Club Race Report – 10th July 2022

Just as we all thought thank god the Cavillator will be back this week and give us a half decent weekly report, nope not yet, it’s been reported that they have been detained another week due to laziness. It’s actually been a quiet week as everyone must’ve been enjoying the good weather and when I say good I mean not raining.
The only racing this week was once again young Tom Fleming doing the Irish Life Juvenile Track & Field Championship, Tom took on the 3000 meters distance in a time of 9:36.13 which was a PB and a brilliant 7th place overall.
As like every week there where a variety of parkruns attended on Saturday:
Derry City – David Graham 18:19 and 2nd Finisher
Portrush – Erin McNevison 38.30, Andrew McNevison 38.31 (well done dad)
Antrim – Stephen Semple 24.01, Maeve Kennedy 24.06 (Shame on you Stevie)
Carrickfergus- Alan Kerr 26.04
Bangor – Lord Ian Brennan 24.02, Suzanne Brennan 27.35 (Get in there Lord)
Valley – Stephen Gallagher 22.02, Neil Campbell 22.04, Nuala Muldoon 24.38, Ciaran Hawkins 29.30, Paul Skillen 30.09, Sinead O’Hare 30.34, Emily Murphy 30.34, Anita Piatek 30.51, Dermot Boyd 31.23, Bronagh Adjey 37.30, Cathy McLoughlin 37.35.
Limavady – Martin McCready 34.21
Six Mile Water – Steven Armour 20.20 2nd Finisher, Ronnie Gould 21.47, Robert Gould 23.01, Ciaran Wright 24.07, Sharon Dunn 25.01 1st Female, Sophie Davidson 29.25, Joanne Milne 29.26.
Dunleath Playing Fields – Elaine Kennedy 28.01
And A Dav was at Six Mile Water 23.31.
Waterworks Junior Parkrun – Emily Murphy 8.19, Sinead O’Hare 8.35, Matthew Gallagher 10.52.
Jordanstown – Joseph Eager 8.43 1st Finisher, Matthew Hawkins 10.23, Riley Kerr 10.36, Rhys Kerr 14.35
Bangor – Hollie Brennan 15.06
Again apologies if any results have been missed or PB’s but please remember to put anything results based in the results section on teamapp. As you will have seen from Mr Chairman David Esler will be moving away for a period due to work commitments and has an evening arranged for the 16th in the Crown & Shamrock so please come along and wish David all the best.
One last thing again from Mr Chairman about the club race on the 5th August, any members needing flyers be it for parkruns or races that haven’t got leaflets yet please see Bernard, Ian Simpson has taken on the role of race catering and he has already asked for some volunteers so please get in touch if you can help.
All that is left to say is please hurry up Cav we miss you and I’m running out of nice things to say, so this weeks tune is for Tom.
Work Experience Boy..