Club Race Report – 26th February 2023

Meteorological Spring starts on Wednesday so they tell me.

Nothing is so beautiful as Spring –

When weeds, in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush;

Thrush’s eggs look little low heavens, and thrush

Through the echoing timber does so rinse and wring

The ear, it strikes like lightnings to hear him sing

So said that Gerard Manley Hopkins bloke. But then he didn’t live in Mallusk. It’s still baltic here.

Firstly, some late results off the Vidiprinter from last Sunday’s East Coast Junior XC event:

Mini Girls 650m:

Alice McAuley 4:24 and second place

Minor Girls 1300m:

Eloise McAuley 5:27 and third place

Junior Girls 1750m:

Coach Sinead O’Hare 10:02

Junior Boys 1750m:

Leo McAuley 8:09

Taking on the parkruns this week:

Valley parkrun:

Adam McCann 18:11PB and first finisher, Ben Davidson 20:37, ADav 23:33, Eloise McAuley 25:08, Coach Sinead O’Hare 25:22, Anton Piatek 25:41, Ciaran Hawkins 26:23, Paul Skillen 26:45, joe Mathers 27:03, Shane McBrien 28:47, Marie McBrien 28:59 (brave man Shane!), Neill McGlinchey 29:13, Nuala Muldoon 29:13, Owen Fulton 29:56, Sharon Dunn 29:57, Joanne Milne 31:39, Martin McCready 34:14, Stephen Curran 35:37

Waterworks parkrun:

Maeve Kennedy 25:00, Jim Hewitt 25:04

Victoria parkrun:

Elijah Cushley 20:48

ECOS Ballymena parkrun:

Stephen Murphy 22:39

Wallace parkrun:

Elaine Kennedy 29:09

Antrim parkrun:

Rab Gould 22:53, Robbie Gould 25:44

Carrickfergus parkrun:

And Obviously Dermot Boyd 34:25

Limavady parkrun:

Johnny Carey 25:03

Sixmilewater parkrun:

Rory Mason 27:38

Crawfordsburn Country parkrun:

Clare ROTM Gallagher 43:23, Louise Ladd 43:24

Victoria junior parkrun:

Rory Mason 9:23

Jordanstown Junior parkrun:

Coach Sinead O’Hare 8:58, Matthew Hawkins 9:47PB, Rhys Kerr 19:42

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Leo McAuley 7:49, Joseph Eager 8:48, Alice McAuley 13:47PB, Eloise McAuley 13:48

In other racing, Lee O’Boyle was podium hunting again at the latest Sperrin Harriers Winter League Event. Lee finished the 10 mile race in second place in 1:00:50.

Well done Lee. A great result.

Today saw the finale to this year’s XC League at Billy Neill Playing Fields.

Ladies 6k:

Suzanne Brennan 29:45, Sharon Dunn 32:55

Men’s 12k:

Michael Crossan 48:21, Kevin Donnelly 49:22, David Graham 49:22, Sean Doherty 50:36, Micky McAuley 52:51, Stephen Gallagher 52:52, Stephen Armour 53:24

By now, most of you will be willing this to end and eagerly awaiting the next question in the Alan Erwin quiz. Unfortunately, the quiz has been suspended for legal reasons (i.e. the lawyers thought it wasn’t funny). In other news, water is wet.

So this week’s tune is for Karen McKee who has progressed the Harrier Sunday morning 10@10 from a potential prayer meeting to a chance to shout randomly about her love of cars. Who knew?

Until next week, behave.


Club Race Report – 19th February 2023

We had athletes falling over (gracefully), seniors panicking over getting beaten by the juniors (rightfully so) and Sunday runs almost turning into prayer groups. A fairly typical week for the Harriers then.

Taking on the parkruns this week:

Valley parkrun:

Ben Davidson 21:21, Elijah Cushley 21:31, Rab Gould 23:09, ADav 26:04, Martin McCready 34:20, Matthew Hawkins 36:06, Ciaran Hawkins 36:10, John Teer 37:34, Clare Teer 37:35, Terri Ganley 59:40, Clare Gallagher 59:52

Huge congratulations to John Teer on completing his 100th parkrun.

And similarly sized congratulations to Rab Gould who was told afterwards that he had just completed his 200th parkrun.

Waterworks parkrun:

Jim Hewitt 25:23, Marie McBrien 27:43, Cathy Ryan 27:50, Shane McBrien 28:08, Suzanne Brennan 28:11

Victoria parkrun:

Joe Mathers 23:45, Nuala Muldoon 23:55, Sharon Dunn 24:15

Antrim parkrun:

Elaine Kennedy 29:18

Limavady parkrun:

Johnny Carey 27:30

And we even had a couple of tourists this week:

Rory Mason headed to the Black Country, to Wolverhampton, the home of Robert Plant, Liam Payne and Enoch Powell, to take on the Wolverhampton parkrun. Rory finished in 27:27.

Also, 3 Harriers took on the Burgess parkrun in London: Joseph Eager 23:27, Stephen Semple 24:41, Maeve Kennedy 24:41. This parkrun is situated in Camberwell, previously home to famous parkrunners including Karl Marx, Enid Blyton and Florence Welch. Carrots were not involved.

Jordanstown Junior parkrun:

Matthew Hawkins 13:09, Coach Sinead O’Hare 15:03, Andrea Bradley 15:23, Rhys Kerr 15:39

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Aaron Ladd 11:10, Caleb Ladd 14:04PB

In other racing, Coach Sinead O’Hare completed her 6th and final leg of the Born 2 Run series, completing the Castlewellan 5k in 27:11.

Also on Saturday, the club held its latest running of its 5k handicap event. This is where start times are staggered depending on 5k PB times (or Harrier’s versions of them!). If everyone matches their PB then everyone crosses the line together. Simples.

Finish times were as follows:

Adam McCann 17:55 PB, David Graham 18:16, Stevo Armour 18:50, Robbie Gould 18:50, Michael Crossan 18:57 PB, Kevin Donnelly 21:47, Anton Piatek 22:34, Ian Brennan 22:39, Dawn Blain 23:14 PB, Karen McKee 24:03, Stephen Curran 26:27 PB, Erin Dunseath 33:54 PB, Clare Gallagher 37:54,Hollie Brennan 39:20 PB

After Prof Ladd did his wizardy calculation things, Hollie Brennan was declared the well-deserved winner. Congratulations Hollie. Good time to ask for a pony.

If any of our juniors were competing in the second East Coast Junior XC event today we will update next week as result are not available yet.

So, to finish on a low, it’s time for the Alan Erwin Quiz. Again.

First of all, last week’s answer – Alan Erwin. So well done again if you got that one.

This week’s question is:

Which Harrier thinks that Game of Thrones is a documentary but that Fiona Bruce is made up?

Just keep your thoughts to yourselves.

So this week’s tune is for Davy Graham, the man who loves to eat. Especially before he takes on the juniors over 5k.

Until next week, behave.


Club Race Report – 12th February 2023

Another fairly quiet week, with only the highest class international road racing event and high quality league XC running to break it up. So, you know. Quiet.

Taking on the parkruns this week:

Valley parkrun:

Adam McCann 18:14PB and first finisher, Neil Campbell 20:41, ADav 22:29, Anton Piatek 25:35, Coach Sinead O’Hare 26:35, Paul Skillen 26:36, Cathy Ryan 28:44, Clare Teer 29:18, Terri Ganley 32:47PB, Martin McCready 34:10, John Teer 37:46

Waterworks parkrun:

Jim Hewitt 25:10, Lord Ian Brennan 25:57, Joe Mathers 25:57, Marie McBrien 27:55, Shane McBrien 29:24, Hollie Brennan 44:12, Suzanne Brennan 45:51

Victoria parkrun:

Robbie Gould 21:39, Stephen Semple 24:00, Maeve Kennedy 24:40, Sharon Dunn 32:06, Stevo Armour 32:07

Craigavon parkrun:

And Obviously Dermot Boyd 32:02PB

Antrim parkrun:

Stephen Murphy 22:09PB, Carrie Murphy 32:33PB, Elaine Kennedy 49:37

Limavady parkrun:

Johnny Carey 24:45

Sixmilewater parkrun:

Tom Fleming 16:36 and first finisher, Rory Mason 26:54, Matthew Hawkins 32:51PB, Ciaran Hawkins 32:59

Crawfordsburn Country parkrun:

Elijah Cushley 21:24PB

Garvagh Forest parkrun:

Owen Fulton 29:27

Jordanstown Junior parkrun:

Matthew Hawkins 12:54, Andrea Bradley 13:28, Coach Sinead O’Hare 18:47

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Leo McAuley 7:57 and second finisher, Joseph Eager 8:33PB, Hollie Brennan 14:26, Caleb Ladd 14:37, Alice McAuley 14:40PB

In other racing, we had Harrier representation at the ever impressive Armagh International Road Race Series on Thursday night. Kevin Donnelly completed the 3k in 10:06

Then the mudsuckers were back at it again on Saturday, this time at the latest league event at Stormont:

U13 Boys & Girls

Eloise McAuley 7:48, Joseph Eager 8:08, Leo McAuley 12:05

Women’s Race:

Suzanne Brennan 25:05, Nuala Muldoon 27:24, Sharon Dunn 28:11, Joanne Milne 30:34

Men’s Race:

Michael Crossan 26:46, Kevin Donnelly 27:37, Robbie Gould 28:03, Stevo Armour 28:55, Stephen Gallagher 29:06, Micky McAuley 29:07, Ben Davidson 29:10, Ciaran Wright 30:34

In other mysteries, the Alan Erwin quiz has still not been killed off. Work that one out.

First of all, last week’s answer – Alan Erwin. So well done again if you got that one.

This week’s question is:

Which Harrier has left their straighteners on since June 1983?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

So this week’s tune is for all you lovers out there. So, on Tuesday evening, cuddle up close to your loved one (or someone else’s if that way inclined) and sing this in their ear. Happy Valentine’s Day Harriers.

Until next week, behave.


Club Race Report – 5th February 2023

A fairly quiet week this week for racing and results. You must all be focusing on your strength training or cleaning your XC spikes. Or maybe just bingeing Happy Valley. All equally painful.

Taking on the parkruns this week:

Valley parkrun:

Adam McCann 18:17PB and first finisher, Neil Campbell 21:59, Nuala Muldoon 24:39, Coach Sinead O’Hare 27:51, Stephen Curran 28:03PB, Paul Skillen 28:03, Marie McBrien 29:27, Ciaran Hawkins 37:56, John Teer 38:14

Waterworks parkrun:

Jim Hewitt 27:14, Cathy Ryan 27:56

Victoria parkrun:

Lord Ian Brennan 22:47PB, Martin McCready 33:24

Ormeau Park parkrun:

And Obviously Dermot Boyd 32:52

Antrim parkrun:

Maeve Kennedy 25:23

Colin Glen parkrun:

Neil McCready 22:01

Orangefield parkrun:

Elijah Cushley 22:57

Sixmilewater parkrun:

Anita Piatek 47:31

Garvagh Forest parkrun:

Johnny Carey 23:28

But the Harriers also had a wee parkrun day out as several headed off to sunny Carryduff to take on the Knockbracken Reservoir parkrun. This parkrun takes place in Knockbracken and the course surrounds a reservoir. Imagine.

Great results all round with 5 Harriers filling spots in the top 10 finishers.

David Graham 17:26PB and second finisher, Kevin Donnelly 18:18, Robbie Gould 18:25, Stevo Armour 18:34, Sean Doherty 18:50PB, Ben Davidson 20:32, ADav 21:16, Rab Gould 21:57, Stephen Murphy 22:05PB, Sharon Dunn 25:46, Neill McGlinchey 27:25, Owen Fulton 29:34, Joanne Milne 30:43, Louise Ladd 31:21, Carrie Murphy 32:34, Emily Murphy 32:34, Clare Gallagher 37:48

Belfast Victoria junior parkrun:

Rory Mason 10:23

Jordanstown Junior parkrun:

Riley Kerr 13:23, Matthew Hawkins 13:35, Andrea Bradley 14:21, Coach Sinead O’Hare 15:28, Rhys Kerr 15:47

Bangor junior parkrun:

Aaron Ladd 10:30PB, Caleb Ladd 12:45

No Harriers at the Waterworks junior parkrun this week but I did say I would catch up with last week’s results which were delayed:

Aaron Ladd 10:53PB, Caleb Ladd 14:06, Hollie Brennan 15:25

In other running, we were represented at Half Marathon distance at the We Run Wild Rabbit Run event at Woodburn Reservoir:

Alan Kerr 2:23:26, Elaine Kennedy 2:29:18

We also had vests at the latest Sperrin Harriers Trail Series 10k event at Drum Manor:

Lee O’Boyle 37:19 and second place and Aidy Hughes 1:00:53

Our elites (basically Team McAuley) were then in action today at the first event of this year’s East Coast AC Junior XC Series at Larne. Whilst each of the 3 McAuleys were good enough for podium finishes, the exact results and times are not yet available. I’ll update full details next week but well done McAuleys.

But no racing doesn’t mean no question folks! The Alan Erwin Quiz continues (why? most of you ask)

First of all, last week’s answer – Alan Erwin. So well done again if you got that one.

This week’s question is:

Which Harrier cannot say the work “ticket” and so missed out on their dream of being a train conductor?

If you know, tell someone.

So this week’s tune is for those who ran the reservoir yesterday. Even Neill. Who smiled whilst running. Honestly.

Until next week, behave.