenty of running this week, so let’s crack on.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Martin O’NEILL 19:21 (and 2nd overall), Neil CAMPBELL 23:48, Sean DOHERTY 24:08PB, Paul SKILLEN 24:11, Lee-Anne HUTCHINSON 29:33, Ethan HUTCHINSON 29:33, Roisin BROOKS 31:00, Amy O’BOYLE 45:19, Karen O’BOYLE 45:21, Rosalind STITT 46:42, Patricia KANE 46:42, Lorraine Ann FORSYTHE 50:11, Jennifer MAGUIRE 50:41, Noel BLOOMFIELD 50:41
And well done Lee-Anne on your 50th parkrun!

Waterworks parkrun:
Neil MCCREADY 19:54PB (and 3rd overall), Eamonn DONAGHY 23:36, James HEWITT 25:35, Michael MCFARLANE 26:31, Kevin DONNELLY 26:46, Catherine MULLAN 29:17,
Frances KANE 31:53, Tiffany DONALDSON 33:27, Danny DONALDSON 33:28, Matthew ALLEN 39:16

Victoria parkrun:
Stephen Weir 29:29PB

Falls parkrun:
Maeve Dunseath 26:06

Ormeau parkrun:
Ken McAuley 22:13, Susan Thompson 24:26

Antrim parkrun:
Alan Kerr 30:10, Deborah Ewing 30:42, Angela Stevens 36:28

Orangefield parkrun:
Ben Davidson 22:31PB

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:00PB, Eloise McAuley 10:15PB, Leo McAuley 14:30
(Last week was Joseph Eager 9:22, Eloise McAuley 11:04, Leo McAuley 14:18)

The racing started back on Wednesday evening with the flat and fast Queens 5k. Plenty of PBs and pizza as usual:
Mark Smith 18:06, Tom Fleming 19:10, Neil McCready 19:23PB, Paddy Brooks 21:35PB, Aidy Hughes 25:30, Angela Stevens 28:39

Omagh was the venue on Saturday for the half marathon and 5k.
Aidy Hughes 24:20
Half Marathon
Ramunas Stanevicius 1:26:52PB, Jim Guinn 1:49:22, Sarah McCafferty 1:53:01, Pamela (sometimes Patricia) McCafferty 1:53:04, Galina Stanevicius 2:12:49

Also on Saturday, 2 Harriers, Elaine Kennedy and Mairead O’Hare took on the EAMs Fatlad series, completing the half marathon distance. Janet Grew went one further (or at least half a one further) and completed the full marathon distance. No times available.

Final result comes from Manchester (Dance cap-ee-tal of England) where Kevin Donnelly took part in the city’s marathon. Kevin finished in an amazing 3:01:11. A huge PB and a great example to us all that training hard pays off. There are no shortcuts.

So this week’s tune is for Kevin – from some older Manchester legends to a new one.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 31st March 2019

It’s not easy being a mother. If it was, fathers would do it. So Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there who are powered by love, fuelled by coffee and sustained by wine.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Eamonn DONAGHY 24:03, Scott DOWLING 24:06PB, Paul SKILLEN 24:42, Catherine MULLAN 28:01, Alan LADD 28:39, Neil CAMPBELL 28:39, Ryan MCCREADY 28:42PB, Anita PIATEK 29:37, Ethan HUTCHINSON 29:45, Lee-Anne HUTCHINSON 29:46, Yasmin LYNN 31:12, Emily DOWLING 31:26, Roisin BROOKS 31:26, Stephen WEIR 32:29, Patricia KANE 41:46, Amy O’BOYLE 42:04, Karen O’BOYLE 42:04, Rosalind STITT 43:42, Deirdre MCCANN 44:31, Noel BLOOMFIELD 48:51

Waterworks parkrun:

Danny DONALDSON 19:51, Anthony MCKEATING 22:21, Ken MCAULEY 22:52, Susan THOMPSON 23:35, James HEWITT 25:00, Claire MCCANN 31:17, Marie MCFARLANE 31:32, Tiffany DONALDSON 32:09

Ormeau parkrun:
Sarah McCafferty 26:30, Pamela McCafferty 26:42

MUSA parkrun:
Aidy Hughes 24:12

Waterworks junior parkrun:
This week’s results not yet posted.
(Last week was Joseph Eager 9:38, Leo McAuley 11:16, Eloise McAuley 11:16)

Earlier this week I noticed that our own mountain-based header, Micky McAuley, completed the Denis Rankin Round, only the 39th person to do so. This is a challenge linking all the Mourne Mountain summits over 400m. The route is about 90km, involves 6,200m of climbing and must be done within 24 hours. We salute you Sir. Did someone mention Barkley…….?

The big event this week was the Titanic 10k, with plenty of Harriers taking part in both the junior and senior events:
1k Junior Race
Adam McCann 3:16 (and 3rd overall), Jasper Brooks 4:14, Rory Brooks 4:33, Peter McCann 4:34, Oran McKee 4:49
Peter McGarry 34:11PB, Mark Smith 36:42, Martin O’Neill 37:27PB, Paddy Brooks 45:29PB, Brian McDonald 47:19, Maeve Dunseath 49:30PB, Scott Dowling 49:28PB (and 2nd PB of the weekend!), Aidy Hughes 51:36, Emily Dowling 55:24, Angela Stevens 58:21

Last year I think I posted a Mother’s Day song from Mr T. It’s hard to beat that to be honest so this week’s tune is for a different reason.
Yes, it was the birthday this week of my sister from another mister.
For some reason, every time I think of this person, I think of this scene. Think I need help.
Happy birthday ADav!

Until next week, behave.