Club Report – Sunday 23rd June 2019

June is bustin’ out all over. So said Rodgers & Hammerstein (in that musical with the silly song about walking alone) but they obviously hadn’t spent much time in Mallusk. In fact, the sun only came out to annoy the headers in Victoria park this weekend.

This reporter thanks those Harriers who managed to cover just the 12 different parkruns this week:
Valley parkrun:
Alastair Houldsworth 21:17, Paul Skillen 23:20, Noel Bloomfield 25:38, Alan Erwin 26:32, David Esler 28:40, Anton Piatek 30:27, Yasmin Lynn 30:45, Aaron Ladd 33:28PB, Karen O’Boyle 33:29, Prof Alan Ladd 33:30, Terry McIvor 47:23, Jennifer Maguire 51:48

Waterworks parkrun (this week sponsored by Brooks):
Maeve Kennedy 25:54, Joseph Eager 26:55, Rory Brooks 28:11PB, Paddy “good Daddy” Brooks 28:12PB, Jasper Brooks 28:30PB, Roisin Brooks 29:26, Michael McFarlane 35:57, Marie McFarlane 35:58

ECOS parkrun:
Tom Fleming 19:52PB

Queens parkrun:
Stephen Smyth 21:41, Jim Guinn 27:58
And well done Jim on completing your 100th parkrun.

Falls parkrun:
Ken McAuley 22:31, Susan Thompson 25:56

Antrim parkrun:
Tina Steele 33:38

Seems there was a bit of a competition on for tourist of the week this week. Elaine Kennedy had her usual attempt at it, this time at Rostrevor 36:13. Then Alan Kerr tried for it at Portrush 24:42. He was matched by Philip Fleck who, Scholeseque, came out of retirement to complete his 50th parkrun in 31:40. The vest in the west also had a go, Aidy Hughes completing MUSA in 24:35. Neil “sub 20” McCready and son Ryan then had a go completing Castlewellan in 19:29PB and 28:08 respectively. Kevin Donnelly was a strong contender completing Claremorris parkrun in 19:25, breaking 20 mins again and coming second whilst he was at it.
But there can only be one winner and it is, obviously, Fidelma McCoppin. Fidelma took on the beast that is Citypark parkrun in Craigavon, finishing in 33:43. Craigavon, home of the roundabout, is also home to the Craigavon Cowboys, winners of the inaugural Shamrock Bowl (luckily named Shamrock Bowl 1) in 1986. So there. (Stop laughing Brennan).

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 10:00, Eloise McAuley 11:08, Leo McAuley 12:44

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Ben Halliday 11:28, Matthew Hawkins 11:51

And, in the greatest reunion since the Spice Girls, ADav reappeared at the Valley, finishing in 22:47.

Wednesday saw the latest running of the Lisburn 10k and Half Marathon, always popular with the Harriers:

Juniors Fun Run:
Ben Halliday 21:11

Ramunas Stanevicius 39:39, Alan “always a PB” Erwin 42:33PB, Dermot Boyd 1:01:58, Galina Stanevicius 1:02:07, Roseann McGeown 1:03:51

Half Marathon:
Martin O’Neill 1:28:40, Paddy Brooks 1:48:45, Angela Stevens 2:08:56, Kerry McDowell 2:24:57

On Thursday, Joe Mathers took part in the latest Grant Thornton 5k on the runway of Belfast City Airport finishing in a time of 18:51.

On Friday it was the turn of the Comber 10k:
Jonathan Carter 41:08, Mike Halliday 42:41, Paddy Brooks (again!) 45:59

No official results yet but a big congratulations to Craig Mills and our two relay teams who took part in the Energia 24 hour race yesterday and today. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Headers.

So this week’s tune is for everyone who survived both the heat and twilight hours of Victoria Park. And for those who went along to help them, ;augh at them or both. We salute you all.

Until next week, behave.


Runner of the Month – May 2019

May was Belfast Marathon month and no surprise that the nominations for ROTM are dominated by those who were taking part.
We now know that those marathoners were actually ultra-marathoners by 500m or so, however our first nomination for May goes to a duo who took on an Ultra of all other proportions.
Tiffany and Danny Donaldson
“This is a joint nomination for these two amazing crazies who take on distances and terrains that would make a hardy sailor cry. Their adventure at the Cateran 55 mile ultra was an incredible achievement. An absolutely inspiring pair.”
Clare Teer, Louise Ladd, Lisa Kerr, Karen McKee, Pamela McCafferty and Dave Gibson all received nominees for their efforts in Belfast Marathon.
Clare, “for her preparation leading up to the Belfast City Marathon, her first Marathon, she managed to overcome lots of challenges along her journey.”
Louise and Lisa, “often go under the radar because they had to do a lot of their long runs on their own but they both followed their plans and ran a great first marathon in Belfast.”
Pamela, “showing dedication and commitment along with her daughter when training for her first marathon.”
As runners, we are all too aware that injury can be looming just around the corner.
Angela Stevens was out for a long time due to injury, but through patience, persistence and determination she has shown us this month that injury makes the comeback all the sweeter
“Angela has made a fantastic return after her horrendous injury at Sea to Sky last Summer with PBs at Valley and Waterworks parkruns and at the Newry Half Marathon. She’s ever supportive and aces all her races. Great to have you back Angela.”
“Great to see Angela back to her best after a long spell on the sideline – some great recent performances at parkrun and the Pure Running Half Marathon series”
However, there was a clear winner this month and fully deserved considering how he blasted around his first marathon in an incredible time, hardly breaking in to a sweat, lots of potential to come in the future and a great discipline in sticking religiously to his training plan….
ROTM for May is: Stephen Gallagher
“Smashing his first marathon with an unbelievable time”
“Stephen worked very hard and executed his marathon plan to perfection. A superb time for a first marathon, some great things to come!”
“Absolutely smashed Belfast. His training and progress has been great to watch. He has gone from strength to strength. Well done Stephen!”
Congratulations to all the nominees and thank you to everyone who voted!

Club Report – Sunday 16th June 2019

It’s Father’s Day! The day where we all renew our annual stocks of pants and socks. Where we pretend it really is the best meal we’ve ever had. When what we really want is what made us fathers in the first place……

Firstly, taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Ramunas Stanevicius 19:52, Neil McCready 21:03, Alastair Houldsworth 21:48, Alan Erwin 22:03PB, Ciaran Hawkins 23:02PB, Noel Bloomfield 24:42, Neil Campbell 25:33, Anita Piatek 27:40PB, David Esler 28:00, Maeve Dunseath 28:46, Ben Davidson 29:35, Michael McFarlane 34:08, Sophie Davidson 35:17, Joanne Milne 35:19

Queens parkrun:
Stephen Smyth 21:46

Antrim parkrun:
Ken McAuley 22:17, Susan Thompson 24:08, Alan Kerr 24:25, Maeve Kennedy 26:29, Elaine Kennedy 30:33

Stranmillis parkrun:
Jim “ice cream with a flake” Guinn 29:50

This week’s tourist is Tina Steele who went the whole way to Portrush! Tina finished in 29:43. Amazingly, this is also the predicted average price of a pint in Portrush during the Open weekend.

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:14, Leo McAuley 9:17, Eloise McAuley 10:27, Hollie Brennan 16:00

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Ben Halliday 12:04

Racing began on Tuesday this week with the third and final Woodburn Trail Race. Completing the trio was Alan Kerr in 41:37 with Elaine Kennedy finishing in 46:19.

On Friday night, Elaine Kennedy (again!) took on the Aghalee 5k and finished in 44:23.

I know there were plenty of Harriers at the EAMS 6 hour challenge on Friday night (and the previous week) but I can’t find any results posted publicly anywhere.

On Saturday, Shane’s Castle was the venue for the Born 2 Run event, Run for Roscor, over 5k and 10k.
Our very own, in form, Peter McGarry was there for the 10k and, following Lee’s lead last week, went and won the thing. Peter finished in 35:11, over a minute ahead of the second finisher. Well done Sir.

So this week’s tune is for the Dads in the club. Not a classic, just funny. Slightly.
A good description of most of us too.

Until next week, behave.


Harrier of the Month – May 2019

May has been a busy month for all the harriers. We have seen many events including Belfast Marathon and the beginning of our C25k programme.

A huge thank you to all the club members you came out to support at these events. Without you these wouldn’t be as successful or as memorable 💕

There have been quite a number of nominations for HOTM this month 😁

Karen McKee
•Karen works hard behind the scenes scoping out and applying for grants as well as securing sponsorship for 24in24 with Decathlon.

Karen McKee, Laura Rose & Jenny Maguire
•For stepping forward to help run the C25k.

Laura Campbell
•Putting all her time and effort sorting all out for our 24in24 challenge

Peter McGarry
•Peter set a new club record at the Belfast marathon in May which is testament to his dedication to training, determination and love of running. Well done Peter.

Sarah McCafferty
•Despite a serious injury Sarah is there supporting and encouraging everyone. Sarah you will an amazing coach! Shining bright in the face of adversity

•Sarah was injured for the marathon but all her hard work and improvements deserve to be recognised. She turned up at the line and gave it her best shot.

Suzanne Brennan
•Dealing with the high demands of the BCM bus and lots of stressing harriers

HOTM this month with majority vote and most definitely a worthy winner – it can only be our number 1 social boy


•Ian has given up his time to take c25k. Always at social events setting up the club gazebo providing refreshments and most importantly – beers! No other social boy like him. Thank you ian!!!

•Unassuming and ever working hard in the background, Ian has been slogging away at the C25K. Fantastic work Ian

•A great day at the Belfast Marathon was made possible with Ian putting a lot of effort into the Gazebo setup at the finish line and the after party BBQ at the hub

•For the job he done at belfast getting after drinks sorted and bbq for runners.

•Ian worked just as hard, if not harder, than the marathon runners at Belfast. A massive amount of time and effort in to looking after the runners with the Gazebo, refreshments and single handedly BBQ-ing for all the Harriers. On top of all that he has still had time to step in and take the C25K.

•Ian has put in so much work behind the scenes, organising everything before and after the Belfast Marathon, plus overseeing the C25K programme.

•Marathon beer and BBQ, this guy knows how to make running less terrible

Thank you Ian for all your hard work. 😊We really appreciate your time and effort in all you do.

Well done to everyone nominated 👏


Club Report – Sunday 9th June 2019

You’re all catching up after the quiet one last week. We took over a parkrun, or ran many of them, or road raced, or mountain raced, or raced internationally, or even won some stuff. We’re some pups, aren’t we!

Firstly, taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Jonny Smith 23:51PB, Jim Hewitt 27:03, David Esler 27:10, Tina Steele 28:54, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 28:57PB, Gemma Fowler 29:52, Miss Teer 29:52, Philip Fleck 31:24, Matthew Hawkins 32:16, Ciaran Hawkins 32:17, Jennifer Maguire 49:00

Waterworks parkrun:
Joseph Eager 26:29, Maeve Kennedy 27:07, Elaine Kennedy 56:44

Victoria parkrun:
Neil McCready 19:24PB, Susan Thompson 24:46, Ken McAuley 24:47, Ryan McCready 25:44PB, Joanne Milne 28:52
Obviously taking 3 Shredded Wheat for breakfast in the McCready house this weekend.

Ormeau parkrun:
Emily Dowling 32:42

Stranmillis parkrun:
Laura Rose 28:33, Karen McKee 28:34, Lord Ian Brennan 28:41, Joe Mathers 28:42, Prof Alan Ladd 28:43
This was just one of 10 parkruns that these guys ran across Saturday morning and afternoon, as part of their 24 in 24 training. Well impressive.

Two parkrun tourists this week. Stephen Weir was back in Newcastle (upon Tyne) finishing in 29:35. Stephen Semple was at Bedfont Lakes parkrun, finishing in 23:53. This parkrun is near Ashford in Surrey. It used to be in Middlesex but they didn’t like it and so sold it to Surrey back in the 60s. Things were different in the 60s. Bobby Davro and Russell Grant, the astrologer, are from Ashford. No wonder they got rid of it.

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:59, Eloise McAuley 10:45, Leo McAuley 15:53

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Ben Halliday 11:08PB, Matthew Hawkins 11:53
And well done Ben on your 50th junior parkrun!

There was a big turnout for the Fairhill 5 mile road race on Wednesday night, including several Harriers:
Mark Smith 29:11, Alan Erwin 33:28, Maeve Dunseath 40:52, Anita Piatek 42:33, Angela Stevens 44:16, Louise Long 46:12, Dermot Boyd 49:08, Lisa Kerr 49:24, Mairead O’Hare 58:47

On the same night, Kevin Donnelly was our sole representative at the Craigavon Lakes 10k, finishing 39:46
Another solo effort on Friday night as Mike Halliday finished the Taking the Tower trail 10k in 55:32.

On the international front, Ramunas and Galina Stanevicius took part in the Kaunas Half Marathon today finishing in 1:29:26 and 2:10:40 respectively. Kaunas is Lithuania’s second city. It is known for its annual jazz festival. Possibly the reason Ramunas and Galina now live here.
Yesterday also saw the latest 26 Extreme Mourne Way Marathon event.
Taking on the marathon distance and almost 4,000ft of elevation were Stephen Gallagher 4:27:11 and Neil Campbell 4:27:18.
However, result of the day, and the week, came from Lee O’Boyle who not only completed the 52 mile ultra distance (with only a handy 7,750ft of elevation) in 8:13:37, he only went and won the thing! Some achievement Lee. Well done. Not sure it was an excuse to miss today’s 10@10 though.

So, this week’s tune is for Mr O’Boyle. Give him a polka dot jersey for he is, indeed, the King of the Mountains.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 2nd June 2019

A quieter week this week as we move into June, possibly named after Juno, Roman goddess of marriage but more importantly the month of 24 in 24.

Firstly, taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Neil Campbell 21:46, Stephen Semple 24:11, Noel Bloomfield 24:39, Eamonn Donaghy 25:00, Alan Erwin 28:11, Roisin Brooks 28:59, Galina Stanevicius 29:19, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:24, Oran McKee 33:42, Karen McKee 33:43, Ian Simpson 37:24, Jennifer Maguire 50:43

Waterworks parkrun:
Maeve Kennedy 27:00

Victoria parkrun:
Peter McGarry 16:39 (not bad for his first ever parkrun!)
Prof Ladd can confirm but I think is a new club record for 5k. Well done Sir!

Antrim parkrun:
Alastair Houldsworth 20:01, Marie McFarlane 30:33, Dermot Boyd 32:08, Philip Fleck 32:43, Fidelma McCoppin 33:21, Elaine Kennedy 1:00:29
And well done Dermot on your 50th parkrun!

Falls parkrun:
Susan Thompson 25:00

Larne parkrun:
Jonny Smith 25:23

Stormont parkrun:
Ben Davidson 22:46, Stephen Weir 30:02PB

Orangefield parkrun:
Prof Alan Ladd 19:47 (and 3rd place)

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 10:03, Eloise McAuley 10:11, Leo McAuley 10:48

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Matthew Hawkins 10:32PB

Tuesday night saw the second of the EAH Forest Trail Races at Woodburn. Back on midgey duty was Alan Kerr 38:08.

Yesterday saw 2 Harriers take on the East Coast AC NIMRA Cairncastle Classic. Lee O’Boyle finished in 1:23:43 and Micky McAuley in 1:34:38

Today’s big event was the Walled City Marathon with 4 Harriers taking on the popular event:
Craig Mills 3:42:12, Stephen Smyth 3:53:00, Jim Guinn 4:18:03, Brian MacDonald 5:18:26

So, for this week’s tune I was thinking about it being June. That got me thinking about June Whitfield, the actress. Which made me think of Norman Whitfield the Motown record producer. Here’s one of his best. Simples.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 26th May 2019

A (not very) wise man once told me “make hay while the iron is hot” and many of you seem to have taken that slightly confused advice this week with Harriers racing all over the place.

Firstly, taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Ciaran Hawkins 24:35, Jim Hewitt 25:35, Gemma Fowler 28:09, Clare Teer 28:09, David Esler 28:20, Roisin Brooks 28:41PB, Yasmin Lynn 28:53, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:12, Joanne Milne 31:01, Sarah McCrea 32:20

Waterworks parkrun:
Lord Ian Brennan 26:25, Claire McCann 53:15

Victoria parkrun:
Stephen Weir 28:44PB, Nina Baird 30:30

Queens parkrun:
Jim Guinn 24:58

Falls parkrun:
Emily Dowling 33:10

Stranmillis parkrun:
Ken McAuley 22:37, Susan Thompson 25:52, Elaine Kennedy 29:40PB

Orangefield parkrun:
Ben Davidson 22:32

Portrush parkrun:
Janine McNevison 26:08

Castlewellan parkrun:
Joe Mathers 20:05

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:38, Eloise McAuley 9:58, Leo McAuley 16:03
And a big congratulations to Joseph for completing his 100th junior parkrun, the first Harrier to do so.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Matthew Hawkins 11:32

On Tuesday night, Kevin Donnelly continued his recent good form with a 18:24PB at the Bob Heffernan 5k in Johnstownbridge, Co Meath (or Kildare, the jury is still out). Amazing that Kevin finished 136th with that time.

On Wednesday, Dermot “Snapper” Boyd began his week of racing with the Maghera 5k, finishing in 31:29.

The RunHer Coastal Races took place on Friday night in North Down with Harriers covering a couple of distances. Clubs are not noted in the official results so apologies if I have missed anyone.

Suzanne Brennan 51:07, Anita (definitely not Anton!) Piatek 54:33PB, Mairead 1:10:55

Half Marathon
Patricia Curistan 1:44:58

Saturday saw the ever popular Mayfair races held by Co Antrim Harriers who seem to be a cookery club as well as a running club. Once again, they had post-race hospitality good enough to rival our own race spread (almost!).

Tom Fleming 19:00, Aidy Hughes 23:41, Louise Ladd 28:57, Roisin Bradley 30:22

Ramunas Stanevicius 39:16PB, Mike Halliday 41:57, Alan Erwin 44:01PB, Anton (definitely not Anita!) Piatek 52:30PB, Neill McGlinchey 55:59, Angela Stevens 58:27, Michael McFarlane 1:01:10, Marie McFarlane 1:01:11, Galina Stanevicius 1:01:21, Dermot “Snapper” Boyd (again) 1:04:31

Earlier today, Mairead O’Hare was at it again (two races a week minimum for this one recently!) at the Ballycastle Runners AC RSMF Marconi Run in (amazingly) Ballycastle, finishing the 4.7 mile course in 54:15 (unofficial).

Couldn’t find official results anywhere but I know Aidy Hughes took part in the run for life 5k at Stormont this morning finishing in 24:20 (unofficial). Elaine Kennedy ran the 10k distance in 1:11:08 (unofficial). No time yet for Emily Dowling but I understand she ran with Elaine.

Ian Simpson dumped the gazebo for once and headed off to Liverpool for the Rock’n’Roll Half marathon. Ian finished in the rain in 3:00:40. Enjoy meeting your Uncle Arthur later sir!

We also had Harriers at the Newry Half Marathon today (told you it was a busy week!).
Prof Alan Ladd finished in 1:25:37 and Angela Stevens in 2:07:44PB. Again, apologies if I missed anyone here.

So this week’s tune is in honour of social boy’s visit to Liverpool, the second best city in England in terms of both music and football (all complaints to the committee please). I know it’s a cover of a Beatles song but it’s just an excuse to remember the Wonder Years as well as a crackin’ tune.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 19th May 2019

A quieter week for running this week. Maybe you were all psyching yourselves up for the GoT finale instead. Maybe you were too busy planning your party for the annual unmissable train wreck that is the Eurovision “Song” Contest. (Madonna – please stop. Now. Thanks)

Firstly, taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Neil Campbell 21:36, Noel Bloomfield 24:20, Stephen Semple 24:44, David Esler 27:10, Neill McGlinchey 27:15, Angela Stevens 28:38PB, Clare Teer 28:52, Gemma Fowler 28:53, Roisin Brooks 29:07, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:11, Karen O’Boyle 31:00, Yasmin Lynn 33:01, Jennifer Maguire 51:33

Waterworks parkrun:
Danny Donaldson 21:05, Neil McCready 21:06, Kevin Donnelly 23:13, Emily Dowling 31:36, Tiffany Donaldson 38:19

Antrim parkrun:
Alastair Houldsworth 20:21, Tina Steele 29:33

Queens parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 52:27

Stormont parkrun:
Ben Davidson 22:28PB

Stranmillis parkrun:
Ken McAuley 21:44PB, Susan Thompson 26:27

This week’s parkrun tourist was Stephen Weir who went to where the windscreen wiper was invented. Stephen completed the Newcastle (obviously!) parkrun in 28:47PB.

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 9:12PB, Joseph “ice cream with a flake” Eager 9:34, Eloise McAuley 10:11

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Riley Kerr 12:13, Matthew Hawkins 12:24, Rhys Kerr 14:18

Tuesday night saw the first of the EAH Forest Trail Races at Woodburn. Running and eating midges for the Harriers were Alan Kerr 25:17 and Elaine Kennedy 28:17.

On Friday night, several Harriers took on the hill at the Les Jones 10k:
Prof Alan Ladd 37:56PB, Kevin Donnelly 39:43PB, Alan Erwin 45:27PB, Paddy Brooks 47:18, Aidy Hughes 50:48

Our own Mairead O’Hare took on the latest EAMS Fatlad event at the 10k distance yesterday. I can’t find official results but believe she finished unofficially in 1:22:00

Team Brennan headed off this weekend to take part in the Great Manchester Run half marathon.
Lord Brennan, ever the gallant, suave, courteous gentleman, let Suzanne beat him to the line, 1:57:53 to 1:58:26. Or else she just beat him. Again.

Slightly closer to home, Angela Stevens followed up her parkrun PB with a run in the latest instalment of the Pure Running Half Marathon Series. She completed the Portadown Half Marathon in 2:10:46.

Manchester, home of Alan Turing and Joy Division, LS Lowry and The Smiths.
Portadown, home of Gloria Hunniford and Joyrider (See TOTP circa July 1996).
You decide.

So, this week’s tune is for Madonna. I wanted to show her how a Eurovision interval act should sound. I could have used Riverdance, I should have used The Hothouse Flowers. But I’ve used the Wombles from 1974. Sorry.

Until next week, behave.