Harrier of the Month – May 2019

May has been a busy month for all the harriers. We have seen many events including Belfast Marathon and the beginning of our C25k programme.

A huge thank you to all the club members you came out to support at these events. Without you these wouldn’t be as successful or as memorableĀ šŸ’•

There have been quite a number of nominations for HOTM this monthĀ šŸ˜

Karen McKee
ā€¢Karen works hard behind the scenes scoping out and applying for grants as well as securing sponsorship for 24in24 with Decathlon.

Karen McKee, Laura Rose & Jenny Maguire
ā€¢For stepping forward to help run the C25k.

Laura Campbell
ā€¢Putting all her time and effort sorting all out for our 24in24 challenge

Peter McGarry
ā€¢Peter set a new club record at the Belfast marathon in May which is testament to his dedication to training, determination and love of running. Well done Peter.

Sarah McCafferty
ā€¢Despite a serious injury Sarah is there supporting and encouraging everyone. Sarah you will an amazing coach! Shining bright in the face of adversity

ā€¢Sarah was injured for the marathon but all her hard work and improvements deserve to be recognised. She turned up at the line and gave it her best shot.

Suzanne Brennan
ā€¢Dealing with the high demands of the BCM bus and lots of stressing harriers

HOTM this month with majority vote and most definitely a worthy winner – it can only be our number 1 social boy


ā€¢Ian has given up his time to take c25k. Always at social events setting up the club gazebo providing refreshments and most importantly – beers! No other social boy like him. Thank you ian!!!

ā€¢Unassuming and ever working hard in the background, Ian has been slogging away at the C25K. Fantastic work Ian

ā€¢A great day at the Belfast Marathon was made possible with Ian putting a lot of effort into the Gazebo setup at the finish line and the after party BBQ at the hub

ā€¢For the job he done at belfast getting after drinks sorted and bbq for runners.

ā€¢Ian worked just as hard, if not harder, than the marathon runners at Belfast. A massive amount of time and effort in to looking after the runners with the Gazebo, refreshments and single handedly BBQ-ing for all the Harriers. On top of all that he has still had time to step in and take the C25K.

ā€¢Ian has put in so much work behind the scenes, organising everything before and after the Belfast Marathon, plus overseeing the C25K programme.

ā€¢Marathon beer and BBQ, this guy knows how to make running less terrible

Thank you Ian for all your hard work.Ā šŸ˜ŠWe really appreciate your time and effort in all you do.

Well done to everyone nominatedĀ šŸ‘