Club Report Sunday 27th August 2017

Whatever life throws at you, even if it hurts, be strong and fight through it. Remember strong walls shake but never collapse.

Friday 25th August 2017:

Magheralin 5K:
Around the country lanes between Moira and Lurgan in the pouring rain saw the 1st Mallusk Harrier Danny Donaldson in 18:33, with Alex Davidson 20:01, Paul Skillen 22:22, Laura Rose 23:07, Noel Bloomfield 23:33, with Tiffany Donaldson 30:28.

Portrush 5 miles:
In places that were almost vertical, with a climb along the Atlantic coast on the out and back course was Mallusk’s Ken McAuley 1st for the club in a time of 33:15, with Susan Thompson 36:22, Stephen Weir 48:16, John McClean 49:45.

Saturday 26th August 2017:

Rathlin 10 mile:
Mallusk’s Francis Kane & Mairead O’Hare , had to tackle the ferry crossing from Ballycastle first, which would have been enough to put most off, including this collator. Then they took on the 10 mile run which started at sea level, then rising twice to 355 feet, before once more finishing at sea level. Great effort by these enthusiastic Harrier-ettes, as Francis finished in 2hr 00min 06sec, with Mairead finishing in a time of 2hrs 15min 32sec.

Rathlin 5K:
No less enthusiastic was Mallusk’s Patricia Kane also after a boat journey in the 5K finishing in 43:58.

Superb performances from the three ladies on the little island off the North Antrim coast.


Appearing fit and healthy again after a foot injury Harrier Alastair Houldsworth managed a PB in 20:03. Great to see Jim Grew back on the circuit with a time of 21:44, Nikki Fleck 25:54, Janet Grew 29:22. Nothing could separate Elaine Kennedy & Anna Marie Nolan both in 34:53.

Junior Harriers Owen and Ryan Millar ran their own personal race between themselves like those other famous bothers the Brownlee’s. With Owen 30:01 pipping his brother Ryan 30:02.

In the north of Donegal Harrier Joe Mathers tackled this picturesque parkrun in 20:40.

1st Harrier south of the river was Noel Bloomfield 23:23, Laura Rose a PB in 23:24, Neil McGlinchey 28:25.

Paddling their feet in the East Strand this week, were Harriers Susan Thompson 28:27, Ken McAuley 28:49, Stephen Weir 33:21, Deborah Ewing 41:51

Almost a second home for the Mallusk trio with Duncan Baxter 34:09, Joanne Haddock 42:48, Kelly Carlisle 42:49.

The local parkrun saw Neil Campbell 1st for the club in 25:28, Junior Harrier Ethan Hutchinson a PB 25:40, Gabrielle McMillan a PB 27:01, next was Clare Teer 27:09 and Leeanne Hutchinson 29:34. Patrick McGuickin 30:16, Louise Ladd 33:52 and welcoming back Junior Harrier Erin Teer 44:57.

parkrun thanks Mallusk Volunteers Laura Campbell, Owen Fulton, Alan Ladd, Jennifer McCoppin.

A solo Harrier at Vctoria was Alex Davidson in 23:30.

Mallusk’s Danny Donaldson was once again 1st for the club in a little more than 12 hours after his last race, with a time of 22:46, not far behind Matthew Cromie 22:59, Eamonn Donaghy 23:43, Patrick Hamill 25:10, Junior Harrier Joseph Eager 26:23, Stephen Semple 26:24, Maeve Kennedy 26:30, Roisin McLaughlin 29:05, David Mullan 33:51, Tiffany Donaldson 34:28.

parkrun thanks Mallusk Volunteer Kevin Donnelly.

Sunday 27th August 2017.

Longford Marathon.
Almost in the middle of Ireland was Kevin Donnelly at the Longford Marathon finishing the 26.2 miles in a phenomenal time of 3 hours 27 min 23 sec. Great running by this Mallusk Harrier.

Carnmoney Hill 5K:
The Carnmoney Hill 5K organised by our own Mallusk Harrier Nuala Muldoon, saw Alan Ladd 1st home for the club in 27:29, with Ian Dinsmore in 35:26.

Storming the Castle, Carrickfergus 10K:
A warm still afternoon on the shore of Belfast Lough and a fantastic turnout for the club vest in this popular 10K race. In 4th place, just missing out on a podium position was our own Mallusk Harrier and the club’s King of the Castle Mark Smith with a PB in 35:29, Danny Donaldson arrived next in 40:30, with Alastair Houldsworth 42:46, Ken McAuley 43:12. Queen of the Castle for the club was Patricia Curistan in 46:56, Stephen Semple next in 49:33, Trevor McIvor 51:00. Tina Steele 52:28, Sarah McCafferty just behind in 52:32, Michael McFarlane 52:42, Pamela McCafferty 52:45, Tony McKeating 52:46, Karen Jamison 53:26, Maeve Kennedy 54:01, Janet Grew 54:19, Clare Teer 55:35, Nikki Fleck 56:17, Yasmin Lynn 57:27, Leeanne Hutchinson 1.00:28, Marie McFarlane & Jackie McCreesh 1.00:52, Fiona Wylie 1.04:01, Lisa Kerr 1.05:09, Nicola Hunter-Boyd 1.05:41, Tiffany Donaldson 1.08:15, Dermot Boyd 1.08:16, Ian Simpson 1.08:22, Jennifer McCoppin 1.08:30, Debbie Sterritt 1.10:15, Rosalind 1.15:28, Mairead O’Hare 1.17:10, Sharon Thompson 1.17:46, Freda Stubbs 1.17:47.

On a sad note, I regret to inform the club, that earlier this week one of our former member’s and coaches Martin McCourt lost his father to a long illness. The club passes on its condolences to Martin and his extended family at this difficult time.

With the sun beginning to set on the summer months and the cooling Autumn air approaching, soon we will only have our memories of sultry racing conditions such as our own Mallusk 5 mile race, the Dervock and Lisburn Half Marathons’, and who could forget the Rivera conditions for the Killough 10K in early July.

It is also time for this collator to pass on the QWERTY keyboard to the next journalist, as this will be my last Mallusk Harrier Club Report.

I would like to thank all who have helped me put these reports together over the last nine months, your input has been invaluable (you know who you are).

So for the final time…

Stay safe…

The Insider.

Club Report: Sunday 20th August 2017:


Wednesday 16th August saw the 50th Anniversary of the sub 4 minute mile in Northern Ireland at Paisley Park in Belfast. The invitational event hosted by Albertville Harriers and attended by Dame Mary Peters saw four of our Mallusk Harriers proudly display the club vest in the re-enactment of the 1 mile race, with North Belfast Harrier’s John Black winning the inaugural Kip Keino Mile Cup in a time of 4:53.

Saturday 19th August 2017.

Dam busters Half Marathon:
First Harrier home at Silent Valley was Danny Donaldson in a magnificent 1.32:02, 1st Mallusk lady was Suzanne Brennan with a PB and a sub two hour in 1.57:55. Tiffany Donaldson 2.40:27 just stole the line, as nothing could separate Catherine Boyd & Anna Marie Nolan in 2.40:29.

Dam Busters 10K:
Mallusk’s Joe Mathers performed superbly with the hilly conditions in 41:29.


A big congratulations to Robert and Robbie Gould who both completed 100 parkruns on Saturday, with the 100th being at Waterworks.

At the Loughshore 1st Harrier was Alan Kerr in 23:32, junior Ryan McCready 28:26 who nicked the lead in front of Dad Neil in 28:41, next home was Ian Simpson with PB in 31:46, with Dawn Dubois 40:55.

parkrun thanks Mallusk Volunteers Deborah Ewing, Tina Steele.

Bere Island County Cork:
Only a mile off the rugged south west coast of Ireland in the village of Rerrin, Mallusk’s Martin McCready did his best to hide from The Insider this week, but to no avail, finishing in 24:26.

Two Mallusk Juniors in they’re first ever parkrun’s were Owen Miller 30:34, Ryan Millar 38:57. Welcome to parkrun land guys.

Newcastle Upon Tyne:
In the Exhibition Park a little north of the city centre and the River Tyne, Harrier Stephen Weir arrived in 29:11.

Running barefoot along the East Strand this weekend was Mallusk Junior Sophie Davidson in 32:24. Brother Ben arrived next in 32:30, with sister Chloe a PB in 33:56. Dad Alex not running barefoot for fear of jelly fish also finished in 33:56.

Outside the echoing halls’ of Parliament Buildings were Mallusk’s Kelly Carlisle in 30:36, with Duncan Baxter 33:31.

1st Harrier at the local parkrun was Terrence McIvor with a PB in 23:43, 1st lady at the Valley this week was our own Sharon Dunn with a PB in 26:02, next Alastair Houldsworth 26:03, with Junior Ethan Hutchinson 26:16, Leeanne Hutchinson with a PB in 29:33. Close behind Yasmin Lynn 29:51, next Lisa Kerr 30:58, and Dermot Boyd 32:21. Frances Kane arrived in 32:49, with Clare Teer 47:18.

parkrun thanks Mallusk Volunteer Owen Fulton.

Like a scene from the Jarrow March, as over 30 Mallusk Harriers descended on North Belfast this weekend. 1st Harrier home was Patrick McGuickin in 20:19, Matthew Cromie next in 20:40, with Alan Ladd 21:20. Kevin Donnelly 22:16, Robbie Gould 22:22. 1st lady over all was our own Laura Rose with a PB in 22:44. Noel Bloomfield pushed on for a PB in 22:54. Susan Thompson next 23:32, just ahead of Ken McAuley 23:33. Patrick Hamil 26:05, James Hewitt 26:08, Ian Brennan 26:12, Maeve Kennedy 26:45, Paul Skillen 26:47, Neil Campbell 26:51, Robert Gould 27:05, Anthony McKeating 27:22, Elaine Kennedy 29:17, Jackie McCreesh 30:01. Then arrived a series of PB’s, Marie McFarlane with a PB in 30:02, Tracey Whittley with a PB in 30:42, Fiona Wylie with a PB in 31:24, Alyson Taylor 32:06, Debbie Sterritt with a PB in 32:24. Neil McGlinchey 32:36, Leeanne Skillen 32:58, Laura Campbell 32:59, Jennifer McCoppin 33:26, Maureen Ward with a PB in 33:39, David McCavana 35:26, Rosalind Stitt 35:31, Deirdre McCann 36:51, Miriam Clarke 41:50, Margaret Craig 42:21.

Sunday 20th August 2017.

Connswater 10K:
At Lewis Square in the east of the city Harrier Ian Brennan finished in an impressive 53:21, with Karen Jamison 1.16:29.

Having visited the city many times over the past two decades, a little over ten years ago this collator had the privilege to run a third marathon and a PB in the Catalan capital. The final few miles of the race meander through the medieval narrow entanglement of streets in the Barri Gotic, before swinging onto the elaborate treeline boulevard of Las Ramblas (La Rambla in Catalan); which slopes downward and away from Placa de Catalunya with its boutique hotels, street cafes and Art Nouveau architecture protagonized by Antoni Gaudi. All the way to the cooling onshore breeze of the Mediterranean, where the monument of Christopher Columbus towers above pointing far out to sea. The final mile brings the runner once more inland finishing at Placa d’Espanya and the magical dancing waters under the watchful gaze of the Palace of Montjuic. Where many years previous Freddie Mercury and Queen along with Montserrat Caballe mesmerised their audience with a rendition of Barcelona.

#Barcelona en nuestros corazones. (in our hearts).

Until next week.

Stay safe….

The Insider.

Club Report: Sunday 13th August 2017

Running isn’t a sport for pretty boys and girls. It’s about the sweat in your hair and the blisters on your feet. It’s the frozen spit on your chin and the nausea in your gut. It’s about throbbing calves and cramps at midnight that are strong enough to wake the dead. It’s about getting out the door and running when the rest of the world is only dreaming about having the passion that you need to live each and every day with. It’s about being on a lonely road and running like a champion even when there’s not a single soul in sight to cheer you on. Running is all about having the desire to train and persevere until every fibre in your legs, mind, and heart is turned to steel. And when you’ve finally forged hard enough, you will have become the best runner you can be. And that’s all that you can ask for.

Friday 11th August 2017.

Mallusk 5 Mile Race:
The fourth holding of the club race on Friday evening was another major success for Mallusk Harriers. Almost 350 runners from across the Province arrived to our little hamlet in the County Antrim hills. A little after 7.30pm competitors were locked and loaded as they waited for the starter Councillor Paul Hamill, the Mayor of Antrim & Newtownabbey to set them off, before they attacked the big hill of Sealstown as it unleashed its fire and fury.

Heel and toe together as they turned from the Hydepark Road to approach the finish were Dennis Scott of North Down AC and Finn Johnson of Hercules Wimbledon AC, and nothing could separate the pair as they broke the tape in a dramatic photo finish in 28:01. 3rd across the finish line was Mark Jennings of North Belfast Harriers in 28:49.

The Ladies race was won by Karen Wilton in an excellent 32:22, followed by Paula Worthington in 2nd place of Ballymena Runners in 33:11, with Sara-Jane McFadden 3rd for North Belfast Harriers in 33:32.

For Mallusk, Mark Smith was our 1st man home in a terrific 29:55. 2nd was Patrick McGuickin 33:15, with Alastair Houldsworth 3rd in 36:32. Martin McCready arrived in 36:56, as Matthew Allen closed in with a time of 37:11. Nothing could separate Ken McAuley & Brendan McGeown as they crossed together in 37:14. One second separated Terry McIvor 39:11 and Neil McCready 39:12, with Gareth McLoughlin just behind in 39:14. Stephen Semple finished in 39:24, Darren Taggart won’t need reminding of his 40:01. Alan Kerr with a race PB in 40:54. Dave Gibson arrived in 41:28 (TBC).

1st Mallusk lady was Sarah Dinsmore in 42:13 and Suzanne Brennan 42:14 as both jostled for most of the downhill section. Excellent running by Junior Harrier Ethan Hutchinson in 42:46, James Hewitt arrived in 43:33. Terrific running by Tina Steele in 44:17, with Sharon McCavana shortly behind in 44:20. Clare Teer knocked off a massive 5 minutes from last year with a race PB in 44:27. Maeve Kennedy arrived next in 44:50, as Neil Mcglinchey sprinted over the line in 44:53. Anthony McKeating arrived smiling in 45:00, with Patrick Hamil next in 45:08. Ian Dinsmore looked hardly out of breath in 45:11. Delighted with h2er time was Yasmin Lynn 47:36. Lee-Anne Hutchinson crossed the line in 50:00. As Stephen Weir finished in 50:52. Frances Kane was next in 51:22. Great effort by Dermot Boyd in 52:27. Terrific display in a tough race from John McLean 53:56 and David McCavana 1.03:15.

Great effort by all runners and a terrific organised event by the race committee.

Saturday 12th August 2017:

Seven Sevens Mourne Mountains:
The objective of the Seven Sevens, is to climb all of the seven peaks in the Mourne Mountains that rise above 700 metres. Carved from granite Mallusk’s resident mountain man Mickey McAuley finished in a remarkable 5 hours 34 minutes. If Mickey isn’t saving trapped sheep he’s climbing mountains.

Dublin Rock n Roll 5K:
Part of Dublin’s Rock n Roll Festival at Phoenix Park saw Laura Rose with a PB in 22:58, Jennifer Butler next in 27:00. Noel Bloomfield 27:01. Lee-Anne Skillen 30:37, Laura Campbell 30:39.

Groomsport Half Marathon:
This sleepy seaside village was awakened to the sound of runners and Mallusk’s half marathon team with Danny Donaldson claiming 1st position for the club in a perfect 1.29:12. Next to arrive was Kevin Donnelly with a terrific 1.43:33. Once more nothing could separate Catherine Boyd & Anna-Marie Nolan as they both dived for the line in 2.02:53. Next home was Tiffany Donaldson in 2.38:41.


At Lough Neagh Mallusk’s Jackie McCreesh was 1st home in 28:57, with Fiona Wylie in 31:22. Jennifer McCoppin 33:35, Maureen Ward 34:41, Deirdre McCann 36:07, Miriam Clarke 39:53, Dawn Dubois 40:29.

Pomprey Hill, Bristol:
A rural setting for this Bristol parkrun in the North Somerset city on the road to Chippenham, with Harrier Nikki Fleck finishing in 27:35.

Upper Malone saw Harriers Susan Thompson home in 23:37, Ken McAuley just behind in 23:38 and Elaine Kennedy in 27:33.

Clearing his head at the Valley after a terrific evening for the club the night before was Mallusk race director Alex Davidson in 21:08. Next came Alan Ladd 21:27, with Patrick McGuickin 23:09. Neil Campbell 23:10, Gabrielle Mcmillan with a PB in 27:20, Martin McCready 28:32, Debbie Sterritt 33:21, Frances Kane 34:30, Freda Stubbs 35:37, Patricia Kane 43:29.
parkrun thanks Mallusk Volunteers Owen Fulton, Louise Ladd.

1st Harrier home was Matthew Cromie in 24:56, with Patrick Hamil 26:17 and James Hewitt is second run in a little over 12 hours in 27:10. Junior Harrier Joseph Eager in his first parkrun 27:36, Maeve Kennedy 27:40, Junior Harrier Ryan McCready 30:36, Duncan Baxter 30:51, Fidelma McCoppin 30:52, Kelly Carlisle 43:11.
parkrun thanks Mallusk Volunteer Neil McCready.

Sunday 13th August 2017.

Feile 10K:
Taking to the streets of North and West Belfast in festival conditions saw Mallusk’s Stephen Semple 1st for Mallusk in 48:59, Sharon McCavana next in 51:45, with Maeve Kennedy 54:22, and David McCavana 1.14:53

Dublin Rock n Roll Half Marathon:
A well supported event, but an early 8.30am start for this terrific Half Marathon beginning at the former Dublin Point Debut before meandering around the hilly city streets and finishing in the beautiful Phoenix Park. Mallusk’s Patricia Curistan was 1st home for the club with a PB in 1.41:51, next came Laura Rose also a PB in 1.45:23. Noel Bloomfield & Jennifer Butler arrived together in 2.08:03. Great effort by Lee-Anne Skillen 2.22:10 and Laura Campbell shortly behind in 2.22:34 on a very warm morning. Showing he’s still running crazy was Neil McGlinchey in 2.29:10.

Another excellent productive week for the club.

Until next week.

Stay safe…

The Insider.

Club Report: Sunday 6th August 2017:

Running reminds us, that even in our weakest moments, we are strong.
It tasks us to be better than we were yesterday. To be better
tomorrow, than we are today, and when we think we’ve given all we
can give, we push a little more. For only those who risk going too
far can possibly find out how far one can go.

Monday 31st July 2017.

Broughshane 10K:
The first placed athlete of any race for Mallusk saw Mark Smith
37:29 take the 1st podium position. A terrific effort by Mark whose
form has continued to improve throughout the year despite struggling
last year with an Achilles injury.

Wednesday 2nd August 2017.

Crawfordsburn 5K trail
On the North Down coastal path saw Harrier Danny Donaldson home in
20:43, with Nuala Muldoon next 25:20, Louise Ladd 34:58, Tiffany
Donaldson 35:46, Dermot Boyd 35:48, Mairead O’Hare 38:38.

Friday 4th August 2017.

Stanley Reid 5 Mile Cookstown:
The second time in 48 hours saw Harrier Danny Donaldson 35:30 finish
1st for the club, with Pamela McCafferty 43:19 inching home ahead of
daughter Sarah in 43:32. Tiffany Donaldson 52:06, Mairead O’Hare

Saturday 5th August 2017.

Congratulations on reaching 50 parkruns this weekend were Neil
Campbell, Deirdre McCann, Stephen Semple.

After a couple of weeks absence this parkrun returned to the circuit
with Mallusk’s Alan Kerr arriving in 22:54, Michael McFarlane 24:32,
Deborah Ewing 24:47, Janet Grew 26:53, Tina Steele 29:36.

Three Harriers at Comber saw Duncan Baxter in 33:13, Kelly Carlisle
44:54, Joanne Haddock 44:59.

Lakeside this weekend were Harriers Danny Donaldson 40:59, Tiffany
Donaldson 43:20.

Enjoying their break on the north Donegal coast were Junior Harriers
Ethan Barrington 31:33, Cole Barrington 38:12, and mum Anna Marie
Nolan 38:16.

Also in Donegal this weekend was Harrier Fidelma McCoppin 30:36.

An excellent visit this weekend for Harrier Team Davidson to Ormeau
as dad Alex 20:45, and junior Harriers, daughter Sophie with a PB
31:10, son Ben 31:11, daughter Chloe with a PB 31:19

Dipping their toes this weekend along the East Strand for Mallusk
were Ian Brennan 26:00, Dermot Boyd with a PB 32:50, Catherine Boyd
52:21 and very Junior Harrier Jager Boyd 52:32.

In South Down, Mallusk’s Patrick McGuigan finished in 20:09.

At the former seat of government this week, nothing could separate
Susan Thompson & Ken McAuley as they both finished in 24:19, with
Elaine Kennedy 28:09.

The local parkrun saw Mallusk’s Neil Campbell 1st for the club in
20:19, Alastair Houldsworth 21:13, Matthew Allen with a PB 22:21,
1st lady overall was Laura Rose with a PB 23:22, Ciaran Skillen
23:29, Paul Skillen 23:49, Terrence McIvor 25:12, Junior Ethan
Hutchinson 26:18, Brendan McGeown 27:45, Noel Bloomfield 27:46,
Yasmin Lynn 27:55, Jennifer Butler 28:34, Frances Kane 29:24, Neil
McGlinchey 29:26, Leeanne Hutchinson with a PB 29:45, Gillian
Bainbridge 30:16, Leeanne Skillen & Laura Campbell together in
31:17, Sharon Dunn 35:57, Patricia Kane 44:06.

parkrun thanks Mallusk Volunteer Owen Fulton.

Mallusk’s Kevin Donnelly was 1st home for the club with a PB 20:37,
next came Matthew Cromie in 21:49, with Neil McCready and a PB
22:41, Stephen Semple 23:11, Dave Gibson 23:14, Patrick Hamill
24:38, Martin McCready 24:56, James Hewitt 25:17, Maeve Kennedy
27:29, Roisin McLaughlin a PB 29:01, Maeve McGinley & Marie
McFarlane 31:53, Debbie Sterritt with a PB 33:09, Jennifer McCoppin
35:03, Jackie McCreesh 35:04, Rosalind Stitt 35:09, Deirdre McCann
36:22, Fiona Wylie 36:27. Mairead O’Hare 38:39, Miriam Clarke 40:12.

Kells & Connor Half Marathon:
Mid Antrim saw Harriers Nuala Muldoon 1.58:02, Sarah Dinsmore
2.02:05, compete in this picturesque 13.1 mile race with its mighty
mountain climb half way around the course.

Sunday 7th August 2017:

Mallusk Harrier Hillary Faith took part in the Ironman 70 mile
Triathlon in Gdynia, on the shores of the Baltic Sea about half an
hour’s drive from the Polish port of Gdansk, the amphibious Harrier
finished in an excellent 6 hours.

The Canigou in the French Pyrenees saw Alan Ladd complete the 22
mile race with a 7000 feet ascent in a remarkable 3hours 7 minutes.

Subway 5K Ormeau Park:
Where there’s rain and muck you will usually find at least one
Mallusk Harrier. At the Ormeau Park a plethora of Harriers took part
in this family event with plenty of children in tow. However, times
were pretty immaterial, for it was the taking part that mattered.
Plus the food at the end.

Another great weekend for this remarkable running club, with
Harriers travelling across Europe to compete.
Until next week.

Stay safe….

The Insider.

Club Report: Sunday 30th July 2017

Running is that time when the brain unspools the tangles that build up over the past few days. You can pound it out on the pavement, channel the energy into your legs, and when the run is over, the brain is ready for its next challenge…
As are you…
Go Run.
Friday 28th July 2017:
5 Mile Ballymoney.
In the North Antrim market town, Harriers Martin McCready with a PB in 34:38 and Paul Skillen with a PB in 36:25 completed the annual milk run.

Giants Trail Race 6 Mile at Dub Pavilion Malone.
The scenic trails around the Lagan Valley Regional Park saw Harrier Mark Smith 1st for Mallusk with an astounding 38:38, Danny Donaldson arrived next in 42:28, with Alex Davidson 46:38, Owen Fulton was home in 53:19, as Elaine Kennedy arrived 58:44, next was Tiffany Donaldson 1.07:26, with Mairead O’Hare 1:18.40.

Saturday 29th July 2017:
A landmark 200th parkrun for Cookstown saw Alan Ladd around the course in 24:41.

Two Harriers at Ballymena saw Michael McFarlane finish in 33:28, Dawn Dubois 40:31.

Going solo at the Falls this week was Harrier Susan Thompson in 22:51.

Mallusk’s beach runners this week were Patricia Curistan who was 1st Harrier home in 24:23. Barefoot running through the Atlantic surf was Alan Kerr in 25:54, with Deborah Ewing 28:15, Janet Grew 28:17, Tina Steele 28:18, Junior Harrier Ethan Hutchinson 31:37, Lee Anne Hutchinson with a PB also in 31:37.

Also celebrating a milestone was Stormont, hosting its 100th parkrun, now being held more times than the Northern Ireland Assembly has sat, and saw Alex Davidson with his own celebration with a PB in 20:55. Stephen Semple 23:34, Maeve Kennedy 26:36,Duncan Baxter 31:35.

At the local parkrun nothing could separate Harriers Ken McAuley & Patrick McGuicken as both finished in 20:46, 1st Mallusk lady was once again Laura Rose with a PB in 23:27, Noel Bloomfield 25:05, Clare Teer 26:58, Neil McGlinchey 26:59, Nikki Fleck 27:01, Debbie Sterritt 35:04, Deirdre McCann 38:31, Frances Kane 41:39, Patricia Kane 41:47.
parkrun thanks Mallusk volunteers Owen Fulton, Patricia Kane, Paul Skillen.

At Sydenham Robert Gould was 1st Harrier in 26:24, Jackie McCreesh 28:27, Fiona Wylie with a PB in 31:15. Jennifer McCoppin 33:20, Rosalind Stitt 33:35, Freda Stubbs 36:45.

Wallace Park:
In Lisburn Mallusk’s Neil McCready was our only representative in 22:59.

Mallusk’s Danny Donaldson was first in 23:04, Patrick Hamil 24:38, James Hewitt 25:49, Mark Hay 27:41, Elaine Kennedy 28:36, Dermot Boyd 30:33, Tiffany Donaldson 33:07, David McCavana 36:09, Cole Barrington 37:36, Anna Marie Nolan 37:40, Miriam Clarke with a PB in 39:47, Suzanne Brennan 54:41.
parkrun thanks Mallusk volunteer Suzanne Brennan.
North Belfast Harrier 5K Time Trails Ballysillan.
Mallusk’s Paul Skillen a 5K PB in 22:04 making it a double PB in 24 hrs. Terry McIvor with a PB in 22:42, Yasmin Lynn with a PB in 25:57. An excellent well organised event by North Belfast Harriers.
Somewhere in the hills near Slemish….
….There was a Mallusk Harrier who ran a mountain trail, lost £20 quid, an energy gel, but found a sheep in distress and managed to pull it from the bog…. Hail to Mickey ‘mountain sheep man’ McAuley.
Sunday 30th July 2017:
Divis 10K.
On top of Divis Mountain several Harriers braved cool gusts and darkening skies as part of the Leg It race series. Alastair Houldsworth in his first 10K navigated the closest most of us will get to the surface of the moon in 49:14, next was Owen Fulton in 56:08, Brian McDonald arrived in 58:04, Sarah McCafferty 1.00:22, just ahead of mum Pamela 1.00:23, Sharon Dunn arrived next in 1.01:55 , then Clare Teer 1.03:00, with Mairead O’Hare ensuring everyone arrived back safely in 1.46:27.
Cookstown Half Marathon.
Part of the Pure Running Half Marathon series brought runners along the widest street in Ulster and onward into the countryside with several hills to look forward too, while four Harriers completed their second half marathon in a week. Danny Donaldson was 1st for Mallusk in 1.30:34, next to arrive was Anna Marie Nolan 2.04:54, then Joanne Milne 2.13:46, David Esler 2.33:21, with Tiffany Donaldson 2.39:23.
It is with regret to end this week’s report on a sad poignant note. We are all keen runners, regardless if we are members of Mallusk Harriers or another running club within Northern or Southern Ireland; but when illness and death strikes it affects us all. Especially if it’s a person who we see race on race, year after year….
….The Sunrise 5K Antrim Coast.
An emotional sad day for all at East Coast Athletics Club as in their own club race, they remembered club member Paul Clements who passed away suddenly within the last few days. Paying their respects with an early 7am start for Mallusk were Ian Brennan, Martin McCready & Paul Skillen at Drains Bay as they followed the sun’s morning rays and finished together with the background of the crashing waves onto the shore in a time of 27:48.
Until next week…..
Stay Safe….
The Insider.