Club Race Report – 24th July 2022

Plenty going on this week, mainly at the Valley parkrun where our Run Newtownabbey Couch to 5k squad were taking on their graduation run.
Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Elijah Cushley 24:00, Eloise McAuley 24:41, Coach Sinead “sub 25” O’Hare 24:59PB, Leo McAuley 25:37, Craig Goodall 25:44, Alan Erwin 26:10, Rab Gould 28:43, Robbie Gould 29:04, David Esler 29:27, Bernard McKeaveney 29:47, Jasper Brooks 30:16, Bronagh Adjey 30:31PB, Sophie Davidson 31:22, Ben Davidson 31:23, Brendan McGeown 34:33, Oran McKee 34:37, Karen McKee 34:40, Joanne Milne 36:03, Jessie Smith 37:59, Clare Teer 38:01, Mairead O’Hare 38:44, John Teer 40:01, Kelly Carlisle 40:18, Roisin Brooks 40:19, Gemma Fowler 41:13, Anita Piatek 41:48, Stephen Gallagher 43:38, Nuala Muldoon 45:43, Suzanne Brennan 47:51, ADav 49:30, Janet Grew 49:43, Martin McCready 53:52
The times of the C25k graduates are not for this report and, to be honest, aren’t really important.
What is important is that they got off the couch, trained hard for 9 weeks and completed their 5ks.
Not only did they have to deal with that hill twice, they also had to listen to two (not one, two) speeches from ADav. Those poor people deserve medals, not certificates.
Portrush parkrun:
Nikki Fleck 32:06
Antrim parkrun:
Maeve Kennedy 24:34, Stephen Semple 25:18
Castlewellan parkrun:
Emily Murphy 24:17, Stephen Murphy 52:00
Limavady parkrun:
Johnny Carey 27:26
Sixmilewater parkrun:
Tom Fleming 17:15 and first finisher, Jonny Smith 23:45, Elaine Kennedy 34:06
More tourists again this week. The Skillens took the loveboat to the Northwest (it’s their anniversary and all) to take on the Derry City parkrun. Leanne finished in 32:45. Paul finished in 32:47. Well played, Sir. Bet that made the rest of the weekend go easier.
Kevin Donnelly finished the Perth parkrun in 19:03. This is the Scottish one, not the Australian one. The Ewan McGregor one, not the Heath Ledger one.
Finally, Gareth McLoughlin came 5th at the Breakwater parkrun in 24:00. This is the Kingston, Ontario, Canada one, not the Kingston, Jamaica one. The Bryan Adams one, not the Shelley-Ann Fraser one.
Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Sinead O’Hare 8:56 and third finisher, Matthew Hawkins 10:19, Joseph Eager 10:20
Waterworks junior parkrun:
Hollie Brennan 16:23
In other racing this week, 2 of our regular racers were out in Donaghadee for the EAMS 5k along with the PB chasing Hanna.
Aidy Hughes 25:56, Hannah Hope 27:29PB and Dermot Boyd 30:57.
David Graham was doing the double this week, getting 21:04 in the ECAC Sunrise 5k.
He then went on to join Ciaran Wright and the ever present Dermot Boyd in Hillsborough for the festival of running today.
David Graham 39:54 and 8th place overall, Dermot Boyd 1:04:35
Half Marathon:
Ciaran Wright 1:52:12
So this week’s tune is for our C25k graduates. Now you’ve started, don’t give up. You need to, ahem, keep on moving. (Yes, I can smell the cheese from here too).
Until next week, behave.
Five – Keep on Movin’
Five – Keep on Movin’
Five’s official music video for ‘Keep On Movin”