Sunday 23rd July 2017.


You can run them, you can walk them or you can crawl them; but the hill will remain a hill. In the heat of battle under a scorching sun, concentrate your thoughts to the job at hand. You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat from your face. Chose the latter.

Tuesday 18th July 2017.

Portaferry 10 mile & Relay.

10 mile:
On a hot bright summers evening on the Strangford Riviera, with shades covering eyes as if a scene from a Quentin Tarantino movie. Sarah McCafferty powered home in 1.32:45 for the 10miles, with mum Pamela McCafferty a few seconds behind in 1.33:06.

5X2 Relay.
Putting their rivalry aside for one evening and joining forces for the team event were Mallusk’s version of Asafa Powell and Usian Bolt: Danny Donaldson / Matthew Cromie with an excellent 1.07:48. Eyeing up the pubs on the way around were one half of Alex Davidson / Dave Gibson in 1.13:22, with Hillary Faith / Alastair Houldsworth in 1.19:46. Tiffany Donaldson / Lisa Marie White were a great pairing in 1.43:26, Mairead O’Hare / Tony McKeating with a fine time of 1.44:54, and Angela Stevens / Dermot Boyd 1.47:10 completing a good evening for the club.

Saturday 22nd July 2017.


Before they enjoyed a slap up breakfast (this collator is led to believe), Mallusk Harriers Susan Thompson 24:13 & Ken McAuley 24:18 made space for it, by burning a few calories at the Carrick parkrun.

Quite possibly the most south westerly parkrun in Ireland, saw Mallusk’s Janet Grew around the showgrounds in 26:38.

Harrier Dawn Dubois found herself as the club’s only representative in Ballymena this weekend in a time of 41:53.

In lake land for Mallusk this weekend was Dermot Boyd in 32:24.

In the North West on Saturday for Mallusk were husband and wife team Louise Ladd 30:56 & Alan Ladd 30:57.

Harrier Stephen Weir’s first trip to the Ormeau Park saw him around the 5K course in 29:29.

Paddling their feet along the east strand were Mallusk’s Stephen Semple 24:10 & Maeve Kennedy 26:50.

A visit to the West Midlands for Harrier Elaine Kennedy on Saturday with a time of 28:27.

Mallusk’s Laura Rose was 1st Harrier at the local parkrun and with a PB in 23:39. Terrence McIvor close behind also with a PB 23:54. Noel Bloomfield arrived next 24:27, with Owen Fulton 25:08. Junior Harrier Ethan Hutchinson with a PB 26:04. Clare Teer 26:21, Neil McGlinchey 26:51, Martin McCready 26:59, Gemma Fowler with a PB 27:16, Lee Ann Hutchinson with a PB 30:!6, Junior Harrier Ryan McCready 41:24, Neil McCready 41:25.

Team Davidson were out in full force for Mallusk in the east of the city, as junior Harrier Ben Davidson hit a PB in 22:36, followed by dad Alex 22:37. Ben’s two sisters were next Sophie in 31:19, with Chloe 31:39.

Harrier Patrick Hamil in 25:29 was home 1st for Mallusk, with Sharon McCavana 25:55, Roisin Brooks in 28:39. Fiona Wylie 31:58, Tracey Whittley 33:03, Rosalind Stitt 34:02, Debbie Sterrit 34:15, Jennifer McCoppin 34:39, Alyson Taylor 35:17, David McCavana 36:08, Deirdre McCann 41:11 & Miriam Clarke with a PB 41:11, Margaret Craig 41:26, Joanne Haddock 41:43.

Dervock 10K 
In the quaint village of Dervock among the North Antrim countryside the scene was set for Springwell’s festival of running. In the 10K for Mallusk was Brian McDonald in good form finishing in 51:31. With Jackie McCreesh 1.04:25. Fidelma McCoppin & Marie McFarlane tying in 1.04:27.

Dark Hedges (Dervock) Half Marathon.
Team Mallusk on location like its HBO legendary television series Game of Thrones saw them tackle an undulating route of country roads, narrow twisting lanes and of course those famous tourist filled Dark Hedges on The Drones road; a bonus for our touring Harriers as Danny Donaldson arrived 1st for Mallusk in 1.29:54. Next was Alan Kerr with a PB in 1.51:52, as Nuala Muldoon closed in with a time of 1.52:07. Close behind came Deborah Ewing with a course PB in 1.53:35, with Tina Steele a course PB in 2.00:27. Nothing could separate Anna Marie Nolan & Matthew Allen as they crossed the line together in 2.01:49, with Catherine Boyd a step behind in 2.01:50. On their tails was Joanne Milne in 2.01:53, with young sister Sharon Dunn 2.04:57. Skipping their way through the Dark Hedges and eventually to the finish were Kelly Carlisle 2.35:14 & Tiffany Donaldson 2.35:17.

Sunday 23rd July 2017.

Snowdonia Trail Half Marathon:
This half marathon ascends Wales highest peak, with iconic, spectacular scenery as well as a challenging course. Mallusk’s Elaine Kennedy circumnavigated the 13.1 mile course in 3 hours 25 mins.

Another good week for the club.

Until next week.

Stay Safe…

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Club Report: Sunday 16th July 2017.


On the 8th August 2017 Wimbledon Men’s Singles Champion Roger Federer will be 36 years of age. He has won 19 Grand Slam titles, the most by any male tennis player and like 37 year old Venus Williams this year’s Wimbledon Ladies Single’s runner up, in the twilight of his career. So what keeps sports people like Federer and Williams at the top of their game?

All great athletes regardless if they are tennis players, runners on the track or road are totally focused on sporting perfection; blocking out distractions, whether it be competitors, expectations, nerves, weather conditions, past mistakes or the implications of future results; but importantly they master their emotions.

We have all heard of the phrase, being in the zone. Some of us claim to have experienced it. When everything within clicks into place and your body is a well-oiled, tuned up machine and nothing will prevent you from powering across the finish line.

So next time you lace up for a run, starve your distractions and feed on your focus.

Tuesday 11th July 2017.

Congratulations to junior Harrier Adam McCann on winning the 1 mile race at Killough in County Down. Adam is a real jewel for our club.

Killough 10K:
Martin McCready was 1st for Mallusk on a beautiful summer’s evening by the shore in a time of 43:58. Anna Marie Nolan was 2nd Harrier home in 53:43, with Elaine Kennedy 3rd in 56:40. Only a few seconds separated Lisa Marie White 1.00:03 and Rosin McLaughlin 1.00:13.

Friday 14th July 2017:

Sea 2 Sky. 5K/10K. 
Through the foothills of the Mournes and along the shore at Newcastle’s seafront, Mallusk Harriers stormed across the finish line on Bastille Day. Dermot Boyd running the 5K arrived in 33:45.

The 10K saw King of the mountains Danny Donaldson powering home 1st for Mallusk through the rain in 44:09, almost a minute ahead of Alex Davidson 45:10. Dave Gibson next in 46:49. Mallusk’s Queen of the Kingdom of Mournes was Nuala Muldoon in 51:43. Owen Fulton arriving 54:02, Noel Bloomfield 55:37, Clare Teer 59:58, Nikki Fleck 1.00:21, Jennifer Butler 1.01:09, Neil McGlinchey 1.03:50 who seemed far too comfortable crossing the finish line. Leeanne Skillen 1.08:14, Laura Campbell 1.08:15, Tiffany Donaldson 1.09:57, Mairead O’Hare 1.19:04.

Saturday 15th July 2017:


Mallusk’s Alan Kerr 23:04 was 1st Harrier home on the banks of the Six Mile Water. Cole Barrington next in 40:12, with Anna Marie Nolan & Ethan Barrington 40:20. Dawn Dubois came next in 41:53.

A trip to the seaside saw Mallusk’s Ken McAuley tackling a Poo Bear after finishing his parkrun in 21:21. Susan Thompson crossed the finish line as 1st lady overall in 22:55, Elaine Kennedy arrived next in 28:04.

Enjoying the County Down countryside were Harriers Kelly Carlisle 43:09 and Joanne Haddock 44:04.

In Ballymena Martin Keenan had plenty of Harriers for company this week as he crossed the line in 24:45. Marie McFarlane & Jackie McCreesh bot arrived in 29:10. Fidelma McCoppin 30:00, Fiona Wylie a PB 31:06, Maeve McGinley 31:18, Jennifer McCoppin 33:40, Rosalind Stitt a PB 34:14, Deirdre McCann a PB 36:22, Aimee Hughes 40:40, Margaret Craig 40:58, Miriam Clarke 41:10, Mairead O’Hare 41:11.

On the sand, on the East Strand this week was Kelly Forsythe with the crashing of the Atlantic surf for company, arriving in 31:02.

Mallusk’s Mark Smith finished 2nd overall at Victoria with a phenomenal 17:33. Nothing could separate Catherine Boyd & Matthew Allen in 24:21.

1st home for Mallusk was Brendan McGeown at the local parkrun in 26:00, Junior Ethan Hutchinson next 27:04, Yasmin Lynn 29:25, Clare Teer 29:43, Lee Anne Hutchinson 30:48.
parkrun thanks Mallusk volunteer Owen Fulton.

Danny Donaldson 22:45 was once more 1st Harrier home at Waterworks, but had to gas it as Neil Campbell with a PB 22:46 was a second behind. Neil McCready a PB 23:22, Alex Davidson 23:23, Patrick McGuickin 23:54, Stephen Semple 24:03, Paul Skillen 24:40, Nuala Muldoon 25:02, Patrick Hamil 25:21, James Hewitt 25:32, Junior Jack McCready 25:39, Ian Brennan 26:00, Maeve Kennedy 26:56, Martin McCready 37:32, Tiffany Donaldson 38:14, Alan Ladd 39:34.

Running isn’t about being better than someone else.
It’s about being better than you used to be.

Until next week.

Stay safe…

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Club Report: Sunday 9th July 2017.

The will to win is nothing, without the will to prepare. Therefore, if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired, in the morning, the afternoon and the evening; but the body is never tired if the mind is not tired.

Seek and run towards your goal….

Thursday 6th July 2017.

North Coast 10K:
The Atlantic coast in Portrush saw Mairead O’hare break a PB in this 10K race with a time of 1.13:32. Also running was Elizabeth Peeples in 1.30:03.

Saturday 8th July 2017.

Mallusk’s Alastair Houldsworth 1st parkrun at Antrim’s Loughshore saw him home in 20:58. Alan Kerr with a PB 22:51, Michelle Ker with a PB 27:42, Kelly Forsythe with a PB 27:49.

One who was fighting fit in Carrick was Mallusk’s Ken McAuley as 1st Harrier home in 21:53, with Susan Thompson 23:23, Elaine Kennedy 29:28, Louise Ladd 33:37, Alan Ladd 41:05.

Colin Glen:
Pairing up again were Harriers’ Neil Campbell 21:20 & Martin McCready 28:16.

Mallusk’s Fdelma MCoppin was 1st for the club at Ormeau and with a PB 28:53. Jackie McCreesh 29:30, Marie McFarlane 29:31, Fiona Wylie 33:50, Rosalind Stitt 33:51, Jennifer McCoppin 35:05, Deirdre McCann 35:59.

Roundshaw Downs Croydon.
South London was the place to be seen for Harrier Tina Steele as she crossed the line in 30:01.

Stretford Manchester:
The Stretford end saw Harrier Owen Fulton on his Manchester debut 36:27.

Junior Harrier Ben Davidson at the local parkrun hit a PB in 23:25. Alex Davidson & Brendan McGeown 23:26. 1st lady overall was Laura Rose and with a PB in 23:57, Nuala Muldoon 25:23, Junior Ethan Hutchinson with a PB 26:25, Neil McGlinchey 27:49, Yasmin Lynn 29:11, Noel Bloomfield 30:27, Lee Anne Hutchinson with a PB 30:40, Maeve McGinley 32:53, Terrence McIvor 33:12, Junior Sophie Davidson 34:27, Junior Chloe Davidson 34:39,. The elusive Duncan Baxter 36:22, Mal Quail 40:50.

parkrun thanks Mallusk volunteers Jennifer Butler, Paul Skillen.

In the east of the city at Victoria Harrier Joe Mathers arrived in an impressive 20:12

Stephen Semple was Mallusk’s 1st runner home in 23:15. Ian Brennan with a PB 24:17, James Hewitt 25:43, Patrick Hamil 26:04, Maeve Kennedy 26:29, Lisa Marie White 29:19, Junior Ryan McCready 29:30, Neil McCready 29:32

parkrun thanks Mallusk volunteers Danny & Tiffany Donaldson.

Sunday 9th July 2017.

The Great Rosa Run in the village of Ardboe Tyrone, is viewed as one of the most picturesque races in the west of the province. Along with a great medal, T-shirt and slap up spread afterwards.

1st for Mallusk in the father and son battle was the old man himself Neil McCready in 23:00, Junior Harrier Jack McCready just behind in 23:39, with Mairead O’Hare 35:56.

Mallusk’s Anna Marie Nolan impressed with a great time of 51:35, Sam Hastings shortly behind in 52:52, with Joanne Milne 53:42.

Half Marathon.
Patrick McGuckin was 1st Harrier home in 1.38:10, with Alan Ladd 1.39:16. Martin McCready 1.40:10 who again pipped Stephen Semple 1.49:48 who was seeking revenge for last year’s event.

Until next week…

Stay safe folks…

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Club Report: Sunday 2nd July 2017

Welcome July.
The summer night has a smile of light,
And she sits on a sapphire throne.

Friday 30th June 2017.

Ards Half Marathon:
On the ‘Ards Peninsula Harrier Mark Smith continued his fine form with a sublime 1.20:01. Exceptional again from Joanne Milne with a sub 2 hour in 1.59:37, Clare Teer free from the shackles of school life for the summer months impressed with a PB in 2.00:33. Joe Mathers arrived next in 2.01:11, with Sharon Dunn 2.04:12, Hillary Faith 2.10:49, and Neil McGlinchey 2.23:08. Nothing could separate Laura Campbell & Leeanne Skillen as both arrived in 2.25:41, with Kelly Carlisle home in 2.30:47.

Saturday 1st July 2017.


:The Six Mile River, saw Mallusk’s Catherine Boyd with a repairing left wing and a PB in 24:55, Tina Steele 25:29, Janet Grew with a PB in 25:53, Dermot Boyd with a PB in 30:04, Kelly Forsythe 32:18, Michelle Kerr 32:24, Dawn Dubois 38:32,Elaine Kennedy 40:53.
parkrun thanks Mallusk volunteer Elaine Kennedy.

Making Bangor rock was Martin McCready with a PB in 24:21.

Harrier Martin Keenan at Ballymena with a time of 26:34.

A slight change to the course still saw Ken McAuley with a PB in 21:01 with Susan Thompson in 22:53.

The local parkrun saw Mallusk’s Alex Davidson upped the gears again with a time of 21:58, Joe Mathers next in 23:33, Laura Rose 1st Mallusk Lady with a PB 24:11, Brendan McGeown 24:39, Alastair Houldsworth 25:03, Sarah McCafferty 26:37, Pamela McCafferty 26:44, Junior Ethan Hutchinson with a PB 26:57, Nikki Fleck with a PB 27:11, Ciaran Skillen 27:12, Yasmin Lynn with a PB 27:19. Well done to Neil McGlinchey in his 100th parkrun with a time of 29:34, Neil Campbell 29:40, Clare Teer 30:01, Lee Ann Hutchinson with a PB 30:55, Roseann McGeown with a PB 31:21, Marie McFarlane 32:03, Laura Campbell & Leeanne Skillen 32:33, Claire Hamilton with a PB 34:01, Maeve McGinley & well done to Junior Anna McGinley in her 1st parkrun 34:41. Fiona Wylie with a PB 34:43, Jennifer McCoppin 36:14, Mairead O’Hare 36:37, Junior Ella McGinley with a PB 37:24, Rosalind Stitt 37:33, Joanne Milne 37:39, Patricia Kane 38:36, Junior Aimee Hughes 43:29, Miram Clarke 46:23.
parkrun thanks Mallusk volunteers Alex Davidson, Nuala Muldoon, Paul Skillen.

In Lisburn Mallusk’s Alan Ladd cantered around the 3 mile course in 35:39.

Queen Mary’s Gardens at the Waterworks saw Harrier Stephen Semple home in 24:05, Patrick Hamil 24:56, Maeve Kennedy 26:24, Darren Linton 29:49.

Until next week.
Stay Safe…

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