Club Race Report – 31st July 2022

Another busy week for the Harriers. And great to see so many of our C25k graduates at training on Tuesday evening. ADav’s speeches mustn’t have put them off too much. High pain thresholds, these folks.
Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
David “Podium” Graham 18:52 and 2nd finisher, Robbie Gould 21:38, Stephen Armour 23:18, Nuala Muldoon 25:23, Coach Sinead O’Hare 25:48, ADav 26:15, Sharon Dunn 28:39, Marie McBrien 29:35, Joanne Milne 30:29, Clare Teer 30:55, Neill McGlinchey 34:52, Ian Simpson 37:52, Martin McCready 58:11
Waterworks parkrun:
Johnny Carey 22:44PB, Kevin Donnelly 24:12, Joe Mathers 24:17, Jim Hewitt 28:15
Queens’s parkrun:
Anton Piatek 24:25
Portrush parkrun:
Tom Fleming 20:02 and first finisher
Antrim parkrun:
Stephen Murphy 44:18
Sixmilewater parkrun:
Stephen Semple 24:15PB, Alan Kerr 26:14
Hillsborough Forest parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 29:29PB
Hillsborough Forest parkrun:
Elijah Cushley 26:39
No tourists this week. Must be saving it all up for August?
Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Coach Sinead O’Hare 8:45 and a PB and first finisher (sure, why not?), Joseph Eager 10:38, Matthew Hawkins 11:50, Riley Kerr 11:52, Andrea Bradley 14:02, Rhys Kerr 15:56
On Thursday, a few Harriers were clocking up the Club Championship points as they took part in the Dub Runners Giants Trial Race:
Paddy Shields 47:123, David Butler 59:04, Cathy Ryan 1:02:15
Then on Friday night, our own Bob & Bert, Marty O’Neill and David Graham, headed east for the Bob n Bert’s Stormont 5k. Well worth the effort as they finished the very pleasant course in 2nd and 3rd place in times of 19:25 and 19:32 respectively.
But David wasn’t finished there, oh no. He’s now got a taste for podiums and this morning, he only went and won the Galbally 5k in a time of 18:25.
Perpetual racer Dermot Boyd was also at it again on Friday evening, this time at the Quarry 5k where he finished in 35:21.
Our final result comes from our international news desk as we can confirm that Prof Alan Ladd completed the Captain Bill Gallagher 10 mile race in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, in 1:08:17.
No, I have no idea who Captain Bill is either.
So this week’s tune is for David and his double podium week. Bit of a stretch this one but Crosby Stills and Nash includes David Crosby and Graham Nash (as well as Stephen Stills). You work it out.
Until next week, behave.
Marrakesh Express (2005 Remaster)
Marrakesh Express (2005 Remaster)

Club Race Report – 24th July 2022

Plenty going on this week, mainly at the Valley parkrun where our Run Newtownabbey Couch to 5k squad were taking on their graduation run.
Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Elijah Cushley 24:00, Eloise McAuley 24:41, Coach Sinead “sub 25” O’Hare 24:59PB, Leo McAuley 25:37, Craig Goodall 25:44, Alan Erwin 26:10, Rab Gould 28:43, Robbie Gould 29:04, David Esler 29:27, Bernard McKeaveney 29:47, Jasper Brooks 30:16, Bronagh Adjey 30:31PB, Sophie Davidson 31:22, Ben Davidson 31:23, Brendan McGeown 34:33, Oran McKee 34:37, Karen McKee 34:40, Joanne Milne 36:03, Jessie Smith 37:59, Clare Teer 38:01, Mairead O’Hare 38:44, John Teer 40:01, Kelly Carlisle 40:18, Roisin Brooks 40:19, Gemma Fowler 41:13, Anita Piatek 41:48, Stephen Gallagher 43:38, Nuala Muldoon 45:43, Suzanne Brennan 47:51, ADav 49:30, Janet Grew 49:43, Martin McCready 53:52
The times of the C25k graduates are not for this report and, to be honest, aren’t really important.
What is important is that they got off the couch, trained hard for 9 weeks and completed their 5ks.
Not only did they have to deal with that hill twice, they also had to listen to two (not one, two) speeches from ADav. Those poor people deserve medals, not certificates.
Portrush parkrun:
Nikki Fleck 32:06
Antrim parkrun:
Maeve Kennedy 24:34, Stephen Semple 25:18
Castlewellan parkrun:
Emily Murphy 24:17, Stephen Murphy 52:00
Limavady parkrun:
Johnny Carey 27:26
Sixmilewater parkrun:
Tom Fleming 17:15 and first finisher, Jonny Smith 23:45, Elaine Kennedy 34:06
More tourists again this week. The Skillens took the loveboat to the Northwest (it’s their anniversary and all) to take on the Derry City parkrun. Leanne finished in 32:45. Paul finished in 32:47. Well played, Sir. Bet that made the rest of the weekend go easier.
Kevin Donnelly finished the Perth parkrun in 19:03. This is the Scottish one, not the Australian one. The Ewan McGregor one, not the Heath Ledger one.
Finally, Gareth McLoughlin came 5th at the Breakwater parkrun in 24:00. This is the Kingston, Ontario, Canada one, not the Kingston, Jamaica one. The Bryan Adams one, not the Shelley-Ann Fraser one.
Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Sinead O’Hare 8:56 and third finisher, Matthew Hawkins 10:19, Joseph Eager 10:20
Waterworks junior parkrun:
Hollie Brennan 16:23
In other racing this week, 2 of our regular racers were out in Donaghadee for the EAMS 5k along with the PB chasing Hanna.
Aidy Hughes 25:56, Hannah Hope 27:29PB and Dermot Boyd 30:57.
David Graham was doing the double this week, getting 21:04 in the ECAC Sunrise 5k.
He then went on to join Ciaran Wright and the ever present Dermot Boyd in Hillsborough for the festival of running today.
David Graham 39:54 and 8th place overall, Dermot Boyd 1:04:35
Half Marathon:
Ciaran Wright 1:52:12
So this week’s tune is for our C25k graduates. Now you’ve started, don’t give up. You need to, ahem, keep on moving. (Yes, I can smell the cheese from here too).
Until next week, behave.
Five – Keep on Movin’
Five – Keep on Movin’
Five’s official music video for ‘Keep On Movin”

Club Race Report – 17th July 2022

Wow, I’m really enjoying this really hot weather. Said no runner. Ever.
To be fair, I do usually meet new people when I go running in the heat. Usually paramedics.
Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Nuala Muldoon 25:48, Cathy Ryan 29:09, Sinead O’Hare 30:30, Emily Murphy 30:31, Bronagh Adjey 33:10, Ian Simpson 38:43, John Teer 39:25, Martin McCready 53:10
Waterworks parkrun:
Dawn Blain 24:24, ADav 24:26, Robbie (the young one) Gould 24:37, Rab (slightly less young) Gould 24:40, Elijah Cushley 26:12PB, Anton Piatek 26:16, Roisin Brooks 32:30, Susan Thompson 32:31
Portrush parkrun:
Nikki Fleck 33:52
Antrim parkrun:
Maeve Kennedy 24:11
Carrickfergus parkrun:
Matthew Hawkins 28:45PB, Ciaran Hawkins 28:51PB
Sixmilewater parkrun:
Eloise McAuley 25:12 and first female finisher, Micky McAuley 25:25
Crawfordsburn parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 30:05
As you can imagine, we have several tourists this week.
David Graham headed west to Sligo to finish 3rd at the impressively named Sligo parkrun in 18:56. Kelly Carlisle headed east to the Barclay parkrun and finished in 43:23.
Barclay parkrun is in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, somewhere sort of north of London. Lena Zavaroni and Gino D’Acampo both live (or lived) in Hoddesdon so that definitely makes it A list country for me.
But our winners this week are Jim and Janet Grew. They completed the Mura di Lucca parkrun in 25:32 and 29:55 respectively. Unsurprisingly, this parkrun is in northern Italy, just north of Pisa and west of Florence. Lucca is the birthplace of Giacomo Puccini. For the 99% of club members who have never heard of him (philistines), he wrote operas including La Boheme and Madam Butterfly. Both complete bangers in their time.
Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Emily Murphy 8:10 and first finisher, Sinead O’Hare 9:00 and third finisher, Matthew Hawkins 11:51, Riley Kerr 11:52, Joseph Eager 11:52, Rhys Kerr 15:29
Other running started on Tuesday when our pocket rocket, Eloise McAuley, was 1st female at the U16 (being only 9 herself!) Rith An Chairn mountain race. Definitely a chip of the old cliff face.
Friday night saw some Harriers head for the beach as they took on the Newcastle Sea to Sky events:
Emily Murphy 24:03, Sinead O’Hare 26:57, Dermot Boyd 32:33, Mairead O’Hare 40:02
Mark Smith 39:08, Anton Piatek 48:42, Ciaran Wright 48:49, Nuala Muldoon 54:29
Then yesterday, 11 Harriers lost their heads in the heat and took on the Greyabbey 12 hour challenge. So how far could you run in 12 hours?
Neil Campbell 56.7 miles, Stephen Gallagher 53.1, Suzanne Brennan 49.6, Angela Stevens 46.0, Bernard McKeaveney 46.0, Stephen Armour 46.0, Joanne Milne 42.5, Sharon Dunn 42.5, Laura Campbell 35.4, Leeanne Skillen 35.4, Neill McGlinchey 31.9
Finally, thankfully, this morning Kevin Donnelly headed south to Co Louth to excellently named village of Termonfeckin. Partly, he was looking for village native, Evanna Lynch, who was the criminally underused Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films. But mostly he was there to run in their half marathon. It was well worth the effort as he finished third overall in a time of 1:23:59.
To be honest, I haven’t been away at all. I just couldn’t be bothered to write the reports. Minimal thanks to Work Experience Boy for his barely adequate cover.
But I do love him really, so this one is for him. The words say it better than I ever could. Boke.
Until next week, maybe, behave.

Club Race Report – 10th July 2022

Just as we all thought thank god the Cavillator will be back this week and give us a half decent weekly report, nope not yet, it’s been reported that they have been detained another week due to laziness. It’s actually been a quiet week as everyone must’ve been enjoying the good weather and when I say good I mean not raining.
The only racing this week was once again young Tom Fleming doing the Irish Life Juvenile Track & Field Championship, Tom took on the 3000 meters distance in a time of 9:36.13 which was a PB and a brilliant 7th place overall.
As like every week there where a variety of parkruns attended on Saturday:
Derry City – David Graham 18:19 and 2nd Finisher
Portrush – Erin McNevison 38.30, Andrew McNevison 38.31 (well done dad)
Antrim – Stephen Semple 24.01, Maeve Kennedy 24.06 (Shame on you Stevie)
Carrickfergus- Alan Kerr 26.04
Bangor – Lord Ian Brennan 24.02, Suzanne Brennan 27.35 (Get in there Lord)
Valley – Stephen Gallagher 22.02, Neil Campbell 22.04, Nuala Muldoon 24.38, Ciaran Hawkins 29.30, Paul Skillen 30.09, Sinead O’Hare 30.34, Emily Murphy 30.34, Anita Piatek 30.51, Dermot Boyd 31.23, Bronagh Adjey 37.30, Cathy McLoughlin 37.35.
Limavady – Martin McCready 34.21
Six Mile Water – Steven Armour 20.20 2nd Finisher, Ronnie Gould 21.47, Robert Gould 23.01, Ciaran Wright 24.07, Sharon Dunn 25.01 1st Female, Sophie Davidson 29.25, Joanne Milne 29.26.
Dunleath Playing Fields – Elaine Kennedy 28.01
And A Dav was at Six Mile Water 23.31.
Waterworks Junior Parkrun – Emily Murphy 8.19, Sinead O’Hare 8.35, Matthew Gallagher 10.52.
Jordanstown – Joseph Eager 8.43 1st Finisher, Matthew Hawkins 10.23, Riley Kerr 10.36, Rhys Kerr 14.35
Bangor – Hollie Brennan 15.06
Again apologies if any results have been missed or PB’s but please remember to put anything results based in the results section on teamapp. As you will have seen from Mr Chairman David Esler will be moving away for a period due to work commitments and has an evening arranged for the 16th in the Crown & Shamrock so please come along and wish David all the best.
One last thing again from Mr Chairman about the club race on the 5th August, any members needing flyers be it for parkruns or races that haven’t got leaflets yet please see Bernard, Ian Simpson has taken on the role of race catering and he has already asked for some volunteers so please get in touch if you can help.
All that is left to say is please hurry up Cav we miss you and I’m running out of nice things to say, so this weeks tune is for Tom.
Work Experience Boy..

Club Race Report – 3rd July 2022

Well another week has come and gone and still no sight of the Cavillator, Tuesday night training and C25K continued this week along with more mid-week and weekend racing taken part.
Starting the week off a bunch of merry Harriers headed to Magherafelt for a friendly night of mile racing, taking on the distance was Aidy Hughes 7:15, Sean Doherty 5:44, David Graham 5:21, and a very well done.
Next up was the Larne 10k which was also a club championship race on Saturday and taking part this year was, Tom Fleming 34:46, Alan Ladd 36:21PB, Alan Erwin 38:18PB, Sean Doherty 41:04PB, Stephen Armour 42:33, Ciaran Wright 44:51, Johnny Carey 46:37PB, Craig Goodall 48:07, Aidy Runner Hughes 53:37PB, Sharon Dunn 53:51, Maeve Dunseath 54:54, Bronagh Adjey 1:08.56PB. Well done to Tom completing his first 10K and to everyone who competed and achieved PB’s.
Also on Saturday was the Clontarf 5 mile & half marathon, Dermot Boyd took on the 5 mile in 49:45 and Elaine Kennedy completed the half marathon in 2:17.55.
Next up to finish the weekend of racing was the very popular Great Rossa Run, we had another great turnout for the club taking on the 10K was David Graham in a time of 39:08, and taking part in the half marathon was Suzanne Brennan 1:54.54, Stephen Semple 1:56.29, Maeve Kennedy 1:56.42, Elaine Kennedy 2:22.21, a back to back half for Elaine.
This weekend’s parkrun roundup seen us travel to exotic climits such as Antrim and i suppose South Africa counts too:
Antrim Parkrun
Paul Skillen 23:58
Karen McKee 24:45
Maeve Kennedy 26:47
Stephen Semple 26:48
Waterworks Parkrun
Joseph Mathers 21:45
Stephen Murphy 22:53PB
Sinead O’Hare 24:38PB – And 2nd lady finisher
Lord Ian Brennan 24:39
Suzanne Brennan 26:12
Cathy Ryan 28:55
Mairead O’Hare 37:17
Victoria Parkrun
Robbie Gould 19:14PB
Robert Gould 21:33
Portrush Parkrun
Joanne Milne 35:04
Finlay Milne 34:47
Valley Parkrun
Ramunas Stanevicius 22:57
Neil Campbell 23:36
Stephen Gallagher 23:36
David Esler 28:12
Marie McBrien 30:48
Martin McCready 33:31
Galina Stanevicius 33:57
Ian Simpson 39:13
Limavady Parkrun
Kevin Donnelly 21:15 – And 2nd Male Finisher
Knockbracken Parkrun
David Graham 18:00 – And 2nd Male Finisher
Elijah Cushley 21:04
Rietvlei Parkrun South Africa
Lee O’Boyle 18:26 – And 2nd Male Finisher
And A Dav was at the Valley in a time of 31:19
Jordanstown Junior Parkrun
Elijah Cushley 7:56
Emily Murphy 8:40
Sinead O’Hare 8:53
Rhys Kerr 13:54
Riley Kerr 13:54
Andrea Bradley 14:41
Going by all the results this weekend and the amount of PB’s achieved you should all give yourselves a round of applause on the hard work that’s been done, As you will have seen from Mr Chairman our club race promotion is under way so please contact Bernard for leaflets and distribute them at any races or parkruns that you’ll be attending.
So in true Cavillator tradition this week’s tune is for all the PB’s achieved over the weekend.
Work Experience Boy.