Club Race Report – 26th June 2022

Going by last week’s prediction that the weather was on the turn for the better was a step too far Cavilator, as many will have seen who did their long run today. Summer is well and truly over so we hope you enjoyed those 3 days of sunshine, Cavilator is having a break this week so unfortunately you are stuck with me. Tuesday night training, C25K, mid-week races and Aidy heading to Tyrone again all feature this week.
Taking to the streets of Lisburn for the annual Half & 10K on Wednesday evening where:
Andrew McNevison – Half 1:30.08
Sean Doherty – Half 1:40.12 PB
Alan Erwin – Half 1:31.13
David Graham – Half 1:28.03 PB
Steven Armour – 10k 43.01
Kevin Donnelly – 10k 38.17
Dermot Boyd – 10k 1:03.30
Patricia Curistan – 10k 45.18
All results are taken from Teamapp so apologies if you’ve been missed but it really helps to stick your times in the results section.
Aidy Hughes took his weekly drive to Tyrone to take on the Newells 5k in a time of 24.40.
At the same time slightly closer to home 3 Harries took to the roads of Ards in the half marathon and great times followed: Anton Piatek – 1:43.23, Bernard McKeavney – 2:01.31, Clare Teer – 2:10.12, A very well done you 3.
Young Tom Fleming headed off to the north coast for the Bob & Berts 5k on Friday evening and what a night he came away with a time of 18.11 and 1st place, a very well done Tom.
Valley Parkrun:
Tom Fleming – 17.10 1st Finisher
Robbie (Ronnie) Gould – 20.49 2nd Finisher
Elijah Cushley – 21.33 3rd Finisher
Robert Gould – 22.39
Ramunas Stanevicius – 24.08
Stephen Murphy – 24.15
Nuala Muldoon – 25.01
Sophie Magee – 25.59
Sinead O’Hare – 27.04
Paul Skillen – 27.05
Karen McKee – 30.47
Marie McBrien – 31.08
Joanne Milne – 32.39
Galina Stanevicius – 33.19
Martin McCready – 34.23
John Teer – 38.28
Ian Simpson – 38.29
Maeve Kennedy – 24.34
David Graham – 18.49
Steven Armour – 20.42
Sharon Dunn – 26.24
Joe Mathers – 24.59
Cairns Parkrun:
Sarah Ross – 29.18
Elaine Kennedy – 28.08
Jordanstown Junior Parkrun:
Joseph Eager – 8.50 – 2nd Finsher
Sinead O’Hare – 9.05 – 3rd Finisher
Matthew Hawkins – 10.32
Andrea Bradley – 15.29
David Esler once again took on another triathlon this weekend this time the Sheephaven in Donegal over the 70.3 distance in a total time of 5 Hours 27 minutes & 43 seconds.
Maeve Mullan also took on a triathlon today at Browns Bay over the sprint distance in a time of 1 hour 18 minutes & 58 seconds.
Angela Stephens took on the Waterford Marathon today in a time of 4:53.37 not only did she have a fall mid race get back up with a sprained wrist to finish she still had a massive smile on her face so we salute you Angela.
A very well done to you all, C25K is still going for the next few weeks so if you can spare an extra hour after training to encourage the runners its very much appreciated, You will also have seen from Mr Chairman that our club race is on the 5th August so i’m sure you will hear more in time about what help he needs so keep an eye out. Thats it from me hopefully The Cavillator will be back next week.
Work Experience Boy.