Club Race Report – 19th February 2023

We had athletes falling over (gracefully), seniors panicking over getting beaten by the juniors (rightfully so) and Sunday runs almost turning into prayer groups. A fairly typical week for the Harriers then.

Taking on the parkruns this week:

Valley parkrun:

Ben Davidson 21:21, Elijah Cushley 21:31, Rab Gould 23:09, ADav 26:04, Martin McCready 34:20, Matthew Hawkins 36:06, Ciaran Hawkins 36:10, John Teer 37:34, Clare Teer 37:35, Terri Ganley 59:40, Clare Gallagher 59:52

Huge congratulations to John Teer on completing his 100th parkrun.

And similarly sized congratulations to Rab Gould who was told afterwards that he had just completed his 200th parkrun.

Waterworks parkrun:

Jim Hewitt 25:23, Marie McBrien 27:43, Cathy Ryan 27:50, Shane McBrien 28:08, Suzanne Brennan 28:11

Victoria parkrun:

Joe Mathers 23:45, Nuala Muldoon 23:55, Sharon Dunn 24:15

Antrim parkrun:

Elaine Kennedy 29:18

Limavady parkrun:

Johnny Carey 27:30

And we even had a couple of tourists this week:

Rory Mason headed to the Black Country, to Wolverhampton, the home of Robert Plant, Liam Payne and Enoch Powell, to take on the Wolverhampton parkrun. Rory finished in 27:27.

Also, 3 Harriers took on the Burgess parkrun in London: Joseph Eager 23:27, Stephen Semple 24:41, Maeve Kennedy 24:41. This parkrun is situated in Camberwell, previously home to famous parkrunners including Karl Marx, Enid Blyton and Florence Welch. Carrots were not involved.

Jordanstown Junior parkrun:

Matthew Hawkins 13:09, Coach Sinead O’Hare 15:03, Andrea Bradley 15:23, Rhys Kerr 15:39

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Aaron Ladd 11:10, Caleb Ladd 14:04PB

In other racing, Coach Sinead O’Hare completed her 6th and final leg of the Born 2 Run series, completing the Castlewellan 5k in 27:11.

Also on Saturday, the club held its latest running of its 5k handicap event. This is where start times are staggered depending on 5k PB times (or Harrier’s versions of them!). If everyone matches their PB then everyone crosses the line together. Simples.

Finish times were as follows:

Adam McCann 17:55 PB, David Graham 18:16, Stevo Armour 18:50, Robbie Gould 18:50, Michael Crossan 18:57 PB, Kevin Donnelly 21:47, Anton Piatek 22:34, Ian Brennan 22:39, Dawn Blain 23:14 PB, Karen McKee 24:03, Stephen Curran 26:27 PB, Erin Dunseath 33:54 PB, Clare Gallagher 37:54,Hollie Brennan 39:20 PB

After Prof Ladd did his wizardy calculation things, Hollie Brennan was declared the well-deserved winner. Congratulations Hollie. Good time to ask for a pony.

If any of our juniors were competing in the second East Coast Junior XC event today we will update next week as result are not available yet.

So, to finish on a low, it’s time for the Alan Erwin Quiz. Again.

First of all, last week’s answer – Alan Erwin. So well done again if you got that one.

This week’s question is:

Which Harrier thinks that Game of Thrones is a documentary but that Fiona Bruce is made up?

Just keep your thoughts to yourselves.

So this week’s tune is for Davy Graham, the man who loves to eat. Especially before he takes on the juniors over 5k.

Until next week, behave.